4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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More than those usual and popular attractions you get to see when in Sydney, there are also tons of other interesting sights this vibrant city offers for all visitors from across the globe. If it is your first time to visit here or first time to travel to Australia, the mainstream sights are sure to check out. However, if you have been here already, then it is best to explore its different side.

Apparently, Sydney has its own quirky part. In case you are up for an unforgettable journey around this lovely city, then be sure to head to its offbeat spots. You will absolutely learn more incredible things about it and at the same time discover its unique side.

So, here are some underrated activities you can do with your family or friends when in Sydney or you can also check this 4-day Sydney itinerary.

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Head to Bundeena

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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Photo Credit: Alan Samuel via Flickr.com

Explore one of the hidden gems of Sydney and be in awe with its simplicity. Bundeena is a little village situated on the outskirts of southern Sydney. If you want to escape the inner-city buzz, then this could be the perfect place for you.

With its various independent art galleries and boutique cafes, you will have the time to simply relax and chill. There are just times when you need to hang loose and visit a more peaceful surrounding like Bundeena.

Party With the Locals

There are no party people like Australian, I’ve seen it first hand. Most Australians are so much fun, laid back, and are simply memorable to party with.

Being a beach city and a surfer’s paradise, you can only expect beach parties left and right every weekend. Since the summer in coming (summer in Australia is during the last quarter of the year), you will hear party events almost everyday!

If it matches your trip and you’ll be here during the holidays of December, make sure you celebrate the New Years Eve in Sydney to experience partying with the locals and make extraordinary memories!

See Sharks Up Close at Magic Point

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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Photo Credit: John Turnbull via Flickr.com

Up for a thrilling activity in Sydney? Visit Magic Point and get up close with the sharks! You can easily get here via 30-minute boat ride from Manly. This fantastic dive spot is home to an endangered grey nurse shark as well as weedy seadragon.

You can dive with these creatures and have one of the most memorable moments of your life. Certainly, it is going to be a one-of-a-kind journey.

Check out the SS Ayrfield

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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Photo Credit: Jason Baker via Flickr.com

Spend a day at Homebush Bay and visit the SS Ayrfield, one of the decommissioned ships that were left here. Now, it became a nice attraction to travelers because of the foliage and the mangrove trees that sprouted in it. It is also known as The Floating Forest, for it still floats despite being taken over by trees. Amazing, isn’t?

Hang loose at Lady Jane Beach

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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Photo Credit: Neil Jennings via Flickr.com

A beach trip won’t be the same when you head over Lady Jane Beach. Located at Watsons Bay, this beach is said to be one of the oldest clothing-optional beaches in the country.

Also, it is the first fishing village in the whole of Australia. This is definitely the ideal place to go nude and skinny dipping. If getting nude at the beach is included in your bucket list, then you can finally make it happen at this nudist beach.

Make your trip to Sydney more enjoyable by trying out these odd activities specified above. It is never a waste of time to do something new from time to time, so grab this chance. Your getaway will truly be one for the books.

Ready to visit Sydney? Pack your bags now!

4 Most Uncommon Activities to Do in Sydney
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