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Sweden By Train: Discover With Your Family

Sweden By Train Discover With Your Family

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Sweden’s most famous exports include IKEA, the Nobel Prize, ABBA and Volvo. Although, the country’s Scandinavian Mountains, forests of Smaland, hills of Skane and the many lakes are the reasons why millions of people travel to this Nordic paradise.

Discover Sweden’s real beauty and hidden gems by embarking on a rail journey across the beautiful country with your family in tow. It’s reliable, efficient and extensive railway network offers the amazing views of rolling hills and snow-capped mountains.

We have picked the 3 best places that you could visit during your family train trip in Sweden. You may also want to check these 8 most scenic train rides in Europe.

Sweden By Train: Don’t miss these cities


Sweden By Train - Discover With Your Family

Drottningholm Palace – Photo Credit:

The capital city of Stockholm is one of the best places to start your Sweden holiday with. Visit the Vasa Museum to see the 17th century Vasa battleship which sank in 1628 and was pulled up from the icy waters in 1961. The best of Stockholm is on display in Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum and zoo. Get a taste of royalty by walking around the Drottningholm Palace and Stockholm Palace. For unique travel experiences, we suggest you visit the Nobel and ABBA Museum. There are plenty of day trip options near Stockholm, like the historic town of Sigtuna, which is a short hour and a half train ride away from the capital. You could also take a train to Mariefred, Uppsala or Angelsberg for quick day trips.



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The rail journey from Stockholm to Abisko is one of most scenic routes of Sweden. In this small charming village, you could get an opportunity to see the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Wear your trekking boots and head to the Abisko National Park to hike through the wilderness. This quaint village is also home to a stunning frozen waterfall Silverfallet. Here are all the things you need to know about Northern Lights in Sweden.


Sweden By Train - Discover With Your Family

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The second largest city in Sweden is home to numerous shopping spots, cafés, stunning landscapes and amusement parks. People travelling with kids must visit Lisberg, which is a theme park with roller coasters, water rides, and a huge garden. Few other places that you could visit are Garden Society of Gothenburg, Universeum, and Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

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Sweden By Train

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