Best Walking Sandals For Travel – Men and Women

Best Walking Sandals For Travel – Men and Women
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Photo by Sidharth V on Unsplash

A good reason to start walking is the chance to stumble across areas not intended for tourists, places between those tourist sites make your trip more worthwhile. It is on foot that you genuinely get to feel and beat a new place.

However, simple foot and heel injuries can ruin vacation instantly. Are you sure you are ready to walk tirelessly and bear some pain to see some picturesque destinations? 

Here are some of the most comfortable sandals for men and women to keep all-day support and comfort on your arches and ankles no matter how far your destinations precede you.

What To Know Before Buying Walking Sandals

There are some things you have to know first before choosing your travel buddy for long walks while on the road. Make sure you ask these questions to yourself and also do the needed research to avoid the mistake I did – buying a Birkenstock in the wrong size.


Personally this would be the main factor, I believe that not all expensive products are long-lasting and durable while buying cheaper versions that break after just a month into the trip will make you very annoyed.

Based on my research, the decent money to spend for walking sandals for travelling that is durable, well-design, and with great reviews is around $45-$70 a pair.


So here’s the thing, if you are one of the smart people out there who always prefer going to a store to buy the sandals, keep doing that. Because buying them online is honestly a hit and miss.

However, I’m in Asia, not all the brands and products are available here, the others are but often it’s pricier.

Throughout my research and experimentation on buying the best walking sandals for travel I’ve learnt a way to find the right size for you when choosing the sandals.

If you are buying from Amazon or other same site that carries different brands, don’t trust the sizing there. For example, you decided to get a Skechers walking sandals. After looking that your normal shoe size is available on the store, look up at Skechers’ website for sizing, often, they show the US, EU, UK, JP sizes and even the number in inches or cm.

Look at the cm or inches and measure your feet before you decide which size to get from the online store. You will find out that not all 37EU or 4UK are the same size at all.


Knowing if the walking sandals for travel is durable enough is the hardest part because you won’t be able to find out until you’re many kilometres on, have walked plenty of hours, and had it get through different situations (got it wet, dusty, muddy, and everything in between).


The material definitely helps with the durability of the walking sandals, however, it is also make the product’s price climb up. Some materials are also can’t stand water or doesn’t have good grip, these are the important things to know about your future walking buddy.

While some travellers rather not use some specific material like leather. So, making sure that the sandals you’re buying fits to the material that you want and comfortable to wear.


For many, the weight of the walking sandals matter a lot. To some, they simple don’t like heavy sandals while other don’t have the luxury to pack heavy ones on top of their limited space on the luggage.


Not all walking sandals look the same, not all of them can be used for a semi-formal restaurant. If you want one that you can use for everyday and for some going out, you definitely want to consider it’s design and looks properly.


And lastly, read reviews. Today, almost every consumer read reviews and head someone’s experience using a particular product before buying their own. It’s simple the smart thing to do, surely some of them are unjustified or worse a lie, but try to spend a few days reading up different reviews from different sites.

I bought my walking sandals for travelling on Amazon, I read the reviews there and also read the ones on Reddit and other forums.

Best Walking Sandals for Travel for Women

You should know right now that a typical flip flop can’t take you that far. Sandals would do. You need the best ones that can make you exploring new terrains without causing blisters, knee, and ankle pain. Always go for the walking sandals that fit comfortably on your feet, no matter what the product claims. 

Best Walking Sandals for Travel for Women
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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Read more to know more about some of the best walking sandals for women who love to travel. 

Karrimor Women’s Walking Sandals

This sandal is best worn when walking in rocky surfaces and does go well too with smooth textures like tiles. The sandals come with a detachable two Velcro heel straps, which are totally adjustable and comfortable. These sandals are perfect for any wearers since they can be widened a bit around the toe area to fit. Hikers recommend the sandals for their lightweight and soft rubber composition. It provides a cradle feeling on your foot once worn.

  • Material: Synthetic upper, Textile Lining, Synthetic Sole
  • Weight: Very Lightweight
  • Available Colors: Black, Beige
  • Pros: Easily adjusted, Great adaptability,
  • Cons: Small and narrow fit

Birkenstock Unisex Adult Travel Sandal

Birkenstock is one of those sandals that can take years to be fully torn and worn. Aside from its robust qualities, its style fits well in any outfit. The walking sandals feature its double strap style and synthetic top great for casual attire. These sandals can go long traveling for summer months and give comfort in the winter season.

  • Material: Birkbeck, Synthetic, Man Made Sole, 
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Available Colors: Grey Stone, Brown Mocha
  • Pros: Can withstand extreme terrain and weather and best too for daily use.
  • Cons: It has a limited choice of colors; pale colors are unusual. 

Skechers USA Reggae Women Sandal

This sandal comes with leather material. If you are worried about your feet killing you when you’re traveling more than the usual, go for this sandal. Wearing one feels like there’s a soft cushion underneath your feet. 

  • Material: Smooth Faux Leather, Rubber Sole, Reggae Slim Footbed, Memory Foam
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Available Colors: Black, Navy, Chocolate, Pink, Aqua, Mix
  • Pros: Perfect match in different apparel and does provide excellent support while traveling in Europe. 
  • Cons: Straps are not adjustable, so be sure to purchase your correct fit size.

Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

Teva Women’s footwear is for the people that have strong zest traveling trails in the great outdoors. The style comes off simple but has extreme technology over it. This water-resistant sandal goes with a comfortable adjustable hook and loop. Sometimes, traveling on the road gets tough. A shock-absorbing shocpad technology proves useful in these different conditions. 

