9 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap in the US

9 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap in the US
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Statue of Liberty, New York | Photo credit: ​Free-Photos via Pixabay.com

There’s nothing more to wish for in sojourning the land of the Stars and Stripes. But perhaps, just like what any other travellers are searching for, guides and tips for a well-planned budget-friendly trip.

There are many benefits of travelling cheaply, a few benefits are; you can stretch your money longer, you get to experience how locals go around in their own city/country or watch this CheapOAir commercial to find out other reasons why travelling on a budget is a great plan.

Anyway, let us get going, read ahead and learn more about how one could enjoy the US without spending a whole lot of cash.

Plan and design your trip a few months ahead of time

Planning for a trip two to three months before departure can be enough. But sometimes, travellers plan a year before the actual travel. Anyway, taking up your time in designing the perfect trip that marks down expenses doesn’t have a deadline. And since you’re months away from your exact travel date, keep on haggling and look for the lowest prices.

Moreover, finding a reliable booking site can ensure that you will be likely able to book flight tickets and accommodation at discounted rates. You can find cheap flights directly and around the United States on CheapOAir. This site has been around for as long as I can remember since I stepped foot on the travelling world.

They help you not only find the cheapest flight tickets on the web, but they also can assist in scanning the best deals for hotels, cruises, and car rentals. It is literally the one-stop-shop for holiday planning.

And as long as it is not a holiday season or peak in your destination, prices are usually below the minimum. 

TIP: Make a travelling to the USA checklist

Write your Itinerary/route

Having and writing your itinerary/route beforehand can let you estimate the cost of your travel for cheap in the US. You can quickly breakdown expenses by prioritizing first the destinations you are wishing to go. Also, knowing how much you’ll likely to spend on the trip can help you plan your itinerary better.

A planned itinerary can eliminate chances of possible overlapping costs on accommodations, flights, tours, and additional hidden charges that you don’t need.

Rent a Car

Domestic flights and ground transportation are often expensive in the US. Renting a car is the cheapest option wherein you can freely travel for cheap. Car rental is typically the first option in the United States since local transportations are generally poor. When moving a long distance, tourists, and even the locals rent a car upon arrival at the airport.

9 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap in the US
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Sometimes, many holiday packages come with a free rental car. Rental companies have offices in all major cities, so finding your ideal vehicle is not hard, and it just takes a phone call. It may also be cheaper to arrange a local deal for yourself because some companies may charge you for daily airport access (with tax).

You can even do the West Coast America road trip.

Stay at B&B’s or Guest House or Hostels

Often, B&B accommodations in the United States have a kitchen where you can cook instead and spend less dining at restaurants. If you’re not travelling with your kids, it is also an excellent option to share bedrooms and hostels with other travellers.

Hostels offer accommodations much cheaper than hotels. The good thing about shared rooms is you can meet like-minded travellers who can even give you travel recommendations. However, if you don’t feel like sharing a room, you can always find a cheap guest house with complete privacy.

Limit Your Destination

Alongside with planning for your itinerary/route is by limiting the number of destinations you want to explore. It is best to plan your itinerary/route with states near to each other or to travel in one direction.

Limiting your destination means not overloading your itinerary and instead maximizing the tourist destination points of the state your longing to see. Besides, it may take a while in grasping the things to do and the beauty of each States.

TRAVELLING TO USA CHECKLIST - Visa, Documents, Where To Go, What To Pack (4)
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Photo credit: Patricia Ferreira via Unsplash.com

Get Your ESTA

The first thing you should do in travelling to the United States is applying for an ESTA. Arriving at the airport without an ESTA will lose your months of planning and money. Obtaining ESTA is compulsory if you want to travel for tourism and business purposes in a maximum of 90 days.

Without ESTA, travellers cannot clear immigration and will be detained or sent back home. You will also get denied at the boarding point of departure. However, for the worst cases, travellers who didn’t know about ESTA and arrived at the airport have one option. They could look for an internet point and apply on the ESTA website and get their application approved immediately.

Use Greyhound Buses

Another affordable way to travel in the United States is commuting with greyhound buses. This might be your best option when not opting to rent for a car. This bus is equipped with modernized convenience (restrooms, reclining seats, and tinted windows) suitable for all your needs, and they operate for 24/7.

Greyhound buses have around 3700 locations throughout the United States. It has a vast selection of destinations, including the best and infamous tourist sites. There is also a different range for ticketing options, which is an excellent choice for backpackers traversing many miles on a limited budget.

Join Free Walking Tours in The Big Cities

Joining a free walking tour around big cities is a great way to explore and visit landmarks with a rich history. You’ll have the chance in listening to authentic tales in hidden gems whom native in the cities is more knowledgeable than anyone. Tip-based tours run free walking tours, so to show courtesy, it is best to leave a tip right before leaving the tour.

9 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap in the US
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Golden Gate, San Francisco | Photo credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay.com

Having a walking tour will save you the time in planning for an itinerary of the city. Your local guide will take care of the routes in an efficient way without missing the main sights. All you have to do is be sure to pack your camera and greet fellow travellers and tour guides with a genuine smile.

Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing organizes events to more than 20,000 cities. You’ll get the chance of learning more about new cultures and make memories that will last a lifetime. Using Couchsurfing can let you meet new friends and also get you an insider’s guide of the city.

However, always be cautious before deciding to crash someone’s couch for safety reasons. Make sure that the host has excellent reviews, responsive, and trustworthy. Always share your host’s profile to a trusted friend or family member just in case.


The common misconceptions about travelling in the United States of America is it’s costly. It may be accurate, but as you get to know more about budget itineraries, it can reduce your expenses into half. Traveling with the budget in mind is something a traveler should already know by heart.

CheapOAir is definitely one of our go-to sites when hunting for cheap flights and deals to save off from travel expenses and use it to fun tours and great food experiences. Go ahead and be cheap without missing out on a great trip!

So, are a budget traveler too? Start looking for great flight deal on CheapOAir site here. Do you have more tips on how we could reduce travelling expenses in the United States? If you have, please feel free to comment below, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Here are the tips and tricks on how to travel for cheap in the US without missing out on a fun and exciting holiday!
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9 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap in the US
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