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The Story Behind The Green Algae in Boracay, Philippines – From A Local

The Story Behind The Green Algae in Boracay - From A Local (4)

Fine White Sand Beach

I won’t be talking about the scientific explanation of the green algae in Boracay since I cannot take the terms in myself. Boracay has been one of the top destinations in the Philippines for the past 25 years. As a local who went to Boracay for the first time and was welcomed by the green algae by the shore, I couldn’t express more how I think it made Boracay more interesting.

I had a talk with one of the locals about this, the guy told me it’s part of the transition to summer. I didn’t bother to ask deeper as I wasn’t bothered myself about it. All I can see is a natural green “stuff” floating by the shore of the beach. I interacted with plenty of foreigners who weren’t giving much fuss about it either. After three nights, I left Boracay with a heavy heart, I badly want to stay. I love to sit by the beach in the afternoon watch the sunset and write on my computer.

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After a couple more days of travelling the Panay Island, I decided that it’s time to head back to Manila. It has been four hours since I sat on this local bus which will take me from Iloilo City to Caticlan Jetty Port, where I will take a ferry or RoRo to Batangas when an old lady approached me if the seat next to me was free. I told her it was free and she is more than welcome to sit next to me.

Are you heading to Boracay? She asked me. I explained to her that I have been to Boracay on this trip and I was on my way back to Manila. She told me that she’s from Boracay and told me bits of her life story. As I can see that she enjoys promoting Boracay plus she is actually a native of the island or what they call “Boracaynon”. I didn’t hesitate to ask her about the green algae in Boracay.

The Story Behind The Green Algae in Boracay - From A Local (4)

The Puka Beach

Her name is Judith, 61, from Boracay. She was telling me how these green algae have been part of Boracay long before tourist found this little precious and establishments took their paradise away. She was very proud how she explains that green algae are not bad at all. When she was a kid, they will jump to the water and make a ball out of those green algae. Green algae help to clean the water of Boracay, prepare it for summer, and eventually, these green “stuff” will turn into white sand.

She couldn’t hide her anger towards people who make a fuss and spread rumours that Boracay is not beautiful anymore because of this. Because they have been welcoming the green algae season as long as she can remember. She made it clear that the green algae in Boracay are nothing but natural, something locals nor tourist should be afraid or disappointed about.

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The Story Behind The Green Algae in Boracay - From A Local (4)

You can see the green algae on the right side. This shot is from the Station 1. Most of the green algae could be found at Station 3 and 2

She also cheerfully cherished her family and childhood memories the time that Boracay was just an island that no one knew about. She couldn’t stop herself to express how sad she is that Boracay has turned into something far from the paradise she could remember it was. The farms have turned into buildings, the locals had to go with the changes of the islands. She even mentioned about leaving Boracay as it has turned too loud for her and not a peaceful place anymore. Aling Judith made it clear how happy she is how tourism have helped the island and its people, but couldn’t express enough how it has changed.

I personally didn’t think about writing an article about the green algae in Boracay, but Aling Judith asked me to do so when she found out about my job. I promised her that I will, so here we are.


DISCLAIMER: The story in this article is all based on the story of Aling Judith, nothing in this article regarding green algae of Boracay has been checked over the web. I simply want to put out the story that was passed to me by a Boracaynon.

The Story Behind The Green Algae in Boracay - From A Local (4)

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