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[2019] Best Schengen Visa Travel Insurance:
Cost, requirements, tips, and refund

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

One major requirement to have your Schengen visa approve is to submit and purchase a Schengen visa travel insurance. Without this, your application won't be accepted. While it's pretty easy to get one, there are a lot of things you should consider before jumping blindly on any travel insurance. Because the embassies and the Schengen states are very specific with the requirements when it comes to your travel insurance.

I have applied to three Schengen visas and all of them were approved. Finding the a travel insurance for Schengen visa is pretty easy but it's also must researched properly to make sure that you meet the requirements.

In this article, I will go through the in-depth discussion of everything you need to know before purchasing your travel insurance for a Schengen visa regardless where you are from.

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The European Union made a very clear and strict guideline for the acceptable travel insurance that an applicant should have. It is a major requirement for the application of the Schengen tourist visa. Here is the coverage that your insurance must have:

  • coverage of costs as a result of medical repatriation, emergency and hospital treatment, or death
  • coverage must be valid in the entire territory of Schengen area
  • it must cover the whole period of your stay in the Schengen area
  • coverage must be at least 30,000 euros or equivalent in this amount

REMEMBER: For those applicants who want  to apply for the multiple entries, you only need to prove a travel insurance on the first trip. But when you enter on the second or the coming trips, you will be required to show a travel insurance.


Don't get the travel insurance just because it meets the need for a Schengen visa, it should also serve other purpose and give you more peace on your mind. Personally, on my two Schengen visa application, I purchased my travel insurance from IMGlobal while the other was AXA. I prefer IMGlobal, they have a clear coverage listed down, they are affordable, and their customer service was better than AXA.

I'll compare these two below together with Allianz. These 3 companies were approved by the European Union as they meet the general requirement coverage.





30,000 Euro or equivalent

coverage of costs as a result of medical repatriation, emergency and hospital treatment, or death

cover the entire 26 Schengen states






Refund if the visa is denied

Customer service

Ease of claim

Other coverage

coverage for Switzerland

Baggage & personal items, flight delay, trip interruption and cancellation


Travel insurance is more than another expensive requirement for a Schengen visa. Either you are heading to Europe, Southeast Asia or any other parts of the world, you should have a travel insurance. When you are on the road, things are more unpredictable. The people around you may act in a different way that is harmful. Having a travel insurance will help you have a more relaxed mind that if anything happens, you are covered and will be looked after. It is also a very matured thing to do, if you have a travel insurance and something happen to you, your family will not have to worry about medical expenses.

Depending on what travel insurance you will be buying, some of them cover a situation like lost baggage, delayed, missed or cancelled flight.


The price varies depending on what you want to be covered. When I did it with AXA, it was 90 euro for the entire 90 days, while with IMGlobal, I paid US$86 for the same length of stay covering the general requirement for a Schengen visa. While you can always go for one with other coverage like what I mentioned before such as lost or damaged baggage,  cancelled, missed, and delayed flight although of course, it will cost more.

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The cheapest I did was US$86 with IMGlobal. I'm pretty sure that you can find something cheaper, but I bet the claim process will be harder and longer. I haven't done any claims with IMGlobal, but in case the hospital doesn't charge IMGlobal directly, you will have to pay the hospital and claim for a reimbursement. Other hospitals across central and north Europe are charging IMGlobal directly. 


If your budget permits, WorldNomads is popular and have a very wide coverage but they are very pricey too. They cover crazy or dangerous travel activities, flight insurance, gadget and electronic insurance, and more. If you think it's worth your penny base on the activities you will be doing and other perks you will be receiving  from getting a travel insurance for a Schengen visa, go for it.


DISCLAIMER: A Mary Road is affiliated with IMGlobal, however, it doesn't mean that I (Mary, owner of this blog), am directly an employee of IMGlobal. Being affiliated with IMGlobal gives me a chance to assist you in purchasing travel insurance with them, however, I don't have full control of their operation. I can always reach out to IMGlobal on your behalf or you can also contact them directly.

