The 6 Best Airbnbs in Byron Bay, Australia

2020 has been a rollercoaster for all of us, and what you need to ease tensions is a family vacation or a retreat from everyday hassles. Science says that observing nature, primarily beaches and greenery, can lighten your moods significantly. 

Who doesn’t need happiness these days? That’s why you need to visit Byron Bay, a coastal town in Australia. If you head over to Google, you will see that Byron Bay looks like a slice from heaven itself, so what’s stopping you from stuffing your belongings and heading over to Byron Bay?

Although Byron Bay is a small town near Australia’s coast, it’s ideal for spending some time away from people to enjoy quality time with your family. This will act as a pleasant memory that you and your family will cherish years from now. 

The 6 Best Airbnbs in Byron Bay, Australia 1
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Photo by Kate Trifo

Why Choose Byron Bay, Australia?

Rightfully so, it’s necessary to shine some light on this town’s specialties and local attractions that make it unique. Initially, Byron Bay was discovered by surfers wandering in the ocean. Still, soon it became a magnet for backpackers who’d spend anywhere from weeks to months relishing in its marvelous beaches.

Byron Bay is famous for its enormous lighthouse, one that can be easily seen from far away. This luscious site isn’t the only thing that should make you mark Byron Bay on your map as a travel destination, though.

Moving ahead, this town is an ideal place for surfers and swimmers. So, we suggest you pack your swimming gear and costumes while you’re at it. Or you can always buy one from the local shops. 

Speaking of local shops, Byron Bay has a plethora of colorful shops and dining places that act as a cherry on the top. Plus, this town has festivals all-year-round. You may want to visit soon if you’re looking forward to catching up with them.

We’re sure that you’re already thinking about the shirts you’ll pack by now, but have you thought about a place to stay? You wouldn’t want to spoil your vacation by ending up in a shabby place, would you?

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled this article just so you don’t have to shift your gears. We’ve listed 6 of the best Airbnbs that you can choose from.

Most Unique Airbnb in Byron Bay

If you’re asking for unique, then there’s no better place than The Treehouse. They’re providing several services that you just can’t ignore. 

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The Treehouse is perched high amongst the trees of the rainforest.

This place is settled deep within the rainforest for starters, which is the perfect time for your family to spend some quality time together. 

The place looks like a treehouse, but it’s newly constructed, and you’ll find Corten Steel and glass almost everyone. This adds to the beauty of the place and makes it a delight for the eyes and soul.

Moreover, the Treehouse is a mere 8 minutes away from the beaches and restaurants of Byron Bay. 

Along with a spacious kitchen with an espresso machine, you will find a BBQ in a large deck, a dining area followed by a lounge, a bathroom, and a bedroom. 

The bedroom has a king-sized bed that can be converted into two singles, and with facilities like Air conditioner, washing machine, internet, TV, and much more, you won’t miss home one bit. The bathroom is supplied with Aesop products for your convenience, making this spot a desirable vacation destination. 

Most Cost-Effective Airbnb in Byron Bay

If you are looking for some relatively cheaper options, we have the Gypsy Villa. This private setting will remind you of an urban hotel that’s located in the heart of Byron Bay. 

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Gypsy is privately ensuited, has a kitchenette and exclusive use of your own private spectacular outdoor Bali Bath.

Gypsy Villa, as the name explains, is a calm and peaceful place to say, and it has one of the finest decorations you can find at this price range. 

The bedrooms are spacious, and for your convenience and pleasure, there’s a Bali Bath located just outside that will ease your muscles and tensions away for good. Do you have any stresses that need to be taken care of? Well then, what’s stopping you from visiting Gypsy Villa?

This spot has a prime location in the property Cavvanbah, and the prices are economical, just so you can enjoy without having to worry about your leftover bank balance. 

You’ll have a pool, a BBQ spot to enjoy dinner with your friends or family, and since the location is ideal, you can easily access the most attractive destinations such as diving spots, cafes, shops, and much more. 

The second in line is Sunrise Byron Bay. It’s a lush, green place surrounded by greenery all around. It reminds you of old cottages that they used to talk about in folk. 

