Indoor and Outdoor Family Activities in Auckland, New Zealand

family activities in auckland
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New Zealand consists of two islands; the North and South Islands. On the North Island, you’ll find the largest city in the country, Auckland. Auckland has more than 1.5 million people. It’s often considered a World City thanks to the cultural and social characteristics seen throughout the country.

With such diversity, and ranking as one of the most livable cities, Auckland has been a very popular destination for tourists. This is the perfect place to travel for families since there are plenty of things to do around this city to keep both you and the kids entertained. If you are heading somewhere else in New Zealand, here’s a local guide.

What are the best things to do in Auckland with your family?

Visit the Ice Cream Shop/Factory – Giapo

family activities in auckland
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If you enjoy a tasty ice cream just like me at almost any time of the year, you have to stop by our favourite place for the most incredible ice cream in the world– Giapo! Here, the ice cream is not the normal dessert that we all know about. At Giapo the status quo is challenged and ice cream has new functions, forms and shapes. Hot Chips in a coneThe Colossal SquidThe selfie cone, the Yorkshire pudding are only some of my favourite creations.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by a hostess, you will go through a full d​égustation of all their flavours or until you find something that you truly like, it is like a 5 stars service in an ice cream shop. They also have a menu for vegans and gluten-free.

This is definitely a fun and exciting thing to do in Auckland with your kids, your friends or when you are going out on a date.  Visit their website, they also offer tours and other experiences.

Check out the Sky Tower/SkyWalk

The most recognized feature of the Auckland skyline is the Sky Tower. This tower reaches over 300 meters tall, making it the tallest tower in all of New Zealand. The tower functions as a telecommunications tower but has opened the upper levels to the public for observation. These observation decks attract close to half a million visitors every year. You’ll be greeted with views overlooking the entire city and with great visibility, you can see far reaches of the New Zealand islands. The entire family will be amazed at the sights and photo opportunities from these levels.

As if the observation deck isn’t enough, you can also take your family on the daring SkyWalk adventure. The SkyWalk puts you on the outside ledge of the tower where you experience the same sights with nothing but a cable keeping you from falling over the rail-less edge. Guides take you around the 360-degree views of the tower and even test your courage with different tasks nearly taking you over the edge.


Visit a VR Studio

family activities in auckland
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Be sure to stop by the VR Studio for a unique experience enjoyable for all ages. VR Studio is the first public virtual reality studios in New Zealand, and one of the few in the world. This studio features 8 different arcade booths that give you a variety of virtual reality experiences. This next-level technology will put you right in the middle of the action, making it look and feel as though the virtual experience is happening in real-life.

There are a variety of experiences to choose between, including video gamesskill challenges, creative, or even a simulated adventure around New Zealand. The best part about this studio is that they offer multiplayer virtual experiences so you’ll be able to have fun right alongside your family. The VR Studio is award-winning and is a frequent destination for visitors to Auckland seeking fun. The games and experiences are frequently updated so you can expect something different every time you visit.

Have fun at Amazing Maze

New Zealand has a great climate for enjoying the outdoors. One of the best family-fun activities to explore is the Amazing Maze. The Amazing Maze is a cornfield in the south of Auckland designed as a maze. This is a seasonal activity due to finding the ideal weather so this destination can only be visited from December to April months. Every time the cornfield maze opens, it’s designed based on a new theme so you’ll never experience the same maze twice.

Amazing Maze offers three different experiences for their visitors. These include the standard day maze, a night maze, and a haunted corn maze. The day maze is filled with different activities and excitement around every corner. If you happen to get lost, which is their hope, you’ll still be entertained throughout the journey. The Night Maze is similar except you’ll be required to carry a torch to be able to see your way through the maze. The Haunted Corn Maze experience is only available if your family is all over the age of 16. This is a terrifying journey through the maze with surprising twists on every turn.

Experience zip-lining through the forest

Although there are two main islands that form the country of New Zealand, there are many smaller islands located just off of the coasts. One such island found off of the coast of Auckland is Waiheke. To get to Waiheke Island, you’ll need to take a ferry. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the Zip & Waiheke Adventure.

EcoZip Adventure is a zip line adventure across the island, giving you amazing views of the island’s forest and winery. There are three different zip lines, each paired up so you can zip across the landscape with a member of your family. Each of the zip lines is 200 meters long, more than enough time to enjoy the sights, and take pictures as you speed along.

EcoZip Adventure also includes a few other experiences such as the Native Forest Explore and the Tour Waiheke. After zipping to the landing platform, you’ll descend and get a new perspective of the forest from the ground floor. You’ll be guided through the forest while learning about the different plant life that grows there. The Tour Waiheke is a shuttle tour around the island, taking you to all of the most scenic spots. It is definitely one of the best outdoor activities in Auckland.


Visit Rainbow’s End Theme Park

family activities in auckland
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Rainbow’s End is the premier theme park in New Zealand. This world-class theme park has more than 20 rides and attractions, both for adults and young children. This makes it the perfect place to visit for family fun in Auckland. The park has a great combination of thrill rides, including the twists and turns of the Corkscrew Coaster, and the Fearfall, taking you 18 stories into the air and freefalling. Surely it’s a must not miss kids activities in Auckland.

There are also rides catered to the family so you can enjoy riding them with younger children. There are also designated kid’s areas. The AA Driver’s Town gives a real-life driving experience designed for kids. Kidz Kingdom is a special entertainment centre for younger kids under the age of 8 years old. With the park being open all year long, stop by any day for a fun-filled time in one of the country’s top theme parks.

Auckland is such a lovely city to explore. From its vibrant attractions to see, tasting your way around, or simply walking in cute little alleys – this city is simply enjoyable. There are plenty of affordable flights to Auckland, there is no reason for not visiting this amazing city!

I hope you find this article useful and informative and I hope you will have a great time during your stay in Auckland with your kids.


Here are the 5 best must do outdoor and indoor family activities in Auckland, New Zealand. Zipline, amusement park, and so much more for the kids! #familyactivitiesinauckland #kidsactivityinauckland #outdooractivitiesinauckland #indooractivitiesinauckland
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family activities in auckland
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