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Philippines Visa Guide

Philippines Visa Guide - Complete Visa Guide

Anilao Port, Batangas


Yes! I’ve been writing visa guides for other countries and haven’t about the Philippines, so there you are. A visa guide for the people who wish to visit the Philippines! Famous for its 7,107 islands and very hospitable locals, the Philippines can easily jump on a traveller’s list of must-see countries. If you are not convinced yet if you should travel here, check these photos of the Philippines to inspire your trip.

Philippines Visa Guide


VISA-FREE for 59 Days

VISA-FREE for 30 Days

Philippines Visa Guide - Complete Visa Guide


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VISA-FREE for 14 Days

  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Portugal (strictly for passports issued with a valid permanent resident visa of Macau


  • British Nationals (overseas)
Philippines Visa Guide - Complete Visa Guide

Philippines’ Border Control Stamps


  • China – 7 days (ONLY if the tourist holds a valid Australia, Canada, Japan, United States or Schengen Area)
  • India – 14 days (ONLY if the tourist holds a valid Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States or Schengen Area: tourist, business, or resident)


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Quick Trivia: Did you know that in the past four years, Philippines top visitors are South Koreans?



All visitors who wish to stay longer than their visa validity should apply for an extension of visa in any authorised Immigration Office in the country. Check out the steps and requirements you need to extend your visa in the Philippines.


  • Original Passport
  • Application Form (TVS-CGAF-VE-2016)
  • Sworn Statement for overstaying /updating of stay of more than six (6) months

PROCEDURE: When you get to the Immigration Office, follow these steps:

  • Get a number and wait for your turn. Make sure you are on Public Information Assistance Unit Visa Extension Lane
  • When your number is called, pass your documents to see how much do you have to pay
  • Payment
  • On the releasing window, you will be called to pick up your passport

NOTE: If you need to extend for another 29 days, you can either apply for it in advance in your home country or get on when you arrive for a fee of $50. Ask the immigration personnel where you can do this before getting your regular 30 days free visa.


  • Check the nearest Immigration Office to you HERE
  • Download the application form HERE
  • Table of fees and more information HERE


Philippines Visa Guide - Complete Visa Guide

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