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Get a low-cost travel insurance to anywhere in the world

ATVing in Cappadocia, Turkey (I made sure I have a travel insurance for this trip!)

Even though travelling becoming more and more popular, the possibility of mishaps on the road is never going away. Even we train ourselves how to stay safe, some cases are truly inevitable, especially where there are people who want to harm you or things that are simply can happen. From unexpected accidents like losing your luggage or gadgets or booking a flight without cancellation insurance or worse missing your flights, it is better to be secured and prepared if these things will happen when travelling.

When I started backpacking, I didn't have any travel insurance. I mean, those problems only happen in films right? There are like millions of people who are travelling, I don't think I will be that unlucky! These were my reasons for not getting a travel insurance, not to mention that I didn't want to spend big chunks of my travel budget on it.

I was wrong in a lot of things, like those two excuses I have or that travel insurance might break my bank. After travelling and researching for a while, I found out that there is actually a low-cost travel insurance out there. And yes, I started using it!

Now, my mind understands the importance of travel insurance. Not only to cover the problems I might face on the road but also if things get to worse, I don't want to be a burden to anyone's life especially my family - therefore, I secured an affordable insurance for my travels.

Here is how to secure a low-cost travel insurance to everywhere in the world. Forget the expensive options out there, get covered for the things that you really need. Check the tips and step by step checklist below.

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These questions will help you break down your needs:

  • How long will you be travelling for?
  • Which countries do you want to be covered and how many days will you spend in every country?
  • What are the things you want to secure apart from emergency hospitalisation? Are you travelling with an expensive camera or laptop? If yes, you should get it covered too.
  • Will you be driving a car or a motorcycle in your destination?
  • Are you unsure if you need a travel insurance or if it's worth it?
Fly Caucasus Paragliding

Paragliding safely in Gudauri, Georgia


Deciding to get a travel insurance is already a massive question to answer, choosing which company to trust is another. After days of researching and reading, I finally found the company that matches what I need the moment I stepped out to travel the world.

The key to finding what suits your need might take some time, but believe me, it's worth all the effort. You have to read the reviews online, reach out to their customer support and ask the questions you have, you have to compare the prices and benefits and make sure they can deliver the coverage you need during your trip.

If you want to know my recommendation, I personally use IMG Global, they have amazing customer support, affordable and flexible travel insurance! They cover almost worldwide too!


Now that you have found a possible candidate for your quest in finding an insurance company, there is no need to rush in paying. There is one more step that you have to do before the big decision. I suggest you ask the following questions:

  • If you are applying for a travel insurance specifically to complete a visa application requirements, ask the company if they provide a refund in case your application is rejected. As a Filipino, I need to purchase a travel insurance to cover my trip in Europe, this is before I know if my visa is approved or deny. Therefore, knowing if the insurance company will refund my money in case my visa is denied, is important.

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A lot of travel insurance offers you super affordable options, however, before biting to any of these, make sure you check the additional charges along the way, such as admin fee, processing fee, cancellation fee, and an additional fee for a coverage to certain areas. For example, some insurance company will deny the coverage for terrorism or kidnapping in certain countries.


The key to getting a low-cost travel insurance is simply knowing what areas you need coverage for. There is no point in subscribing to an insurance where they cover gadgets which you don't need in the first place. These extras sound like additional features but in general, you actually have to pay for it. Focus on only what you need, which country you will be travelling for, and take time to read reviews to make sure that you get a good deal for the money you will be spending.


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Megan Indoe - 10/01/2018

Travel insurance is so important! We thankfully haven’t had to use it yet *knock on wood* but didn’t even start getting it until recently which was pure stupidity on our part.

    Mary Charie - 07/02/2018

    I agree! I’m with you for not using it in the beginning and felt so stupid!

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