TOP 5 BEST WHEELED BACKPACK:Rucksack with Wheels for Travelling

If you are undecided which rucksack with wheels you should buy, check out this best wheeled backpacks review to get a better understand which one fits your need better. #backpackwithwheels #bestwheeledbackpack #rucksackwithwheels #rollingbackpacks #carryonbackpackwithwheels
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I’m only 26 but I have been carrying my backpack for almost three years now. Packing up my backpack, strapping it behind me, and walking around with it almost once a week. To be fair, it’s only about 10 kgs, it’s not a lot but if you do it as often as I do, your body will eventually give you a kick here and there.

Personally, I don’t see myself wheeling a suitcase yet. The convenience of throwing everything I own on my backpack is just easier and faster (especially when you’re running in the airport trying not to miss that expensive flight!). After reading a bit about it, I think I found the answer – wheeled backpack or also known as travel backpacks with wheels.



Exactly what it’s called it is – a backpack with wheels. You can choose from strapping it on your shoulders or wheel it around to give you back a break. I’m sure your body will thank you for that.

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I fully understand that the backpack is one of the best inventions ever, however, time will come that it won’t be fun anymore. If you are very fit, can walk around 3kms with at least 10kgs behind you, go for it. You also save a lot of money if you manage to fit all your travel gears in a cabin-sized backpack – bye bye expensive check-in fees!

While a rolling suitcase brings so much convenience as well. My first three trips out of the country, I was towing a suitcase with me. Having such one also let me bring more, pack easier, and walk around better. It was all fun until I broke it while being lost in the busy city of Italy.

I tossed it and never looked back. However, with back pain that is coming around too often, I envy those who have wheeled suitcases. But I’m not ready yet to dump my backpack, it’s just so much easier.

A rucksack is basically just a term for travellers from the UK who refer to a backpack that is 40litres and more. The backpack is the daypack, while in the US, backpack is a term for any bags you can carry on your shoulder.

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Can I have both?  The convenience that a suitcase bring and the advantage that a backpack or rucksack carry sounds good together right? Worry no more, on this article, you will learn that there are different backpacks with wheels such as rolling carry-on backpack, wheeled backpack that can hold enough and be sent to the check-in desk, and rucksack with wheels that are both for check-in and carry-on.



Eagle Creek Exploration Series Switchback International Carry On

High Sierra AT3 22″ Wheeled Backpack

Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

Osprey Ozone Convertible 22″/50L Wheeled Luggage

Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage, Flash Black, 80 L/28″


modern features, breathable, heavy duty wheels

quality and durability

most lightweight & affordable

lightweight, good price, great reviews

lots of room and compartments, best for check-in


21.6 x14.2 x 7.9 inches

22 x 13.5 x 9 in

21 x 14 x8 inches

22 x 14 x 9 inches

28 x 14 x 14 inches


7.72 pounds

9.5 pounds

5 pounds

6.31 pounds













If you are undecided if a backpack with wheels is for you, check out its pros and cons and see if it meets your need for your travels. You will hear some negative comments for this option but you should remember that there are reasons why it didn’t work out. To find the best answer, here are its pros and cons and how to choose the right one for you.

Pros for Buying a Rucksack with Wheels

  • The flexibility of having the option between carrying a backpack or rolling it sounds like every traveller’s dream. When walking around a new city trying to find your hotel or hostel is not fun with a backpack in tow while wandering around the airport waiting for the check-in desk to open, it’s not fun to always strap on and off a backpack every time you need to go to the bathroom. A wheeled backpack gives you the best of two worlds.
  • If your budget permits, you can get a rolling backpack that can stay in great shape for years. The ones that wheels roll better or the company gives you a great warranty to change the wheels once in a while. When buying, you should get the one with adjustable straps, back support, and durable fabric.
  • A wheeled backpack gives you the flexibility to blend in with different types of traveller and staying in different types of accommodations. Every single time I want to treat myself for a luxury hotel, I feel so small standing on the reception desk waiting to be checked in while I carry a backpack with shoes and laundry back hanging on the sides.
  • Avoid the annoying dragging scene in the airport. While waiting to be checked with a backpack, you more likely to put your backpack down, drag it as the line moves along. Next “best” thing is the check-in personnel eyeing you for the straps – “hang on, I need to get you a plastic bin for this to avoid the straps getting creating troubles”
  • Best for your body. When you travel with a backpack, you carry the heavy one on your back while a small daypack on the front. Having these two bags pulling your body on both sides is obviously not healthy especially on a long run. With rucksack with wheels, you can tow the heavy one while the small daypack on your back – now that’s better and your body will thank you.

