Plan Your Next Vacation Trip To Kerala, India And Enjoy The Backwaters

Plan Your Next Vacation Trip To Kerala And Enjoy The Backwaters

Plan Your Next Vacation Trip To Kerala And Enjoy The Backwaters
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If you ask any vacationers to mention a list of places to visit during a vacation in India, then ninety per cent of them will mention Kerala as one of the tops most favourable destination. Because of its enchanting natural beauty, Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country”.

Kerala is not only visited by tourists from various parts of India but people from all over the world. It is nothing strange that most of the Kerala tourism offices are quite busy, and most of the holiday destinations remain booked during the season. Your tour to India's most beautiful state will remain incomplete if you have not visited the backwaters and stayed in a houseboat.



Kerala is located in the southern part of India. It has a very distinct tradition and culture and is a coastal state having a unique tropical beauty. Kerala is famous for tranquil backwaters, elephants, various ancient temples and churches, and festivals.


There are plenty of tourist attractions in Kerala, and perhaps it will be difficult to cover all the places in a single visit. However, following are few important destinations, which should never be missed, if you ever get the opportunity to visit Kerala.

Kerala backwaters

You will miss the real beauty of Kerala if you do not go on a houseboat trip through various palm-fringed canals, popularly known as backwaters. You can relish some yummy south Indian food with chilled beer during your trip. If you can, then you must stay a night in one of the houseboats or choose any holiday resort near the backwaters.

Fort  Kochi

Kochi is also known as “Gateway to Kerala”, where you will find the influence of Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese culture. Fort of Kochi has its architectural beauty and a well known historical place.


This place is famous for the tea garden, where you can taste different kinds of tea produced in Kerala. The green tea leaves give a very enchanting look and are a nice location to take some memorable pictures.


This place is famous for its beach surrounded by the Arabian Sea at one end and long winding cliffs on the other end. Coconut trees lined by the beach makes it look exceptionally appealing to the local as well as internal tourist. Many hotels and guest houses are available in the vicinity to stay overnight and enjoy the vacation.


It is located in the stretches of the Western Ghats surrounded by green mountains with coconut trees, thick forest and paddy fields. There is a number of sight-seeing places to visit at this location. How about a road trip to Wayanad?


Kannur is famous for its beaches and its exceptional local culture. If you are interested to see the rituals of Theyyam, then you can visit this place from October till May.

Backwaters of Kerala

If you want to have a relaxed holiday, where you just want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Kerala, then houseboat holiday in the backwaters is the best option. Houseboat trips are available at Kollam, Kumarakom or Alleppey, and any local tour guide can help you to book a houseboat.


All the canals, lakes and rivers located at various places in Kerala are interconnected to form 900 kilometres of waterways. A number of cities and towns are surrounded by these backwaters. The ecosystem of the backwater is very unique, where you will notice that fresh water from lakes and rivers meets the Arabian Sea.

In certain areas, the salty sea water is prevented from entering into the river and thus keeping the river water fresh. This fresh water is mainly used for irrigation. Also in the river water, you can find plenty of crabs, water birds, frogs, water animals etc. You can also find Palm trees, various other leafy plants and bushes along the sidelines of backwater that just enhance the beauty of this place.


You can choose any time in the year to visit Kerala backwater however if you avoid visiting the monsoon months during June and July then you can enjoy your trip. During rainy season sometimes there is heavy rain which may spoil your fun during the holiday as the weather becomes too unpredictable at times.


It is preferable to take your houseboat trip to backwater from Alleppey. It is also known as Venice of East, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of lakes and the freshwater of rivers. You can rent a houseboat and choose to stay during the night as well.

Most of the houseboats offer foods, snacks and drinks during your stay. Though fish and vegetable is the speciality of Kerala, on demand you may get any other food of your choice.


The backwaters run parallel to the Arabian Sea, which starts from Cochin to Kollam. You can find multiple routes to the canals, where you can go by houseboats.

There are a number of backwater destinations, but the most beautiful and popular backwater routes are Alleppey also called Alappuzha Backwaters Round, and the other one is Kumarakom Backwater Round. By taking a cruise from these two locations, you can get the best view of the backwater tour.

Alleppey or Alappuzha Backwater round

The major attraction of this backwater cruise is Kuttanad, which is an ideal place for a houseboat trip. You will get to enjoy a lot of greenery all around the backwater surrounded by coconut palms and fields. You will get a feeling that this place is truly blessed by God.

The sight of the boats is mesmerizing, and the rate of the houseboat is cheapest on this route. Other major attractions are Kuttanadu Paddy field, which is farming below sea level. You will also come across 11th century Buddha Statue and enjoy the village life of Kerala.

In the lake and canal, there is no danger of crocodile or snakes. During the night you can sleep peacefully, as there are no mosquitoes or pollution.

Kumarakom Backwater Round

This is a favourite destination of various celebrities in the country, and here you can also see a well-known bird Sanctuary in the periphery of Vembanad lake. By taking houseboat through this location, you can see many different species of birds and delightful scenery all around.

In addition to above two, there are few more houseboat trips available, and they are as following:

  • Alleppey to Kumarakom Backwaters Round
  • Alleppey to Alumkadavu Backwaters Round
  • Alleppey to Thottappalley Backwaters Stretch

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I hope you find this guide to planning a vacation trip to Kerala useful.

Plan Your Next Vacation Trip To Kerala And Enjoy The Backwaters
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