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Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily

On a Budget Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily

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Travelling alone is very challenging, but also very rewarding and can help you really grow as a person. However, sometimes you just want a go on a trip with friends so you can share your experience (and the costs) with them. If you’re looking for a holiday where you can both relax on the beach or by a pool, or find adventure, hiking and excitement- Sicily is the right choice. Here are the tips to have a fantastic group stay or a memorable family holiday in Sicily, without breaking the bank.

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Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily


When in Sicily, you and your friends should definitely visit the nearby islands. More specifically, the beautiful islands that surround Sicily are called the Aeolian Islands; not to be confused with the many other wonderful ones that are all over Italy’s coasts. The Aeolian Islands include destinations like Stromboli or Panarea, two very hip places to be. Not only is island hopping a budget-friendly trip for you and your group, but it will also leave you with great photos, day trips around Sicily, and memories!

On a Budget Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily

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Whenever, and wherever you choose to travel to, one of the first things you look for is the accommodation. When you’re travelling within a group, the accommodation may even be the first thing you look for- where are we going to stay? Staying in villas in Sicily for group travel and splitting the cost is a good way for everyone to have fun together, without spending too much money.

On a Budget Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily

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Local company Wishsicily have also got a specific section of last minute villa deals for those looking for extra savings. Staying in a villa also helps to save on food money as you can shop together and make big dinners in your own kitchen using delicious fresh ingredients available in Sicily, at half the price.


One of the more elegant of the Sicilian points of interests, this city is one of the best places to see in Sicily. It offers you and your group many different activities. Whether you choose to visit the ancient Greek theatre or go all the way to mount (but actually a volcano) Etna, you and your group are in for a fun time.

On a Budget Tips on Organising a Group Trip to Sicily

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Although Taormina is one of the more "up market" of the Sicilian getaways, the city is still absolutely manageable for you and your group particularly if you choose to visit outside of peak season. With names like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton floating around the town as past guests, you can add your name to the list as well!


In order for you and your group to have a smooth and fun trip, an important tip to follow is the “organise before you leave” one. I’m not saying you have to plan every little detail, but having a general direction and guide you can follow will save you plenty of time, and money.

By having an idea of what your days will look like, you will be able to plan around the day’s activities, or night’s. Save up on meals that you could eat at home instead of always eating out at restaurants, save your souvenir shopping for unique objects rather than the usual ones, and definitely pack smart- you don’t want to be buying extra while you’re there!

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So, it is safe to say that if you and your friends want to travel together, you definitely can. Group holidays can be tricky to negotiate as people will be bound to want to do different things, but if you find the right destination, your holiday will be fine. In fact, Sicily has something for everyone! Even if you want to do a road trip within Sicily, it's possible very easy to do so. So as long as you’re all willing to go with the flow and allow others to have their say, it should be an amazing holiday to remember.


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