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Top 6 Reasons To Move To Melbourne

Oh, the land down under – exquisite beaches, impeccable weather, rich history, and adorable speaking accent – everyone seems to be captivated by everything Aussie. Especially now that it has become more accessible with various flying options from different parts of the world, it is now common to find affordable flights to Melbourne in just a click.

The capital city of the state of Victoria, which is Melbourne, has been tagged as the world’s most liveable city and it’s not difficult to see why. And while everything that you read online may be true about how top notch the living conditions in Melbourne is, it is just valid that you put the city on top of your travel bucket list and experience it firsthand. Here are some binding reasons why:

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Top 6 Reasons To Move To Melbourne


Its coffee is one of the best in the world

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If you don’t know yet, Melbourne boasts of its coffee industry aiming to satisfy each and everyone’s love for caffeine. Imagine how awesome it would be if, at the first sip of your skinny soy latte in the morning, your day is already made – that’s how life-changing Melbourne’s coffee is! Visitors and locals alike are obsessed with the city’s local coffee that Starbucks wasn’t able to do anything about it but close about 70% of their shops in the area. Coffee is well admired in Melbourne, of its most classic forms to the innovative contemporary and exotic touch to modern caffeine.

Brunch is a Melbourne pride

When you come visit a city, food is certainly one of the things you would want to remember most. The experience in Melbourne would be incomplete if you don’t experience the gourmet destination that it is. This multicultural city is the place to be if you’re looking for delectable, inviting, and sumptuous brunch food. Brunch is the way to go if you’re catching up with friends, or just spending your mid-morning time alone in the city, with choices coming from its French, Middle Eastern, American, or Asian food influences, you surely are to find something that will satisfy your brunch cravings. And don’t ever miss the city’s porridge, hot chocolate, doughnuts, and milkshakes!

It is an art haven

Top 6 Reasons To Move To Melbourne

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The city is so rich in history and art that they extend to the streets. Lucid street arts and graffiti can be found literally everywhere around the city, including laneways and even trash bins, seriously. Several arts precincts are popular for art exhibits, galleries, and other live performances. The Melbourne Museum, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Australian Center for Contemporary Art are some of the must-see galleries in the city. If you’re not into museums and art exhibits, you can simply walk through the famous Hosier Lane for astonishing and fascinating street art. The unique architecture of the city itself is a wonderful work of art.

It’s as fresh as it gets

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia, but it is surprisingly one of the cleanest, too, not just in the country but in the whole world. In August 2017, there is considered very low air and water pollution in the city, with corresponding high air quality, as well as drinking water quality and accessibility. Visitors and locals are highly satisfied with the city’s garbage disposal and overall cleanliness. Apart from the fresh air and water, Melbourne also manufactures their own fresh produce. This means that when you’re in Melbourne, what you put on your table is the freshest and most organic food as it could be.

It is Children/Family Friendly City

Melbourne is also a very children or family friendly family. There are a lot of activities to do with your kids all-year-round. From outdoor activities to indoor ones like Ian Potter’s Children Garden or at Melbourne Zoo. There are shopping malls that accommodate prams and there are plenty of children’s playground at the public parks. Within the city centre, there are enough kindergarten schools same goes for sub-urban towns.

Melbourne equals romance

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Considered as Australia’s most romantic city, and the world’s 9th, Melbourne does depict romanticism through its charming destinations, from the parks and gardens to contemporary cafes and artsy laneways. Couples celebrating love and those who are looking for love may be enamoured by the visual appeal and romantic vibe of the city. River cruises, beautiful coastlines, lovely restaurants, and enchanting gardens all accessible all throughout the city for those who want to experience the charm of the city in its purest form.

It satisfies the shopaholic in you

Ever heard of the Queen Victoria Market? Because seriously, it is a must-visit when you’re in Melbourne. You can practically buy anything from the market, from fresh produce to gourmet foods to fashion merchandise. It will certainly take your authentic Melbourne experience to a whole new level. Visitors are attracted to both local and imported goods and the shopping scene in the city could literally bring out the shopping bug in you.

Melbourne is a very inviting city to explore. It hosts millions of tourists every year and the city has always been consistently well loved by its visitors. This list doesn’t even cover everything that’s to love about Melbourne, but if you’re on the lookout for your next travel destination, the world’s most livable city should be on top of your list.

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Thinking to move to Melbourne but still unsure? Here are the top six awesome reasons why you should do the move right now and what are the things to love about Melbourne!


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