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Cons of Buying a Rucksack with Wheels

  • It’s no secret that a backpack with wheels is heavier than a regular backpack. My 35-litre backpack weighs as light as 0.50kg while a rolling backpack can be as heavy as 2.1kgs.
  • If you cheap out, you more likely will be able to use it for a couple of times only
  • They are more pricey than a wheel-less backpack


Here is a checklist you want to keep before hitting that buy button. It is important to familiarise yourself with the features of a wheeled backpack before you purchase it. You can use this guide to help you decide:


What does the wheeled backpack make of? Is it strong enough to hold your stuff? Find out if it’s waterproof or if it dies quickly. You may also want to know if the handle is strong enough for the pulling game or if the wheel frame can survive an unpaved road.


Make sure to double check if the size meets your need. Depending on where you are from, the size on the product description sometimes come in inches or centimetre. Do you need a backpack that fits on the cabin overhead or you prefer one that can hold more inside and be able to use as a check-in baggage?

The airline requires a backpack dimension to be about 21x15x8 inches or 55x40x25cm if you want to bring it with you in the cabin.


You don’t want to have a rucksack with wheels that will give you a back pain even when it’s empty. Make sure it’s not too heavy especially if you want to bring it to the cabin where you only have 8-10 kgs weight limit.

Style and Pockets

Apart from being a durable, convenient, and reliable backpack, you want it to be stylish as well and with enough pockets. You don’t want to drag a backpack in an expensive hotel. You may want to double check too if there are other colours available, I personally prefer dark colours to keep it looking clean as long as possible.

If you are like me who travels full-time, I basically have everything with me all the time. I need a good amount of pockets to separate toiletries, dirty clothes, walking shoes, and liquids.

Ease of Packing and Comfort

Another thing you want to consider if the ease of packing. Backpacks that are accessible from the top are somehow old school nowadays. A rucksack must be able to open like the usual suitcase to pack easier. For a better trick on packing, make sure you have a set of packing cubes, toiletry bag, and other things to separate your stuff.

The comfort must also be placed on the top as well. Check if there is padding on the back and shoulder straps, find out if there is a hip strap too, is it padded? Making sure that the wheel doesn’t touch your back is a major thing to consider. Is the handle long enough and comes with different height to match your comfortability.

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Additional Features

Additional features will be basically the cream on top. The wheeled backpacks on this list come with a daypack. Check out some other additional features or freebies before buying your rolling backpack. Some come with rain and wheel cover, while other company offers global warranty or wheel replacement warranty.

A Mary Road Backpack (2)
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Masasa Beach, Philippines


  • Know what you need. First, figure out what you need from a backpack – how many pockets do you need, do they have the colour that you want, can they be a carry-on backpack to avoid check-in hassle and fees, how much weight can it handle – all these questions must be answered.
  • How much is your budget? A good rucksack with wheels comes with a price. The idea is still very new which means you can only get quality ones with a price that is not as cheap as a regular backpack.
  • Do they have a warranty? Check out if they have a good warranty deal, best is if they have a worldwide warranty.
  • Read reviews. It is very important that you sit down and read reviews, either online or from a friend.


To help you get to know each wheeled backpack, here is  more in-depth overview. From its best feature, fabric material, colour available, price value, and why it’s suitable for you.

Eagle Creek Exploration Series Switchback International Carry On

Why is it one of the best rucksack with wheels?

