2018 Must Pack: Long-Haul Flight Essentials

By Mary Charie / 19/06/2018

Long-Haul Flight Essentials


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Long haul flights are just inevitable, isn't it? I once sat next to a lady in a business class flight from Malaysia to Turkey (I was lucky enough to bump a business class seat without paying $$$$!) She was very classy and sophisticated, she was nice and likes to talk. One of her topic that caught my attention was that this lady is surely a well-off one. It sounds likes she flies everywhere on a business class as long as it's an option. Anyway, at that moment, I realised that people who are probably above middle class in the society still had to go through a long-haul flight regardless if they have more than enough money or not. It's just something you cannot escape.

The first time I had to fly internationally was a long flight, it was between the Philippines to Denmark for about 31 hours with connections and no one told me what to expect. I didn't even try to "Google" how should I prepare. I mean, I've travelled on a bus for almost twenty hours - flying couldn't be that worse. But it was.

Since that flight, I have taken dozens of long-haul flights with at least one stop over which sometimes up to twelve hours. I learned eventually and prepared myself all the travel essentials for long-haul flights.

Even your itinerary says your connection is just four hours, to be honest, no one can prepare you for what will happen. Airports are are magical but sometimes a hell of a place. It's better to be safe than sorry, so here are the top long-haul flight essentials to pack - especially on your cabin bag, long-haul flight tips and how to survive it.

TIP: Be a responsible traveller, pack eco-friendly travel accessories and products.

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Here are very useful few travel accessories for long flights. To be honest, they are very easy to pack and lightweight that even on my short flights, I bring them just in case. These essentials are always on my personal bag which goes under the seat. It also mean I can access them without opening the overhead cabinet on board.


They are lightweight, easy to pack and can definitely brought through the security as long as you empty it. You can fill this up in water fountains which are available in some airports to avoid buying expensive and unethical water bottles. 


If you know that the airports you will go through doesn't have any water stations, you should pack a water bottle with filter instead to avoid spending money and dehydrating yourself during your long flights and connections.

Find the most suitable travel water bottle for you, Check this comparison table that I made can help you decide.


You can either get a inflatable neck pillow to save some space in your luggage plus it's very lightweight or  regular soft ones. It can also be used during your connections or bus rides. They come in different sizes, colours, and prices.

Also, don't forget the eye mask. Invest on a good one, they are very useful not only during the flight but on the connections too. Block those bright lights and get your beauty sleep wherever airport and flight you are in.


I have two scarves, one for my head or neck when I get chilly and another that is big enough to be a skirt or blanket. Both of the weigh almost nothing. Make sure to pack them, the big scarf will be great during your connection flight.


Always pack a good one and can do the job to block the noise. Some airlines do provide headphones but let's be honest, they are often awful.


Now, the best idea is to have all these essentials in one place or an arm's reach. Some airplanes do have a hook where you can hang your jacket. Take advantage of this and get a jacket with pockets. You can fit almost anything you need even a laptop. Find out which is the best travel jacket based on our comparison.


Chewing gum - don't forget to pack chewing gum to ease the pressure on your ear during the flight

Nose spray - if you are like  me who get clogged nose during and even after the flight

Hand and face cream and lip balm - do you know that the air in the airplanes dry out your skin? Solve this by bringing these essentials


Save movies on your device

Some flights come with an entertainment package but during your connection or the smaller flights you need to take in between doesn't have this luxury. Entertain yourself while waiting and travelling by getting the movies you have not seen yet.


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Books to save on your devices or buy

I honestly cannot travel without listening to any music. I use Spotify but I travel a lot and it kind of mess up once in a while and I feel like I waste my money. Therefore, I use the free Spotify but this only works with an internet connection. I also have offline music on my phone which takes up so little space.


Make sure you wear something comfortable, with fewer zippers or metals (to avoid unwanted security chaos). Also remember to bring extra underwear, t-shirt, and shorts/stockings especially if you have no access to your clothes during the connection for your flight. Because you'll never when you might end up sitting between two drunk passengers. Wear clothes that are warm enough in the aeroplane; wear snickers instead of pointed open sandal or shoes, wear socks or bring a pair, and a light jacket in case you get cold.



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During your flights

Your best friend during long flights are those travel accessories, an eye mask to block the light and hopefully sleep through the entire flights, noise cancelling headphones or earplugs to avoid loud crying babies and chatty seatmates, a blanket in case your airline is not that generous to provide one. Some airline provides a hook/pin next to your foldable table where you can hang your jacket. It would be smart to hang it there, place your travel essentials inside the jacket so you can reach them easier. Like hand cream and face cream; aeroplanes have really dry cold air. Don't forget the noise spray if you are like me who get clogged nose easily.

During your connection

Check out if there are sleeping pods in the airport. Some massive airports like Changi in Singapore have sleeping pods. Some are for free while other airports like in Heathrow where you can find long benches/sun pads . While some airports have padded long metal chairs aligned where you can lie down and have a shut eye for a few hours.

Your lightweight big scarf can work as your blanket, neck pillow as your usual pillow, an eye mask to block the light, and ear plugs of headphones to block the noise. If you only have an hour or two connection, I recommend not to sleep because you might miss your next flight.

Find the spot where you can charge your devices too while watching a film or simply browsing on your phone. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of power when you land in a foreign country.

I hope this article about long-haul travel essentials have been useful for you. If you have anything tips to add or any questions, let me know on the comment section below.


Gear up! Here are the long-haul flight essentials that you must pack especially in your cabin bag. Find out how to survive a long flight. #longhaulflighttravelessentials #travelessentials #howtosurvivealongflight
Gear up! Here are the long-haul flight essentials that you must pack especially in your cabin bag. Find out how to survive a long flight. #longhaulflighttravelessentials #travelessentials #howtosurvivealongflight

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