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Thailand Visa Guide

Thailand Visa Guide

The entry point for most of the Europeans and Westerners to the paradise of Asia. Tonnes of direct and affordable flights to Southeast Asia are heading to Thailand. I’m one of the travellers who couldn’t resist the beauty of Thailand, being a Philippines’ passport holder, my entry to Thailand was easy and smooth, although it wasn’t as easy when I had to fly out.

Most Europeans and the west part of the world should not have a hard time obtaining a visa to Thailand. In this Thailand visa guide article, you will find out if you are free of visa to enter the country, how long you are allowed to stay for, where you can apply for one (if you need a visa), how much should it cost you, and how to extend your Thai visa.

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Thailand Visa Guide


  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • South Korea
  • Peru


These nationals may stay in Thailand for up to 30 days: Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Russia, and Vietnam.

Thailand Visa Guide

*Nationals of the listed countries above may extend their visa for another 30 days.



These nationals will be allowed to stay in Thailand for 15 days (major entry points – land or air). Holders of visa on arrivals cannot be extended. Visa on arrival fee is $29 USD. You can get your VOA here.

Thailand Visa Guide



If you have a connection in Thailand, find out below if you need a transit visa:

Passengers transiting through Suvarnabhumi Airport for less than 12 hours do not require a visa, unless they are travelling on Angkor Air, Cebu Pacific, Easter Jet, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Indigo, Jeju Air, Jet Asia Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways, Jetstar Pacific, Jin Air, Juneyao Airlines, Lao Central Airlines, Tigerair Mandala, Norwegian Air, Orient Thai Airlines, Regent Airways, Shandong Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, South East Asian Airlines, SpiceJet, Spring Airlines, T’way Airlines, Thai Smile, Tigerair or VietJet Air.

See? It’s given that Thailand is a great destination PLUS visa here is easy to get! I hope this article of Thailand visa guide has been useful for you. Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions.




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Thea D. - 26/02/2019

Hi mary! My husband and i are planning to visit thailand next yr. My problem is i dont have work just a plain housewife but my husband has work.. Would they require me a COE too? What about for students like my youngest daughter what documents she need to prepare before joining us on this trip?

    Mary Charie - 26/02/2019

    HI Thea,

    I’ve been to Thailand plenty of times and I was never asked to show COE. There is a great possibility that you will be asked to show a return ticket and bank statement. Your youngest daughter, I don’t think you need to prepare any special documents.

Roxanne - 23/11/2018

Hello Ms Mary,

I am planning to travelto thailand this month. Will the immigration officer ask me to show my cash on hand and proof of accomodation in thailand?
Hope you’ll be able to respond.
Thank you ☺️

    Mary Charie - 24/11/2018

    Hi Roxanne,

    They will surely ask your proof of accommodation and a chance to be asked to show a bank statement especially if you don’t travel often.

    Prepare your work certificate too and holiday permission or proof of leave of absence from work.

Aisil - 26/05/2018

Hi Mary,

I am planning to Thailand this September and I am recently working here in hk, is it ok I can travel to Thailand even I don’t book my accommodation ?

    Mary Charie - 28/05/2018

    Hi Aisil,

    The immigration officer might ask for your hotel accommodation and return ticket.

Ikhai - 28/01/2018


I would like to ask, is there a big chance for me to tour Thailand (without any hotel reservation, because a friend promise me for the accommodation and she’s an OFW there). Would I be allowed by the immigration officer? Its my first time to travel outside the country too…(Philippine passport holder)

Thank you!

    Mary Charie - 29/01/2018

    Hello Ikhai,

    Thanks for reading! Maybe you can ask your friend to write a letter that he/she will be hosting you then their passport or proof that he/she has a place to host you whilst you are there. You can also try to book cheap dorm rooms (3-5$) on booking that .com

    Hope this helps!

Garah - 02/12/2017

Hi! Mary, I’m planning to travel to thailand next year around march. I was bit bothered of what my friend told that i might not allowed by the immigration to travel thailand since i have stamp from saudi arabia as Ofw, was it true? I do have exit and re-entry visa too. I hope you acknowledge this message. Thank you and God bless

SHADI - 25/10/2017


    Mary Charie - 26/10/2017

    HI Shady if your passport do not need a visa to Thailand no need to worry about anything 🙂

Joyce Baloco - 19/10/2017

Dear Mary,

Me and my brother are about to book a flight to Bangkok, Im worrying about my brother because he just resigned and there’s no COE to present and he doesn’t have any Bank Statement to present only cash, could they literally inspect the amount from our wallet? Im hoping they are really a tourist friendly country.

    Mary Charie - 19/10/2017

    Hi Joyce, Are you worried about entering Thailand? I don’t think they will ask for COE, but they have been quite strict lately. Not from my experience, but they do want to see cash on hand. I’ve entered Thailand 4 times in the past year by air but was never asked to show anything.

kiran - 22/08/2017

Dear Mary,
I’m planning to bring my girlfriend from Philippines to uae but it’s not allowed direct. so some travel agent told me it’s ok to bring her but she need to go first Thailand stay 1day and come to uae.
It’s ok she can come Thailand without visa and stat for 1day please give me reply to my email.
Thank you

    Mary Charie - 22/08/2017

    Hi Kiran, thanks for your message! Your girlfriend needs to apply for a visa in the Philippines for UAE. She can, of course, fly from the Philippines directly to UAE as long as she has the right visa.

    Hope this helps!

Izzay - 09/08/2017

Hi! I am a Philippine passport holder and was planning of going on a trip to Indonesia, since it’s a 30days visa free do i need to secure a visa? Thanks for your response!