1. Head to IMGlobal site

Head to IMGlobal site, and click GET QUOTE on Patriot Travel Medical Insurance

best schengen visa travel insurance

2. Add your basic information

best schengen visa travel insurance

Fill in the basic information such as age or birth date, name, your citizenship and country of residence. In the country of destination, if you are going to multiple destinations, for example, you are going to Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Choose either the following:

  • Your point of entry - which country are you entering in Schengen Area?
  • The country where you will spend most of your time - which country you will be staying longer? For example, only 2 days in France, 3 days in Italy, 6 days in Spain, and 7 days in Germany, you should choose Germany
  • The embassy you will be submitting your application - which embassy will you be lodging your visa application? 

3. Choose the price that you want to pay

best schengen visa travel insurance

If you are going to do any extreme activities such as motorbiking across the Schengen area, or car racing, you must tick the adventurous sports rider or add the evacuation plus rider.

Deductible means the amount you are willing to pay for medical services if you needed any medical attention before your insurance company will pay.

What is $0 (zero) deductible? This means that you will not be paying anything for your medical services and your insurance company will foot all the bills. I highly suggest this, it's easier that way.

On the column of maximum 50,000, tick the one that you want to pay for this travel insurance.

NOTE: In case you had to see a doctor and the hospital doesn't charge IMGlobal directly, you will need to pay upfront then file a claim with IMGlobal.

4. Fill in the other data that is needed

best schengen visa travel insurance
best schengen visa travel insurance
best schengen visa travel insurance

Fill in all your information as complete as possible. On the delivery method of your insurance kit, chose the first one or whichever suits your preference. Double check everything before hitting continue.

5. Double check all the information and the total price

best schengen visa travel insurance

Make sure that all your information is right and updated, look at the price again if it's still the same or correct. If everything is good, then hit continue.

6. Select your payment type and enter the details 

best schengen visa travel insurance
best schengen visa travel insurance

Choose which payment method you want to do. After adding your card details or payment details, sign below that you understand all the terms and conditions and that all the information you have provided is correct.

7. Check your email

best schengen visa travel insurance email

Once the payment is successful, don't close the window until you receive an email containing all the file, documents, and receipt. At the bottom of the certificate, you will find the visa letter, which you will have to submit together with your application.

Make sure to print all these files and bring it with you when submitting our application to make sure you have everything they ask you to submit.

best schengen visa travel insurance certificate

Is it refundable if my visa will be denied

Yes, in case your visa application is denied, contact IMGlobal and inquire what requirements you will need to submit for a refund. Most likely, a copy of the letter from the embassy which states that your application is denied. You have to submit the cancellation or refund request before the date of your departure.

IMGlobal Review

I am personally happy that I purchased IMGlobal for my Schengen travel insurance. It's very affordable and covers just like what I needed and most importantly, they meet the Schengen visa travel insurance requirement.

The process was very easy, I received the travel insurance kit/policy right away together with the certificate that specifically mentions Schengen visa and detailed its coverage which I submitted to the embassy.

FOR FILIPINO APPLICANTS: If you are from the Philippines and most likely to be applying from there, I highly recommend you check on the Embassy which travel insurance companies are on their accredited list. Every Embassy operates differently. Double check this to avoid any hassle. 

I hope you found this article and my review about IMGlobal helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or leave a comment below.


All the information are based on my own experience, even if I didn't had any issues applying for my Schengen visa using this travel insurance, it doesn't mean that you will have a smooth application. This post is to help all nationalities to decide what travel insurance is best for their application. Embassies from all over the world set their own rules. I highly recommend you check very well the policy of the embassy you are applying for. Some applicants didn't had any trouble at all while others had. Going forward with this recommendation and whatever outcome it may bring will be your own responsibility.


Undecided which travel insurance for your Schengen visa is the best? I compared the top 3 in the market! Check out the best Schengen visa travel insurance; its costs, coverage, refund, customer feedback, ease of claim, and more! You can find an affordable one or the best fit for your needs! #schengenvisatravelinsurance #travelinsuranceforschengenvisa
Undecided which travel insurance for your Schengen visa is the best? I compared the top 3 in the market! Check out the best Schengen visa travel insurance; its costs, coverage, refund, customer feedback, ease of claim, and more! You can find an affordable one or the best fit for your needs! #schengenvisatravelinsurance #travelinsuranceforschengenvisa
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Katie - 06/04/2019

I will now stack it up as one of my life’s biggest regrets is to listen to this blog post. I will stop replying to you now because I know it will not help in speeding up the remonstrance.

