The 4 Best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia

Perth in Western Australia might be one of the most secluded places on earth. But while Western Australia is quite big, very few people live here. Tourists visit because of the sheer beauty, fine wine, and wonderful lucky people.

The 4 Best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia 1
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Photo of Cottelsloe Beach by Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash

Did you know that there’s a bubblegum pink-colored lake in Western Australia, known as Lake Hillier? If that doesn’t have you packing your bags, then I’m sure the following list of 4 of the best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia will. Because let’s be honest, you will need a comfortable place to stay while you’re here.

Here are the most unique, cost effective, most luxurious, and overall best Airbnbs across Perth, Broome, Margaret River, and Western Australia.

Why Visit Perth and Western Australia?

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a relaxing afternoon at the beach, or simply want to bond with the great outdoors away from the city’s hubble-bubble, Western Australia has got a little of everything for you. 

If we talk about Perth particularly, its magnificent beaches, exuberant gardens, hospitable locals, trendy shopping, and a myriad of new cafes opening up every other day, will have you never wanting to go back home! 

Having said that, no matter how breathtaking a place might be if you’re staying at a grubby rundown hotel, it takes away the joy from the trip. So, when planning a vacation, people do the first thing to book a fantastic place to stay. 

And to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of Airbnbs for everyone. 

Most Unique Airbnb in Broome

Are you tired of conventional hotels with the same mainstream furniture and decor? Are you looking for something unique and unorthodox? If yes, then let us introduce you to The Treehouse in Broome. 

The 4 Best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia 2
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The deck features a massive, gorgeous tree growing right through it.

Situated in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Broome is a beach resort, almost 1681 km from Perth. It is famous for being the best place to catch Sailfish. 

The Treehouse is located in Old Broome, which is a fascinating place in itself. As it is apparent from the name, it is a 2-bedroom living space built on a tree, ideal for a small family vacation. 

Both the bedrooms are connected by a shaded deck and an outdoor kitchen. The best thing about this uniquely designed house is the vast collection of antiques and distinctive art pieces placed randomly all around. It adds to the uniqueness of The Treehouse. 

Another thing that attracts tourists is the outdoor kitchen, laundry, and bathroom, from where you can have a spectacular view of the night sky. 

The Treehouse is surrounded by fascinating looking dwellings, which gives it a stunning view – a mix of the old and new. All the social places, including the airport, are within walking distance, so you can enjoy the scenery while strolling to the local club, restaurant, or cinema. If you wish to visit the beach, you can take a bus anytime. 

So, if you’re up for a multicultural experience, you know where to go! 

Most Cost-Effective Airbnb in Perth

If you’re looking for something beautiful yet inexpensive, we would recommend the Mullaloo Beach Haven

Located on the riverside of Perth, Mullaloo is a coastal suburb in the City of Joondalup. Mullaloo Beach is a famous tourist spot, and your vacation would be incomplete if you don’t visit this gorgeous beach. 

Mullaloo Beach Haven is a cozy one-bedroom apartment, which provides you with all the luxuries and comfort of your home. That too, at a relatively low price. It has a comfortable queen-sized bed and a sofa that can be folded into a bed, in case you’re bringing along your kids. 

A travel cot can be provided if you’ve got an infant. It is built according to the modern standards of today, with a private courtyard and barbeque. Also included is a fully functional kitchen and a lounge with a TV and DVD player. 

Although it is situated in a quiet neighborhood, all the daily necessities like grocery stores, bakery, and spa, are only a short walk away. The bus stop is a 5-minute walk away, from where you can go to the Westfield Whitfords Shopping Centre. There you’ll find a cinema, food court, restaurants, and bars. 

The beach is 15 minutes away on foot, However, if you choose to go by public transport, you can be there in 5 minutes. The beach’s main attraction is the dolphins, which can be seen in the calm ocean as the sun goes down. 

For a relaxing summer getaway on a budget, Mullaloo is the place to go. 

Most Luxurious Airbnb in Margaret River

If you’re well-to-do and up for a luxurious family trip to Perth, Luxury Retreat on Stunning Block is an ideal pick. 

This 600+ sq meter retreat is situated in Margaret River, which is famous for its breweries and wineries. It is home to captivating beaches, natural wonders, and landmarks. 

The Luxury Retreat on Stunning Block has been designed by an architect to accommodate almost 15 people. It has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, which are all beautifully decorated. Other attractions of this magnificent house are the 16-meter saltwater swimming pool with heating, the outdoor eating area, home cinema, cricket pitch, and lush gardens. So there is plenty to do for everyone. 

The 4 Best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia 5
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A glorious, open living room. The warm breeze flows right through.

For a breathtaking view of the sunset, come out on the front deck at 5 pm. You don’t want to miss it! But that’s not all! For nature lovers, you will find kangaroos on the cricket pitch, early in the morning. So, for an all-in-one luxury experience, check out the availability of this retreat ASAP. 

The Overall Best Airbnb in Perth

If you’re looking for something unique, cost-effective, and luxurious, all at the same time, we would recommend the Modern Riverside Apartment with Pool

The 4 Best Airbnbs in Perth and Western Australia 6
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It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the combination of price and location makes this the overall best.

Located at the seaside suburb of South Perth, this apartment is the perfect getaway from Perth’s central business district. 

Modern Riverside is a fabulous two-bedroom apartment, with a pool and private patio. It is clean, spacious, and elegant, giving it a sophisticated look. There is lots of natural light and potted plants, making the environment bright and airy. 

Adding to the classy vibe is the poignant artwork displayed all over the place. It is the perfect blend of trendy with an earthy touch. 

So, if you want a quiet weekend away from the chaos of everyday life, you better head over to Modern Riverside and bask in the sunlight. I bet you’re already imagining yourself swinging on the hanging chair on your private deck. 

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Stefan von Imhof is a travel writer and photographer. He loves going off the beaten path, exploring cities by foot and finding under-explored, hidden gems. After living in California for the past 15 years, he and his wife now live in Melbourne, Australia.

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