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In-house Massage Clinic and Spa Treatments available at the Sunrise Byron Bay.

Although this place has a shared living space, it’s no less than any expensive one. The warm, loving feeling that the hosts will share with you will leave all your worries behind. You’ll find free WiFi, breakfast, a kitchen, a single bedroom with a bed, a swimming pool, and a gorgeous tropical courtyard that looks like heaven from afar.

Moreover, you can find a secret beach that’s only 15 minutes away from Sunrise Byron Bay. The place even has an in-house massage clinic and Spa treatments available for your added convenience. 

The best part is, everything is available at fair prices. To add to this, local attractions are only minutes away from you if you’re choosing to visit Sunrise Byron Bay.

Most Luxurious Airbnb in Byron Bay

By now, you’ve probably made a mental image of where you’d likely stay. But the Temple Farm House will leave you bewildered, and that’s a promise. This farmhouse is private, and it’s located in Byron Hinterland. 

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Ultra private accommodation set atop the rolling hills of Nashua

The Temple Farm House is a work of art, with intricate designs and an authentic Australian taste; you will love to spend every single second of your vacation right here in this place. Temple Farmhouse has a total of 4 bedrooms, with each bedroom having its own separate bed for privacy. 

Upon entering the farmhouse, you will feel a different waft in the atmosphere, and the scenic beauty will engage your senses in no time. 

Moreover, you may even find wild Kangaroos roaming around in this place, which will add to your experience. Known as the finest Airbnbs in Byron Bay, the Temple Farm House is surrounded by greenery, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your family to retreat in a luxurious private setting in the palm of nature itself. 

For your convenience, a host by the name of Alita will tend to your needs. The place is spacious enough to settle in with ease, and while your kids play in the garden, you can take a dip in the pool. 

This place is a dream come true because it’s connected to essential spots in the town like restaurants, cafes, and entertainment hubs where you can enjoy to your heart’s content. 

The second most luxurious Airbnb in Byron Bay is Your Luxury Escape – The Retreat. The name alone cannot do justice to this establishment. 

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Gorgeous, landscaped gardens and the outdoor entertaining area overlooking the sparkling pool.

Located at a hill in exclusive Cooper’s Shoot, every moment that passes by in this place is one to relish. If you’re attracted to Sunrises and Sunsets, this place will immediately grab your heart. Enjoy 360 views from morning to night and make your experience better with the exquisite furniture and furnishings that are lovely and attractive at the same time.

The Retreat is a place to find peace; it has gardens and a massive area overlooking the pool. After the sun sets, you can visit the Cinema room and watch a movie of your choice. 

For your convenience, they have arranged 5 luxurious bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, with 4 baths. The enormous rooms are supplied with comfy and high-quality beds so that you can relax at night after an exhaustive day full of entertainment. 

This place is no less than a dream since it has access to almost everything you may ever need. 

The Best Overall Airbnb in Byron Bay

If you’re searching for a place that’s cost-effective, luxurious, and unique, then there’s no place better than Seahaven. 

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Seahaven offers private luxury accommodation and is situated in one of Byron Bay’s most exclusive locations

Here, every single day is worth appreciating. Located just below Byron Bay’s famous Lighthouse, Seahaven relishes itself as one of the town’s best travel spots. 

It’s connected to the vast ocean, which is a fantastic sight to see every single day. Imagine getting up to the sounds of splashing waves, and imagine soaking your body on the beach as the sun gawks in all its glory.

With a total of 2 bedrooms and 3 beds, you will find that the Egyptian linen is soft and gives an elite feel to your journey. Even though Seahaven has a single bath, you will adore the attention to detail and the decorations that make this place unique in its own way. The place is connected to relevant spots in Byron Bay that you’d visit at any time of the day. 

Can you imagine you and your family enjoying the sea breeze as it gently brushes your face? We’re sure that you’re excited to imagine this sight. So, what’s preventing you from visiting Seahaven? 

The Best Airbnbs in Byron Bay
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Stefan von Imhof is a travel writer and photographer. He loves going off the beaten path, exploring cities by foot and finding under-explored, hidden gems. After living in California for the past 15 years, he and his wife now live in Melbourne, Australia.

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