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5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2018

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Since travelling is now very trendy, cheap ways to travel are getting more and more attention. In the Philippines, we already have in our mind that travelling is expensive. Thus, travelling outside the Philippines is a dream way far beyond our reach. This idea made us think that there is no reason to hunt for cheap flight tickets or ways to travel cheaply, oops, not to mention visa restrictions.

However, travelling is constantly developing, nowadays, this is something that other people see as a lifestyle. Thanks to the Europeans and Westerns who travels a lot, this forced the airline companies to compete against each other who can offer the cheapest flight tickets. This also resulted in affordable hostels keeps growing in every touristic country. Now, let’s take advantage of that!

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These are the 5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines


5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2017

Sa Pa, Vietnam / Photo Credit:

Forget about the Pho they offer to your favourite Vietnamese restaurant, get on the plane and try the tastiest and cheapest Pho you will ever have! Vietnam has a crazy number of tourist every day, and it keeps growing! Because of this, cheap hostels and affordable tours can be found in every corner of the streets.

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Why Is This One Of The Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines?

Daily Budget
Accommodation and food alone should not cost you more than 15-20 USD a day (825-970 PHP). There are tons of budget-friendly hostels around, whilst cheap and tasty food can be found almost everywhere. Even beers cost next to nothing!
Flight Tickets: 140 USD (6,700 PHP)
Hostels: 4-5 USD 0r 193-240 PHP – Sharing a room with 4 or more bunk beds. >> Affordable and Recommended Hostels
Meal: 1-3 USD (50-140 PHP)
Transportation: 12USD (580 PHP) for an 8-hour bus ride. Local buses around the city are around .20 USD (11 PHP).
Tours: Tours starts about Us$25 up depending what you are looking for to do. I highly suggest you book with Urban Adventures, they have tours in Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City.
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5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2017

The Angkor Wat, Cambodia / Photo Credit:

The beautiful Angkor Wat, the markets in Battambang, the beach in Koh Rong, and not to mention the happy pizza (Oops!). Whatever your reason is, Cambodia is definitely worth a visit. With its affordable food, hostels, and beers, there is no excuse not to travel here anytime soon!

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Why Is This One Of The Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines?

Daily Budget
You can easily survive with 15-20 USD (725-960 PHP), tours and visit to Angkor Wat are excluded. It’s very easy to find budget food and hostels. Transportation should not be expensive too, and remember to always bargain when you use tuk-tuk! >>Important things to know before you arrive in Cambodia.
Flight Tickets: 162 USD (7,800 PHP)
Hostels: 4-6 USD (193-280 PHP) >> Check Hostels in Cambodia: Booking.comAgodaHostelWorld
Meal: 1 USD or less (48 PHP)
Transportation: Taxi should cost you around 1-2 USD (48 -986 PHP) per 5 kilometres. For a short ride with tuk-tuks, it should not be more than a dollar. Buses are around 10-12 USD (480-580 PHP) for 9-10 hour bus ride. Local buses are 5-6 USD or less.
Tours: Cambodia, in general, is full of attractions to see and places to discover, go book your tour through Urban Adventures, I personally Siem Reap and Phnom Penh with them.
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5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2017

Stunning Temples of Thailand / Photo Credit:

Wait, what?! I thought Thailand is supposed to be expensive? Well, that’s quite accurate, unless you budget and plan well. Perhaps turn your focus up in the North instead of the islands? Both of us know that we have more than enough islands in the Philippines. Thailand is one of the main destinations in Southeast Asia, because of the growing number of backpackers here, Thailand offers affordable hostels and food to its travellers. If you are going alone (because your friends are “puro drawing”) no need to worry, you will meet heaps of solo travellers here!

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>>But watch out for the lady in the Red Dress!

Why Is This One Of The Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines?