Eagle Creek’s Exploration Series International Switchback Carry-on features a 3D Air Mesh backpack moisture-free straps and back panel. Its daypack is removable and its size is perfect for cabin overhead compartment. It has its own adjustable suspension system and a safety whistle. Another great feature is its wheels are heavy duty and can survive unpaved road easily.

  • Colours: No
  • Material
  • Comes with a daypack: Yes
  • Cabin sized: Yes
  • Unisex: Yes

High Sierra AT3 22″ Wheeled Backpack

Why is it one of the best rucksack with wheels?

High Sierra is definitely one of the most high-end brands in the field of backpacks. You know that the quality is good and that they will not put anything rubbish on the market. You can get a hold of their 22″ wheeled backpack comes with a daypack and the size is perfect for cabin overhead for such reasonable price. It is loved for its durability and amazing shoulder pads where you can place your mobile phone for an easy access.

  • Colours: 2
  • Material: Duralite Tech-Weave, 900-denier
  • Comes with a daypack: Yes
  • Cabin sized: Yes
  • Unisex: Yes

Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

Why is this one of the best rucksack with wheels?

Samsonite’s Wheeled Backpack is as durable as you want it to be. This wheeled backpack is made of Rip Stop fabric that is resistant to tears and pulls. The design features in-line skate wheels, ice-pick pull handles, and straps with extra padding for your comfort. 

  • Colours: 4
  • Material: Fabric, Nylon
  • Comes with a daypack: No
  • Cabin sized: Yes
  • Unisex: Yes

Osprey Ozone Convertible 22″ 50L Wheeled Luggage

Why is it one of the best rucksack with wheels?

Osprey’s Ozone Convertible 50L wheeled backpack comes with a detachable daypack, easy top storage access, and features dual internal compression straps. The wheels are high road chassis features (lightweight aluminium frame), large wheels that are sealed and a high-clearance curved moulded base.

  • Colours: 2
  • Materials: Nylon Fabric
  • Only available in the US:  check the 36″ for the UK
  • Comes with a daypack: Yes
  • Cabin size: Yes
  • Unisex: Yes

Osprey Sojourn wheeled Luggage, Flash Black 80L 28″

Why is it one of the best rucksack with wheels?

For travellers who need a check-in luggage but at the same time it should be a wheeled backpack, Osprey’s Sojourn Wheeled Luggage 80L is one of the best options. It has a long-haul harness, hip, belt, and back panel so you can carry it easier, and has a dual straight jacket to hold its components in a much stable way. While the back panel can be removed to ease the packing.

  • Colours: 2​(US) 3(UK)
  • Materials: Nylon Fabric
  • Comes with daypack: No
  • Cabin sized: No
  • Unisex: Yes


Personally, I would go for Samsonite Wheeled Backpack but only because I already have a functioning daypack that I really like, it’s also lightweight and very affordable and I prefer a cabin-sized rucksack. However, if I’m only starting my trip or need to ditch my daypack anyway, I would go for the Osprey Ozone Convertible 50L Wheel Backpack. It’s very convenient to have a backpack that I can attach and detach. It’s also more lightweight than the other cabin-sized rolling backpack on this review list.

And of course, if I would go for a backpack with wheels that I can check-in, I would surely go for Osprey Packs Sojourn 80L. It looks very compact, not-wobbly, and secure. I also like to have a lot of compartments. For its size and volume, it can carry, the weight is pretty good.

I really hope that this list helped you to decide what is the best wheeled backpack for you. I have to say, these travel backpacks with wheels are truly amazing! If you have more questions, I highly suggest you drop them on Amazon’s Q&A below each product for a more precise answer. 



Which rucksack with wheels or travel backpacks with wheels to buy? Check out this best wheeled backpacks review for 2019 and find out what fits you best #rucksackwithwheels #wheeledbackpack #travelbag #packingtips #traveltips #travelideas #travelguide #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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Which rucksack with wheels or travel backpacks with wheels to buy? Check out this best wheeled backpacks review for 2019 and find out what fits you best #rucksackwithwheels #wheeledbackpack #travelbag #packingtips #traveltips #travelideas #travelguide #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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