Underrated Travel Destination: Natchez Mississippi

Natchez Mississippi events

A small town by the great Mississippi river, Natchez got its name after a native American people that lived in the area from prehistoric times until the French colonization. The French founded modern-day Natchez in 1716, but just some 50 years later, they ceded the territory to Great Britain.

After the American revolutionary war, Natchez became the capital of the Mississippi territory. Because of its location on a bluff over the big river, it had a significant role in early 19th-century trade, and it was home to some of the prominent plantation owners in the Deep South. 

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The city was not harmed in the Civil War, and its antebellum architecture was left intact, which opened a way to fast economic recovery. It is an excellent tourist hotspot.

If you decide to start your American adventure in Natchez, do not forget US ESTA Visa, a travel authorization required for foreign visitors from countries in the Visa Waiver program. The application process is straightforward in answering a detailed questionnaire online. American administration needs around three days to process the application, but it is advised to resolve paperwork before making reservations in Natchez hotels.

Top Natchez events

The deep South is known for hospitality, great Creole, Soul Food, and other delicious cuisine types. It also has excellent weather throughout the year. If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit is winter, but there are plenty of events and festivals.

Traditional American rodeo happens every May in Natchez with Adams County Sheriff’s Office Annual Rodeo. The usual fun stuff includes bull riding or barrel racing. See who wins Miss Rodeo.

Natchez food/wine festival is a bit chicer. With a long tradition, the festival is a highly anticipated event every July. Most prominent chefs from the region are preparing germane meals, and there is an excellent selection of the finest wines. 

Fall Pilgrimage is a great way to explore historic homes and landmarks in the area. Property owners open up their historic homes and National Registered sites in guided tours.

Natchez hosts the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race in October. Besides the sky’s spectacle, there are great concerts, beer gardens, and lots of fun activities.

Natchez Antique Forum with the lunch on American Queen Steamboat and Angels on the Bluff that takes you to famous person graveyard search are two exciting November events.

Restaurants in downtown Natchez 

Natchez has a vibrant restaurant scene with a steady diet of tourists and close to a scenic Mississippi River. Magnolia Grill has a nice and diverse menu with classic American dishes, some seafood, and what is essential to a beautiful view of the river.

The Camp offers a great selection of burgers and craft beers, and it is situated in the old historic building at Natchez Under the Hill. 

King’s Tavern is located in one of the oldest houses in the area standing from 1789. The restaurant has an incredible high-end menu, with dinner offerings and weekly specials.

If you like live music, Rolling River Bistro has it every night besides Sunday.  It also has local cuisine that will satisfy most visitors.

Located at Main Street, Cotton Alley Café is among the favorite between locals with a selection of sandwiches, salads, steaks, and grill fish. 

Winery in Natchez MS 

Although Deep South and wine are not compatible, there is an excellent winery close to Natchez. Old South Winery offers wine tasting, vineyard tours, and a superb selection of fine wines. Galbreath’s family runs it since 1979. It is known for cultivating exceptional Southern grapes called Muscadines that are native to Southeast US. 

Natchez nightlife 

The city nightlife revolves around live music performances, and the venues are usually bars. We already mentioned Rolling River Bistro with performances throughout the week except on Sunday. Bowie’s Tavern has live music on weekends, while Under the Hill Salon hosts bands and acts from Wednesday to Saturday.  If you like Karaoke, Under the Hill offers that on Tuesdays. 

Other bars that offer live performances include Biscuits and Blues, Corner Bar, and Andrews Bar. Besides bars and clubs, Magnolia Bluffs Casino attracts crowds with great meals, Poker tournaments, and live music on weekends.

To get into the United States of America, you need travel authorization. Check ESTA status and once you get the permit, feel free to make arrangements. ESTA approval is valid for 24 months, and you can explore the country for up to 90 days. Deep South is worth visiting.


You can follow the Mississippi blues trail in Natchez with extraordinary cultural heritage. You can check famous artists in the Delta Music Museum. The city is within Americana Music Triangle, but besides great live music, Natchez offers respectable cuisine. It has one of the best-preserved collections of antebellum buildings and plenty of historical landmarks dating back to prehistoric Native American times. Natchez is fun, welcoming, and with excellent tourist offer next to the mighty Mississippi River.

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