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[UPDATED 2019] Myanmar Visa Guide:
How to Apply for Myanmar Visa

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Myanmar or Burma is very new in the tourism industry. Due to government issues and highly controversial history, Myanmar has been isolated from the rest of the world for at least 60 years.

However, even it was as early as 1992 when the government of Myanmar encourages tourism in its country, only since 2010 when the tourist was attracted to visit. This Myanmar visa guide article will help you how to get a visa to Myanmar no matter is your nationality.

In this post, you will also find out how much it cost to get an evisa for Myanmar, ways to get an evisa, and other travel tips.

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There are only 7 countries who are exempted from visa for 14 days in Myanmar. These countries are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand (only by air), and Vietnam. While Singapore passport holders have 30 days free of visa.

If you are a passport holder of the countries above and wishing to stay longer than 14 days, you can apply for an eVisa.

While on the other side, Myanmar launched the eVisa to almost half of the world. Check here or here to see if you are eligible for an eVisa.

Other countries that are eligible for eVisa but are not mentioned in the links above are Denmark, Italy, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.



Burmese Embassies are starting to settle throughout the world now. Applying for a visa through a Burmese embassy is cheaper and sometimes faster. There is a Burmese embassy in Bangkok.

Visa Cost

30 USD for Tourist Visa

Processing time

There is an option for same day or 3 days.

Applying through the Embassy in Bangkok, here are the steps:

  • Show up to the Embassy as early as possible
  • Fill out the form
  • Make sure you have an updated passport photo
  • An address of your hotel, hostel, or guest house
  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Submit your application form together with your passport photo and your passport
  • Pay in cash (dollar, Thai baht, or credit card)
  • Check your receipt and come back on the day and/or time to pick up your passport

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Myanmar Visa guide

Myanmar visa stamp; entry and exit

Myanmar's Embassy in Bangkok

  • Address: 132, Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok 10500
  • Note: Visa that is generated from the embassy could be used through a land border crossing.


Applying for an eVisa is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need is to fill out the form and your passport with six months validity. Follow these steps for online eVisa application:

  • Go to this website
  • Select your eVisa type (Tourist / Business)
  • Choose your nationality
  • Choose your port of entry
  • Choose your reason to travel
  • Fill out the personal information
  • Upload your passport photo
  • On the address of accommodation, place a business address. Even you think you won't be staying there, it is necessary to get a valid commercial address.
  • Payment
Myanmar visa guide - how much is myanmar evisa

Visa Cost

50 USD for Tourist / 70 USD for Business

Visa Type and Length

Single Entry / 28 Days. The processing takes around 2-3 business days. You will receive your approval letter in your email. Remember to print it out.

Mode of Payment

Credit Card and Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard)

You can also apply through the official website for Myanmar eVisa.


On your approval letter, it is mention that you can only use your eVisa to enter and exit the country through the airport you chose during the application. However, some travellers said that you can actually use your eVisa by land or border crossing.

On my experience, I flew in through the airport I chose on my application. Though, I was able to exit the country through Myanmar - Thailand border (Myawaddy/Maesot).

Show your approval letter to the immigration officer when you enter Myanmar, a stamp of your visa validity will be placed on your passport.

Myanmar Visa Guide

Myanmar Visa Approval Letter


28 days doesn't seem enough when discovering the magical Myanmar, thus travellers tend to extend their stays if possible. Every time I try to look for a way to extend a visa in Myanmar, I always get a no, it's not possible or travellers who just lift their shoulders as an indication of I have got no idea. I also read that it's possible to extend your visa, however, it's a lot of work and time.

Looks like the best solution in this is to exit the country via land or air, apply for another evisa then enter Myanmar again where you can stay for another 28 days.

While I also heard about overstaying in Myanmar. The risk with overstaying your visa is hard to determine.  When exiting Myanmar, you have to pay $3 USD per day of your overstay. Even it's not much. it's recommended to overstay not more than 10 or 15 days. Another note is, it's better to pay for your overstay penalty through a land border than an airport. 

DISCLAIMER: If you decide to overstay your visa, A Mary Road is not responsible for your decision nor action.

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ATMs are present in Myanmar but not everywhere and rather with expensive charge (5-10 USD per transaction). Change most of your dollars/euros in the airport, that's the best place you could get a good exchange rate.

I hope this article about Myanmar visa guide will be useful for you. Don't hesitate to message me with any questions.

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