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Travelling With Standard Luggage Travel Gears:
A Review For Carry-On Backpack, Laptop/Daily Backpack, Day Pack, and Packing Cubes


My kind of travel squad - Standard Luggage laptop backpack and carry-on backpack

Two months ago, my 4-year old carry-on backpack gave up on me. I've done plenty of fixing and tried sewing it back together many times, but now, I'm sure it's time to let it go. Just in time, I received an email from Standard Luggage for a proposal of collaboration.

I checked out their website and products and to be honest, I was more than curious, I want to see what they have to offer in the world of backpacking. You see, I'm a carry-on traveller for four years now. I've been packing everything I own in one 40L backpack and one small personal bag for my laptop, and explored the world with them.

If you are a person who's only about to start a long-trip of backpacking, you need the best backpack out there that meet your needs and fits your personality.

After receiving my new backpacking gears, I went to a three-week trip to Bali right away to take these shiny backpacks for a spin in the backpacking world.

DISCLAIMER: I received all Standard Luggage travel gears for me to use, travel, and write an honest review about it. In this post, you will read not just the best feature of Standard Luggage's products but also the cons and what was my experience travelling with it. All my comments and feedbacks are of my own.


Before we get on the real deal topic here, I'll give you a little background fact about Standard Luggage and why I decided to work with them.

Standard Luggage is a Canadian-based company whose goal is to provide the world's best carry-on backpack for every type of traveller and those who like to travel and have their baggage well-organised - like me!


So far, they have five amazing products: A carry-on backpack, a laptop daily backpack, a day pack that can turn into a packing cube, and a packing cubes that multi-purpose into a travel dresser. Recently, they launched their travel wallet that also works as a passport holder.

All their products reflect the type of traveller I am. I travel with a carry-on only, I work online, thus, a daily backpack specifically made to secure a laptop makes a lot of sense. A day pack that can be used as packing cube, and a set of packing cubes that I can use as a travel dresser (talking about living in the dorm rooms trying to find my last pair of socks is no fun!) - to me, it's the dream team as you call it.




Back - you can see the strap in the middle - for wheeled suitcase

My first impression of their Carry-on Backpack is how smart they placed every pocket and how easy to access them. It's also has a great design, you can see the quality of the fabric is on the top as well, and it's features - hands down.

The backpack itself is heavier than other backpacks I've used before (perhaps because it has a lot padded areas), however, I find the reason for it reasonable enough - it keeps my things that are made of glass and gadgets like Polaroid camera safe, it will surely be very useful for those who will place their laptops and travel gadgets inside.

  • Weight: 3.7 lbs, 59.2 oz, 1.6 kg
  • Dimension: 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 in zipped and 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 expanded
  • Material: Nylon
  • Laptop pocket: Holds most 15 in laptops and 15in Macbook Pro - even up to 17 in

Best features

  • can hold up to 45L (about 15 kgs)
  • well-placed pockets - it helped me so much when organising my clothes, footwear, and toiletries
  • opens up as a suitcase - it's easier to pack this way
  • internal straps - it has inside straps that helps to hold everything together, it's one of my favourite features
  • laptop sleeve and water bottle - although I never placed my laptop in a carry-on laptop sleeve (since it goes on the over-head cabin bag), it's good to have this feature too
  • hide-away straps, sling strap - you can easily tuck in the shoulder straps and buckle in the sling strap
  •  wheeled suitcase ready - if you travel with a wheelie, you can hide the straps and hook it up on top of your wheelie (it has its own back strap), I'm planning to travel with a wheelie soon, this feature is exciting for me 
  • expandable - you can easily zip out and expand the backpack
  • rain cover, lockable zips, whistle - whistle on the shoulder strap (that goes right by your chest), it's super cool!
  • it comes with a detachable hip belt - but I noticed it only after my trip to Bali, therefore, I can't comment on its performance just yet

zip in shoulder straps

laptop pocket


hide the backpack straps and attach it using the strap in the middle to a rolling suitcase

After travelling with Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack, I've discovered some missing features as well, here they are:


  • the zip locks are too small - the lock I have couldn't fit on the zip locks, it's the normal size, I think it only fits on the small ones or thin locks. I wish they made it a little bigger that fits the standard size
  • it looks too hard to carry for short traveller like me (I'm 153 cm/5 ft)  - people keep asking me if my backpack is too heavy. I don't know if it's the design or perhaps it's my height (lol!)
  • better back support - after walking for at least 15 minutes, my back starts to hurt (it could be because of my sensitive back that causes pain even I carry lightweight backpacks), but I can also say that it's because there is just some back support from the backpack. Honestly, it's decent enough, my back is just really sensitive.

