Travel Accessories You Cannot Forget Taking with You

Traveling can be different: from short weekend trips to long winter stays in warm countries, which naturally implies more preparation and equipment.

Travel Accessories You Cannot Forget Taking with You 1
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Nonetheless, there still are essential items to take with you on the road. Some of them create a minimal basis for you to feel comfortable in any corner of the world, and some make you feel safe.

You can go only with your smartphone and some small extra gadgets to make it through any trip you plan.

Power Banks

You cannot go anywhere without the smartphone that replaces several devices simultaneously but requires recharging frequently. Make sure you have an app for every device you might need during your trip: GPS that can work without the internet connection, offline translators and maps, notepad.

A powerful portable charger is useful on the road not only for a smartphone but also for a tablet, laptop, and a long list of all sorts of energy-dependent devices. Now you can even find a solar power bank that fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to charge any electrical appliances!


Traveling is a great occasion to make the most out of your headphones. You can listen not only to one of those great Spotify Road Trip Playlists but also to podcasts or audiobooks that can bring some additional entertainment or even educational element to your trip. However, you don’t need to listen to anything to make them useful. Use them as earplugs if you have the type that allows it.

There is no need to pay a lot for them because the best earbuds under $50 come in a wide variety of models and design options.

TSA Lock

Large transport hubs are inevitably associated with crowds that are the best covers for pickpockets. Compact TSA padlocks allow you to protect your pockets and parts of luggage from them. When a thief sees such a thing, he will not waste his time.

They are approved by most airlines, and many modern backpacks and travel bags have special eyelets for zipping it with TSA locks.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

A long flight or a distant car ride may be challenging places to get some rest. But when you take with you an inflatable pillow that you can keep in your pocket, it will not even take up space in your hand baggage. Instead, it will ensure you get some of that needed rest. 

It is better to take some sleep in the correct position with support for your neck than fall asleep anyway and wake up sore.

Silicone Bottles

It is impractical to carry large bottles of shampoo or shower gel, and compact hygiene products are not always provided by the place you decided to stay in. In this case, compact silicone bottles will be your rescuers because they allow you to pour the right amount of shampoo and cosmetics enough for one trip.

Bottles made of silicone are very lightweight, flexible (that will make it easier to squeeze out the remains than from plastic bottles), and have leak-proof caps-dispensers. Another advantage is that they can be taken in hand luggage as they fully comply with airlines’ strict safety regulations.

Smart Watch

These devices allow you to keep track of your days, plans, health, and travels in general. There is no easier way to check on the steps you took today than by looking at your smart watch’s display. And it is not only this! You can check the weather, how many kilometers you have walked, and which locations you’ve already been to. Also, it will send you an urgent notification or let you answer messages if you will decide so while vacationing.

It does not have to be the Apple Watch. There are many other, more affordable models, but with the same basic functions. They can be a stylish accessory and a useful tool you’re able to carry around everywhere on your wrist.

Travel Accessories You Cannot Forget Taking with You 2
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Power Adapter

An adapter that will fit any foreign power socket is an irreplaceable tool when traveling over the ocean. You can choose one for a specific type used in another country. Still, it is better to have a universal adapter with several different adaptors in one device when traveling anywhere in the world.

Wi-Fi Signal Booster

It is a useful travel gadget for those who can not imagine traveling without sharing the freshest photos immediately or those who can not resist checking working emails on vacations. A signal booster is useful in hotels where you can find Wi-Fi often only in the lobby and in hostels where the network is always overloaded.

In addition to enhancing the Wi-Fi signal’s quality in the room, this compact gadget can charge USB-powered smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other portable devices.

Tripod for Your Camera

It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or take keepsake photos with your phone. Bring a flexible tripod like Gorilla with you and forget about being afraid of choosing an unstable angle for your camera. It is always better to frame the photo precisely the way you want it than rely on luck and some stranger’s composition skills.

It will also be helpful when traveling alone to uninhabited places or taking a group photo with all of the adventure members altogether.


All trips involve flights, transfers, and rides in one way or another. You probably do not want to stuff your so limited luggage with unnecessary or bulky accessories, so now you have a check-list of everything essential for your trip!

When traveling, you often sacrifice comfort for the sake of impressions and emotions. But it is not relevant anymore. You can download half of the needed stuff as an app, so there is no need to take with you a lot of papers and additional devices anymore. 

Get in the habit of making your life easier, your trips more pleasant, and your impressions unspoiled. Ensure you take everything essential with you, so the process of making unforgettable memories will not be disturbed by little inconveniences.

Travel Accessories You Cannot Forget Taking with You
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