    Mary Charie - 09/08/2017

    Hi Izzay, no need to secure a visa before hand! x

Jerick - 08/07/2017

Hello, I’m planning a trip in Thailand. I have my PH passport now. Is that ok I travel without Visa in Thailand. Because it’s Free Visa Entry. Thanks you for response.

    Mary Charie - 09/07/2017

    Hi Jerick, thanks for dropping by! yes, no need to secure a visa to Thailand, just book your flight and show up 🙂

ceecee - 25/06/2017

hi mary..i just want to ask if I can still avail visa free to enter in thailand as i already arrived there last march 2017 then went to cambodia then entered to bangkok again by land after a week..i am planning to enter again early next year (feb 2018)that makes it for 12months.hoping for your responce..thank u

    Mary Charie - 26/06/2017

    Hello Ceecee!

    Thanks for dropping by! I don’t see any reason why it should not be possbile. I’ve read about the amount of time you have to be out of Thailand or the limit of entering the country in the span of 6 months or 12 months. I’m not so sure about that. However, I personally entered Thailand 3 times in a span of a year. The two was only a month apart from each other, the third one is currently now. I used the same passport, therefore they can clearly see my Thai visa stamp.

    Hope this helps!

cheche - 21/06/2017

Hi Mary,

I am planning to go to Bangkok, Thailand coming from UAE on June 23, 2017 and fly back from BKK to UAE on June 26, 2017. I have Filipino passport and UAE visa but my passport will expire on November 2017. Will there be any issue about my passport? what are the requirments? Thank you

    Mary Charie - 22/06/2017

    Hello CheChe,

    Thanks for reading! I do believe that your passport should be valid for the next 6 months when you enter Thailand. I personally have never experienced this, therefore, I suggest you go get in touch with Thailand immigration department or even with your airline.

    Hope this helps!

Richmond Saloma - 16/06/2017

Hi! I will be a first time traveler in Bangkok maybe this December. Can I go their without a visa? I only have a Ph passport and I will be staying there for a week only. Thanks and God bless!

    Mary Charie - 17/06/2017

    Hello Richmond,

    Thanks for dropping by! As stated in this article, yes, you can visit Thailand without a visa.

    Safe travels!

Rne - 03/06/2017

Hi Mary, I’m a Philippines passport holder. I’m on vacation here in Thailand for more than a month now and just had an extension for another 30days. My question is: Where is the best place to exit just for one day only to get additional extension? Thank you in advance!

    Mary Charie - 03/06/2017

    Hi Rne!

    Thanks for dropping by! I think either Laos or Cambodia is a good place to do a visa run. Myanmar is also an option 🙂

riva - 29/05/2017

Hi Mary,i am planning to visit thailand before this year ends….is it possible to travel to UAE from Thailand???…pls let me know what documents i need so i could travel UAE frm Thailand….
Thank you very much…


    Mary Charie - 30/05/2017

    HI Riva, thanks for reading! I see not a problem in travelling to UAE from Thailand. Make sure you have all the travel documents needed ie, visa, hotel bookings, etc. before purchasing a flight ticket to UAE. Find more information here:

Lyka - 24/05/2017

Hello..could i travel thailand and im working here in azerbaijan with philippines passport…thank you my email add. Imlyka.spain@gmail .com

    Mary Charie - 24/05/2017

    Hi Lyka, yes you can travel to Thailand if you will stay not longer than 30 days.

Gem79 - 12/05/2017

Can I travel to Singapore/vietnam even if I’m a tourist in Thailand?

#Filipino passport holder only


    Mary Charie - 14/05/2017

    Hello Gem! Yes you can enter and travel Singapore and Vietnam visa free 🙂

Evelyn - 09/05/2017

Hi mary! I have PH passport. What are the requirements i will be needing to enter thailand. Do i really dont need visa to go in and out of thailand? Im going to have vacation there with a friend but he will be from qatar and i will be coming from philippinea..
Thank you in advance.

    Mary Charie - 09/05/2017

    Hello Evelyn,

    Thanks for reading! You don’t need a visa to enter, travel, and to get out of Thailand. However, in some cases, the immigration office of Thailand will ask for your flight out ticket and hotel reservation.

Norhata Kamin - 28/04/2017

I have the same question with REMPHEPS FERRER. Let me know also how could I travel Bangkok in the same situation. Thank you!

    Mary Charie - 29/04/2017

    Hello Norhata,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Are you travelling for tourism or some other reasons?

    Let’s say it’s for tourism, as long as you have all the requirements that you need, you should be fine (return ticket, hotel bookings, tour bookings if you have any, employment cert, bank statement).

    Bangkok is tourism friendly. So no reason to worry about landing in Bangkok.

    I personally haven’t flown to Southeast Asia coming from the Philippines. I flew from somewhere else when I landed in Bangkok. But as long as you are honest with your answers and confident, you should be okay 🙂

    I hope this help you answer your questions 🙂

Rempheps Ferrer - 11/02/2017

Hi Mary, I am planning to visit Bangkok any moment of this month. So, I might ask you some questions which really bothered me much, first. I have a PH Passport, but the first thing that really hesitates me to travel in bangkok is for the first time traveler like me to go out our country. Is it really possible that the immigration in our airports will get me pass in thru immigration? Secondly, what are those papers or documents that they are looking for when you get inside the immigration in our respective airports? And lastly, is it really that too easy for the first timer to get inside The bangkok. Without offloading? Thanks I hope you will acknowledging this messaged. 🙂

    Mary Charie - 23/02/2017

    Hi! I replied to your email 🙂

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