Carry-On Backpack Video Demo

See for yourself all it's features by watching the Youtube video below:


Laptop/Daily Backpack

This is my favourite product of Standard Luggage. As a person who travels with her laptop everywhere, this backpack is just straight rock on. It has all the features I need and not to mention how sleek the design is.

  • Dimension: 45 x 28 x 15 cm (17.7 x 11 x 5.9 in)
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds (1 kg)
  • Capacity: 18L capacity 
  • Laptop sleeve: Holds 15.1 in laptops and 15 in Macbook Pro

Best features

  • the design - it looks cool but at the same time it's smartly designed for a digital nomad like me, it looks so minimalist
  • amazing laptop and tablet pocket - it's well padded and has a small pocket for a passport, wallet, paper documents which you can secure with a Velcro strap
  • water bottle holder - one of its great features, it fits the regular size bottle (up to 700ml) and can expand a little more, you can also just zip it up if not in use
  • easy access front, top, and back pockets - it has all these small pockets on the back, top, and the front. I used these to place my phone, coin purse, and earphone, which all I can access even while walking
  • it doesn't look bulky - inside, I packed my laptop, laptop charger, mouse, journal notebook, a pouch includes my dental kit, pens, passport, bank cards, extra phone, camcorder and charger for it, plus another pouch with random stuff in it, a big lightweight scarf (I use a blanket in the plane), and an extra shirt and socks - all these, it fits well and didn't look bulky at all unlike my Haglöfs Tight Medium
  • USB charger port - I easily hooked up my power bank and charge my phone on the go and even while walking
  • great organisation pockets - again, it has awesome pockets inside to organise my things that are not in a pouch like a mouse and a laptop charger
  • lockable zip - since I have my most important things in this backpack, it's good to know that I can lock the zips
  • hide-away straps - just like the Carry-On Backpack, I could hide the backpack straps and hook it up to be a sling bag or a laptop bag
  • ready for a wheeled suitcase - I can also attach it on the top of a wheeled suitcase
  • rain cover, RFID-secure pockets
  • lifetime warranty and satisfaction guaranteed

built USB charging port


laptop and table sleeve

I've taken out my Daily Laptop Backpack around the Philippines and Bali, I honestly don't have a lot of significant negative comments at the moment, but here are some:


  • zip locks size - like the Carry-On Backpack, my lock didn't fit on the zip locks
  • no hip-belt - but this doesn't bother me at all

Compared to Haglöfs Tight Medium

I've been using my Haglöfs Tight Medium for two years until a month ago. I liked that one a lot, I could lock the zips, it has good back support, it has straps on the shoulder pads where I can hang my water bottle, it has bungee straps in the front for flipflops, shoes or scarfs. One thing I didn't like about it is how bulky it gets.

And that's where Standard Luggage Laptop/Daily Backpack stands out. It shows no bulky part whatsoever, it has water bottle holder on the side, a strap on the shoulder pad to attach hair tie or a bottle.

Although, I would say that I'm pretty sure I'll still use my Haglöfs Tight Medium once in a while. It's still in such amazing shape and barely has any wear and tear.

Day Pack/Packing Cubes (in front of me)

The Day Pack is one smart bag, it can also work as a packing cube or if you don't need it right away, you can turn it into a pouch and pack it away easily. One feature that I like about it is the bottom pocket where you can pack your aqua shoes/water shoes, phone, charger, earphones, power bank, and other small things that need to be accessed easily.

  • Dimension: 10.5 x 13 x 2.8 (27.7 x 33 x 7 cm) in as a packing cube and 10.5 x 15 x 2.8 (27.7 x 38 x 7 cm) in when used a backpack
  • Capacity: 8L capacity as a backpack
  • Weight: 10 oz (283 g)
  • iPad/Tablet pocket: holds iPad and most 10 in tablets

Best features

  • great for half day easy hike, walking tours, market strolling
  • inside pockets for better organising
  • lightweight
  • water resistant fabric
  • foldable into a pouch
  • can be used as a packing cube

folds into a pouch


  • I don't have anything that I didn't like about it - it's a day backpack, pretty simple and straightforward

Packing cubes

I've been using packing cubes since 2015 which has been amazing. But after all these years of the pack and unpack twice a week and 20+ countries later, it's now worn out and needs a replacement.

Since I got my first packing cubes, this product has evolved so much. Standard Luggage's packing cube is also a travel dresser. You can hang it on a wall or dorm bunk beds, attach them together via Velcro and viola, you can easily find a pair of socks, clean shirt, underwear, and trousers without turning your bed up side down.

