7 Unique Activities for Your Perfect Vacation

Very often, a vacation is the only way to relax in a long time – and it’s only natural that you want it to be perfect. Choosing an ideal destination, buying the best tickets, booking the most comfortable accommodation – you try to ensure that everything will be amazing. However, going to the right place is not enough. For example, you can go to Tanzania for a safari trip – but what next? You also need to do something fun there.

7 Unique Activities for Your Perfect Vacation 1
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Tanzania. Photo by ray rui

While for some people sunbathing and swimming is enough, others want something more entertaining. Fortunately, there are numerous activities for the tourists out there, and you can choose anything close to your heart. To make your decision easier, we’ve prepared a list of the best things you can do on vacation instead of lying on the beach. Read on, and enjoy your perfect holiday.

Take a Cooking Class

Ask 10 people what they’d do on vacation if they had enough money and time, and at least 2 of them will say they’d like to learn cooking. If you’ve been dreaming of engaging yourself in such a hobby, then you should not waste any more time and go to culinary school.

There are many different schools and courses, as well as different levels of difficulty. The best thing to do is to understand what you really want to learn. Do you want to be a professional chef and hone your skills, or you’re a home cook and just want to learn how to cook something tasty? It is important to know your own skills and interests, but cooking classes are a fun and enjoyable activity you can definitely consider trying.

Play Golf

It is amazing how far this sport has spread around the world. Golf is not only played in countries like the US, Australia, and Britain, but also in many other countries – Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Argentina, and more. You can also find golf clubs in more unusual places – on the Caribbean islands, in Bali, on the Azores, and on the Canary Islands.

7 Unique Activities for Your Perfect Vacation 2
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Maspalomas, Spain. Photo by Hert Niks

There are many different courses designed for both professionals and amateurs. If you’re a beginner, you can easily find a club with short and cheap courses, because most of them welcome tourist players. You can choose from dozens of clubs in just about any city with good weather and a decent coastline. Golf will allow you to relax and have a good time with your family and friends.

Go Off the Beaten Track

If you want to have an authentic experience on your vacation abroad, we recommend that you not only visit the most popular attractions, but try something off the beaten track, too. For example, in Thailand, there are waterfalls in the jungle that are completely unknown to mainstream tourists. Or in India, you can visit hidden Buddhist temples you won’t find in any travel guide. The same applies to other countries – try to find your own path and don’t follow the crowd. Most likely, such a visit will be a great experience for you.

Take a Tour of Your Destination by Boat or Bus

Many people go on boat trips or take bus tours around their destinations. Such activities are always interesting because it shows them how locals live – instead of going through the same locations as other tourists, they get to see something different and learn more about their destinations. 

For example, if you visit Prague or Budapest, you can take a trip through Central Europe along the Danube River, and if you go to Londo,n you can take a bus tour across the city, or visit the neighboring towns. When it comes to Venice or Amsterdam, a canal tour should definitely be on your bucket list. Whatever you choose, it will be worth it!

Try New Cuisine

If you love eating new dishes and trying new flavors, then you should definitely use this opportunity on your holiday. A new place full of delicious dishes is like a dream for food lovers! You should go to the markets and try local dishes or try out the restaurants recommended by locals. It doesn’t matter whether your destination is a big city or an island – everything is delicious there!

Try Snuba Diving (Snorkeling + Scuba Diving)

This activity is perfect for people who don’t want to learn how to dive but still want to explore the underwater world. As you snorkel on the surface, the guide uses a scuba tank and can go deeper underwater. Together you will discover the secrets of the depths and swim with fish. If you like snorkeling or diving, then you should try this activity – it will be an amazing experience!

7 Unique Activities for Your Perfect Vacation 3
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Photo by Analia Ferrario

Try Other Sports

For some travelers, sports is a way of life – they always have a ball or racket with them wherever they go. If it’s not your case, then you should try something new on vacation. There are plenty of sports available for tourists – from bowling to trampoline jumping or rafting. There is something for every taste; just don’t forget to do something that will make your vacation truly unforgettable!

Final Thoughts

Everything depends on your preferences, your mood, the season, and your destination. There is so much to do on vacation that you could spend your entire holiday doing nothing but discovering new and exciting activities. 

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above inspired you enough to plan an exciting getaway. The best thing is that you can’t really go wrong here – there are so many different activities you can try that you’ll definitely find something that floats your boat. You should choose what you like the most and what will be the best for you. Just have fun!

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