  • Material: Textile and Synthetic, Synthetic Sole 
  • Weight: Medium Weight
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Red, and more available colors.
  • Pros: Can be worn throughout your entire trip without blisters at the end of the day. Some suggest that its super cushiony feeling fits their feet so much they didn’t even notice they already traveled for miles on foot. 
  • Cons: Both straps leave so much exposed Velcro, which then picks up all kinds of debris/dirt along the road. 

ECCO Yucatan Women Hiking Sandal

This sandal is worth every penny If you’ve been traveling a lot and might have been looking for heavy-duty. It gives excellent support to the longitudinal arch and straps well on foot. The sole ensures easiness under tough terrains. 

Don’t have to worry again about your footwear giving up on you in extreme circumstances, this travel sandals’ versatile design is great for any outdoor activity.  

  • Material: Nubuck Leather, Rubber, Synthetic
  • Weight: Light
  • Available Colors: A lot of colors to choose from
  • Pros: The sandals feel like it’s hugging your feet. Won’t have to worry again about walking for miles and hours hurting your feet for some exquisite scenery. 
  • Cons: Must be fitted well with you so you’ll have its best performance.

Best Walking Sandals for Travel for Men

Walking sandals is amongst the list of travel essentials when traveling on enduring trips. Apart from sandals give the best comfort while walking, its qualities can also take rocky mountains, rugged terrains, and rough roads. For the men out there looking for high quality sandals that still function well in wet or dry circumstances, here are some travel sandals to check on.

Best Walking Sandals For Travel – Men and Women 5
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Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

Skechers Men Louden Sandal

The majority of these sandals reviews in Amazon are for people who’d love soft rubber cushions for comfort. It’s the type of sandals that once worn out. You’ll want another one. 

The soft front, ankle, and heel straps are easily adjusted, fitting well and providing support. Its insoles have great pads and are non-slippery. You’ll notice how good they are from day one until some decent coming years.

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: Not that lightweight
  • Available Colors: Brown/Black
  • Pros: Great footwear for traveling and outdoor activities
  • Cons: Sometimes causes blisters when size does not fit you well.

Teva Men’s Forebay Sandal

Teva sandals pioneers the sport-sandal category for 20 years already and counting. Teva footwear is typically best for rivers, canyons, and trails of the great outdoors. Athletes and travel enthusiasts favor Teva footwear well. “Teva” came from Hebrew, meaning Nature, Friendship, and Water.

  • Material: 93% Synthetic, 7% Textile
  • Weight: Not so light
  • Available Colors: Turkish Coffee
  • Pros: Can be comfortably worn in your treks and hikes on mountains and rugged terrains.
  • Cons: A little bulky but suits well as water shoes.

ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

Ecco hiking sandal is known for its lightweight and versatile qualities. Its sturdy nubuck upper sandal is great combined with its stretch-fit material lining. If you are looking for shoes best in canyoneering, this is one of the best walking sandals for men who love outdoor ventures. The sole can ensure tight grip and traction on wet surfaces.

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Available Color: The sandals have varieties of colors.
  • Pros: Excellent in outdoor and daily use.
  • Cons: Hurts the feet and causes blisters if worn too tight or loose.

Crocs Men’s Swiftwater River Sandal

If you are going for some extreme water activities, take Crocs Men Sandal with you. One of the famous river sandals providing you non-absorbent Croslite construction with adjustable straps. After you are done adjusting the bottom strap of the sandals to the ball of your feet. Slide your arch on the cushion pads and enjoy the comfort of walking in miles!

  • Material: Man-made, Synthetic Sole
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Available Colors: Black, Expresso, Army Green, Charcoal
  • Pros: Crocs standard comfort, soft and supportive
  • Cons: Its rubber composition may deform and cause blisters if worn for many years.

Rockport Men’s Strap Sandal

Thanks to its outsole, this sandal lessens shock in walking and helps reduce foot fatigue. The outside linings are made by soft leathers providing fine appearance and sturdy composition. Also, the innovative moisture materials and anti-microbial properties keep climate comfort controlled. From pool parties to long journeys, the Rockport Strap Sandal is ideal for all kinds of summer activities.

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Available Colors: Brown Leather
  • Pros: This sandal can be your constant wear for day to day activities. It is a good choice if you’re traveling and partaking in outside activities. 
  • Cons: Its leather material absorbs water and adds weight when soaked.  


As for me, I’ll recommend ECCO Men’s Yucatan as one of the best walking sandals for travel. The black multi-strap blends well to almost any colored pants and traveling shorts. The performance sandal has multiple adjustment points that can fit me very well. You won’t also feel it getting heavy. And the soft pads do ease tension and fatigue on your foot in long walk trips.

Traveling and seeing new places are undeniably fun. However, too much walking can exhaust your feet and possibly cause accidents. To decrease accidents because of foot fatigue, especially in traveling bliss areas, which you won’t ever want to happen in your holidays. 

Consider choosing the best sandals that offer reliable quality. Ones that don’t cause blisters and other wrong foot postures. And most importantly, go for the travel sandals that will not let you down in tough times.

Best Walking Sandals For Travel
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Stefan von Imhof is a travel writer and photographer. He loves going off the beaten path, exploring cities by foot and finding under-explored, hidden gems. After living in California for the past 15 years, he and his wife now live in Melbourne, Australia.

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