Just please, do right by your readers and understand that they need to know this fact. Now that you know what I told you, all denied applications that is due to this incorrect blog post will now be your fault. Some of them might come back here to tell you that, some might not. Either way, it will be your fault now.

I know you’re just going to delete this comment again anyway so I honestly wish you a good life.

    Mary Charie - 06/04/2019

    Hi Katie, I do understand the frustration and anger as I’ve had a visa denial before and tried my best and did it the fastest way to fix the problem which cost me so much money, time, and having people around me telling that I’ve made a mistake.

    This post is not specifically targeting all Filipino applicants who are applying for Schengen visa, this is for all nationalities. I felt the need to disclose that I’m a Filipino to make sure those who are in my shoes can relate in my situation.

    Some embassies in the Philippines have a list of recommended/credited travel insurance company/ies. Other embassies in the other countries might have a different rule, which I cannot highlight all or else the post will be too long and confusing.

    Although you are right that I should have placed a disclaimer that the information can be incorrect for some or that even if I didn’t face any issue, they might. For that, I truly thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will surely add it as soon as possible.

    The truth is, I never expected this post to be getting a lot of attention

    I really hope that you will be able to fix the issue and my apologies for the trouble and again, if you need any help, I’m always just a message away.

Katie - 01/04/2019

Also, Imglobal DOES NOT REFUND! I don’t know where you got that info, girl 🙁 I swear, sobrang pinahamak mo family ko with this blog post. So irresponsible!

    Mary Charie - 02/04/2019

    Hi Katie,

    Sorry to hear about that. I did a refund twice and never had any problems. I highly recommend you get in touch with IMGlobal if there are any issues with the refund. If you want to, send me your visa denial and I’ll contact them myself.

Katie - 01/04/2019

UPDATE: I used Imglobal insurance with my Germany Visa application and I got denied because of it. I had to re-appeal with the German embassy just for it. Please STOP marketing this. Sobrang laking hassle because of it 🙁

    Mary Charie - 02/04/2019

    Katie, one of my readers applied with the German Embassy and had approval with her visa (just a month ago). Not sure what was the problem with your application and I’m really sorry that happened to you. But I had a great experience with IMGlobal for almost two years now with countless visa applications and two refunds. If you want, you can send me an email together with your denied visa letter and travel insurance certificate that you received with IMGlobal and I’ll contact them myself on your behalf. I’m over at

    Katie - 04/04/2019

    Mary, please do not insinuate that the problem is in our application. This is the third time that our family applied for a Schengen visa and this is the first time we got rejected. Our rejection letter came with the reason: “proof of holding an adequate and valid travel medical insurance was not provided”. I headed on to the German Embassy to file our family’s Letter of Remonstrance together with a VALID travel medical insurance and I was told the decision will take weeks. WEEKS!

    Mary Charie - 04/04/2019

    Hi Katie,

    I understand your frustration, I’d be too if I’m in your shoes, but you also have to understand that not all applications are the same. As I said, I’ve used the company many many times for my Schengen visas and they were all approved while my readers have done the same and had no problem. One of my readers even use this with the German Embassy and had visa approval.

    Again, if you want me to contact IMGLobal on your behalf, I have a direct contact, my line is always open for you.

    Katie - 06/04/2019

    I already called their US hotline number and sorted it out for myself but thanks for the offer. Mary, understand this very clearly. I am not going after you. I am trying to protect the other applicants who will read this, think this is okay, and will go through the same trouble that I am going through right now. You say that all applications are different? Fine. Tell them specifically that you now know that an application was denied with this insurance provider. That will be fair to them.

Melvie - 12/02/2019

how can i email you? i have a few questions (in private) regarding my plan to travel in EU

    Mary Charie - 12/02/2019

    Hi Melvie, you can reach me out via:

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