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[updated 2019] CAMBODIA VISA GUIDE:
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Visa Free Countries For USA Passport Holders - Cambodia Visa

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Cambodia has quite a straightforward rule about visas. There are only 7 nations that have visa exemption entering and travelling in Cambodia. Even though, Cambodia remains one of the top visited countries in Southeast Asia, both for young travellers and family travellers.

Visa on arrival system and e-visa are well prepared for travellers who wish to visit Cambodia for a certain period of time. Although visa scams are scattered throughout the land borders (Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand), everyone who is flying in the country shouldn't face this problem. Before you arrive, make sure you have your Cambodia visa ready.

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Here is a short list of nationalities that are visa free for Cambodia to enter and travel.

VISA ON ARRIVAL COUNTRIES; How much is a visa on arrival

Cambodia visa on arrival countries are those who are not on the list of visa-free. It's pretty easy and straightforward, however, if you are crossing the border to Cambodia (either from Thailand, Vietnam or Laos), you should be aware of the scams on the border.

Don't talk to anyone who will offer you a fast track or cheap visa, all you should do is go straight ahead to the immigration office and only transact to the immgiration officials.

Prepare your passport photo plus US$30 for a single entry 30 days visa. All nationals of every country are entitled to get a visa on arrival. Check the visa policy map here.

Cambodia Visa Guide

Cambodia visa stamp - for free visa


It's very easy to get a Cambodian e-visa. I highly suggest you to get it online. If you are crossing the land border from Thailand to Cambodia, it is known to be a border with many scams. Getting the visa online will avoid this situation. I recommend you to get your e-visa here, I've used their services many times when I help my friends to get a visa.


Most travellers decide on leaving Cambodia and come back the next day, although this has been also a pain when dealing with land borders as I mentioned above. You can extend your visa for a fee of US$45, however, most travellers who have done this said that it takes a lot of time and bribes in between. You can also walk up to any travel agencies and let them do the job. The processing days takes about 2-3 days, the prices vary depending on the agent's fee. At the moment, renewing of visa is not possible online.

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Requirements for cambodia visa extension

You can either do Cambodia visa extension in the immigration office or look for a travel agency who can assist you on this matter.

  • a passport that is valid for the next six months
  • blank page on your passport
  • passport photo
  • renewal fee (US Dollars)

Renewing of Cambodia visa in an office

Bring your passport, US Dollar, and a passport photo on the following address:

Department of Immigration
322 Russian Federation Boulevard, opposite Phnom Penh International Airport
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Things To Know When You Arrive In Cambodia


Overstaying in Cambodia shouldn't be a problem if you're planning to overstay for a day or two. Overstay fee is US$10 per day. Overstaying for 30 days can be solved by paying the fee, however, there's a big risk in facing imprisonment, travel ban, or deportation.

Travelling in Cambodia is pretty easy to be honest and probably one of the most beautiful and affordable countries I've been. If you have a question about visa in Cambodia, leave your comment below!



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Saloni Das - 15/12/2018

I am a female frommindia travelling in south east Asia for 70 days. I’ve a visa related query which needs immediate solution. So, I’ve plans to travel to Cambodia Siem Reap from Bangkok by bus. My Cambodia e visa is pre processed to avoid the in arrival visa. Is is possible for me to travel to Cambodia by road on a e -visa from Bangkok. Some are saying it’s not allowed for Indians and it is possible only by flight. Please let me know. I am starting my journey in the 19th of December so it’s kinda urgent. Help!!

    Mary Charie - 16/12/2018


    I have not used evisa via land and all my friends used theirs via air too. Unfortunately, I don’t have more information about it. You either pay the flight or the visa on arrival fee via land ($30) are the two options you have to be sure.

    I would think the visa on arrival fee is cheaper than flying. You can still try your evisa and if they do not accept it, you will always have the visa on arrival as a backup plan.

Anand - 18/07/2018

Can I apply for ordinary E visa for Cambodia on the border of bavet

    Mary Charie - 18/07/2018

    Hi Anand, yes you can 🙂

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