Daily Budget
If you stay out of the restaurants and private rooms, 20 -35 USD (960-1,690 PHP) will be enough for your daily budget. To be honest, you could even spend less if you will look harder for cheaper food and accommodation. Consider putting your feet to use instead of taking taxi or tuk-tuks. Chiang Mai should definitely be on your list because it’s somehow cheap than Bangkok and its nature is must explore.
Flight Tickets: 146 USD (7,100 PH)
Hostels: 5-7 USD (240-340 PHP)
Meal: 1-4 USD (48-190 PHP) >>Check Hostels in Thailand : Booking.comAgodaHostelWorld
Transportation: .50 -4 USD (24-190 PHP). Taking buses around Bangkok should be around .50 USD(24 PHP) whilst taking taxis, fair starts at 1 USD (48 PHP). Motor taxis and tuk-tuks are around 1 USD as well for a short ride.
Tours: There are heaps of tours to do in Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai is one of the most popular cities in Thailand.


5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2017

Taj Mahal, India / Photo Credit:

Hello, Taj Mahal and Indian food, who can resist these two? Pack your bags and head to India to try the real curry, perhaps an epic shot of your Instagram on Taj Mahal? India is a huge country, most travellers need more than a month to have a good grip on this country. Most Indians also speaks English, which made it a lot easier to travel around.

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Why Is This One Of The Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines?

Daily Budget
A backpacker could easily survive in India with 20-35 USD a day (960-1,690 PHP) excluded the tours. Whilst a backpacker with a great talent for budgeting can survive with 18 USD (870 PHP). How that sound?!
Flight Tickets: 250 USD or 12,000 PHP
Hostels: 5-7 USD or 540 PHP >> Check Hostels in Cambodia: Booking.comAgodaHostelWorld
Meal: 1 USD or less (44 PHP). India is a good place for vegetarians because Indian foods are mostly vegetables. However, you can, of course, find places that offer meat dishes.
Transportation: .50 t0 1 USD (24-190 PHP) as a starting rate for rickshaws and taxis. Local buses around the country are from 10-12 USD (480-580 PHP), that is for 12-15 hour bus trip. Some travellers even say that you can get on a train for free if you don’t mind to be cramped with the locals on the lowest cabin of the train.
Tours: India is massive, I’m pretty sure you want to make the best out of your visit. Find tours for New Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, and more!
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5 Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Photo Credit:

Always wanted to see the famous Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur? Or the vibrant city of Malacca? Even though Malaysia is not very cheap compared to other destinations below, it is possible to travel cheaply. Planning in advance, you can find cheap hostels and flight tickets. Affordable meals can be found in the local eateries and street food stalls as well.

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Why Is This One Of The Most Affordable Destinations Outside The Philippines?

Daily Budget
Daily budget in Malaysia is around 25-30 USD (1,200-1,500 PHP), however, if you keep yourself away from restaurants and taxis, and dig down for cheap hostels, you can easily go for 20-25 USD (906-1,200 PHP) a day. Street stalls are everywhere, you can easily run into a good meal for 6 USD (290 PHP), or an affordable one for 2-3 USD (96-144 PHP).
Flight Tickets: 73 USD (3,525 PHP)
Hostels: 7-15 USD (338-725 PHP) >> Check Hostels in Cambodia: Booking.comAgodaHostelWorld.
Meal: 2-6 USD (90-290 PHP)
Transportation: 2-7 USD( 96-338 PHP). Buses are relatively cheap, if you take a bus from the airport to George Town that should cost .78 USD (38 PHP), renting a bicycle is also affordable, it’s around 2.50 USD per day (120 PHP) , whilst renting a motorbike is quite popular and should be around 7.50 USD (360 PHP) per day.
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LaosFree Visa for Filipino (30 days). A bit less touristic compared to Thailand and Vietnam, you can find spots where it’s more laid back and chill. Most prices are like Vietnam and Cambodia, maybe a little bit higher. Daily Budget is around 20-25 USD (906-1,200 PHP). Here’s a Vietnam-Laos Border guide.

Indonesia– Free Visa for Filipino (30 Days). If the mountains and beaches in the Philippines are not enough for you, why not enjoy Indonesia’s active volcanoes and badass beaches? Indonesia may be a bit more pricey than the others, however, it is still possible to enjoy the country with good budgeting. 

I hope this list of most affordable destinations outside of the Philippines can help you feed your travel bug even just for a week or two. Travelling is not cheap, that’s for sure, but it is affordable!


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