  • Dimension: 13 x 10.5 x 2.8 in each (33 x 26.7 x 7 cm)
  • Volume/Capacity: 7 L capacity per cube
  • Weight: 4 oz. each (113 g)

It's a great way not only to organise but to save space, especially in cramp tiny dorm rooms. To be honest, I haven't travelled with their packing cubes yet (I received it after my trip to Bali). For the sake of the first impression, here is my feedback:

they can be attached with a Velcro tape

Best features

  • it comes with 3 pieces of cubes
  • you can be attached and detached them from each other easily (via a Velcro tape)
  • you can hang it anywhere
  • it has mesh, meaning your clothes can easily breathe or you can squeeze the air out easily


  • it comes with only one size - all cubes are the same size


So far, I've tried 3 different carry-on backpacks; North Face Surge, CabinZero 40L, and Standard Luggage Carry-On. I first had my North Face Surge, after a year with it, I've got a Cabin Zero, then went back to my North Face Surge, and now I have Standard Luggage Carry-On.

CabinZero vs Standard Luggage

After using CabinZero 40L for only a month, I had to switch back to my NorthFace Surge. The CabinZero 40L didn't have any back support nor a hip belt. It has limited pockets and no water bottle holder. Every time I had to get something from the inside, I had to open the entire bag - it wasn't the bag for me.

Comparing Standard Luggage Carry-On to CabinZero 40L, I'll definitely choose Standard Luggage - it has more features, better back support, and way better organising system. I can access all of important things without opening the whole bag.

What I packed for my trip to Bali

NorthFace Surge vs Standard Luggage

I've been using my NorthFace Surge for 4 years now, but it does need to be replaced. The shoulder straps are worn out, the inside pockets ripped (I sew them back together a few times), the hip belt barely works anymore. It's still fine for light trips but won't be reliable for full-time backpacking.

Now, if I compare NorthFace Surge (the time I bought it) to Standard Luggage's Carry-On backpack, I'd go with Standard Luggage. The only advantage of NorthFace Surge is it looks very compact, it's not square like Standard Luggage. Standard Luggage has so many far advanced features that I find very useful during my travels so far - it beats NorthFace Surge easily.

you can tuck away the stap buckle



If you work online, you definitely want their Laptop/Day Backpack. But if not, their Carry-On backpack and packing cubes are must buys! If you don't have a sensitive back like me, the Carry-On backpack is a great deal and will help you pack and organise very efficiently.

I didn't find a lot of pleasure on the Day Pack as I always use my string backpack which I sewed flag patches on, I still use it for sentimental reasons (but soon, it needs to retire - so many holes and the colour is very faded).

If you are travelling in Southeast Asia, most economy airlines like Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Scoot, Jetstar, will allow you to bring two backpacks in the plane without a charge. One is the cabin bag (must fit in the overhead cabin - refer to the airline's sizing policy), and one personal bag/laptop bag that can fit under the seat in front of you.

In Europe and South America, bringing a two backpack in an economy aeroplane is impossible. Most of the time, you have to pay extra for this option.


Leaving Bali


I honestly love their products - the crazy organiser me is amazed how well-designed these are. I probably enjoy it a lot and appreciate it more because of my lifestyle. Travelling with a laptop, minimalist, and enjoy being organised when it comes to packing - I'm the right market for these products.


Looking forward for more trips with my Standard Luggage Travel Gears

The most vital feedback I'd give to Standard Luggage is to add better back support (I yet to try out the detachable hip belt) on their Carry-On backpack and make the packing cubes in different sizes.

But of course, I have to travel with Standard Luggage travel gears more to have a deeper reflection on its performance. Be assured that I will keep this post updated for new discoveries I get as I travel further with Standard luggage.


I went travelling with Standard Luggage travel gears: Carry On Backpack, Laptop or Daily Backpack, Day Pack, and Packing Cubes - here's my honest review. Is this the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads? Perfecto travellers to like to be organised when packing.
I went travelling with Standard Luggage travel gears: Carry On Backpack, Laptop or Daily Backpack, Day Pack, and Packing Cubes - here's my honest review. Is this the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads? Perfecto travellers to like to be organised when packing.
I went travelling with Standard Luggage travel gears: Carry On Backpack, Laptop or Daily Backpack, Day Pack, and Packing Cubes - here's my honest review. Is this the best carry-on backpack for digital nomads? Perfecto travellers to like to be organised when packing.
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