Betulacup For Female Travellers – Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Pads And Tampons

By Mary Charie / 18/10/2016

Betulacup For Female Travellers – Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Pads And Tampons




Betulacup For Female Travellers – Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Pads And Tampons


Menstrual Cup has taken the lady’s business by storm just recently. Even though it has been on the surface for quite some time now, it seems like that the menstrual cup is now getting the spotlight it deserves. As a female traveller, I always get to the situation of not able to find the solution I need when the time of the month comes. For example, in Southeast Asia, I found it hard to find a tampon, whilst the pads are not translated in English, hence deciding which one to buy is a real challenge. Since I came across the Betulacup, I couldn’t wait to share it with other female travellers too!


Menstrual Cup is a feminine hygiene that is normally made of medical grade silicon. It is usually shaped like a bell, and flexible. The menstrual cup should be inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual fluid (blood).




Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Pads And Tampons

  • Tampons require you to change every 4 hours, that’s 4-5 times a day depending on your flow.
  • Wearing tampons for too long will be risking your life to TSS (toxic shock syndrome).
  • Sitting on a pad with menstrual fluid on it will cause irritation.
  • Both pads and tampons cost a lot more money compared to a menstrual cup.
  • Tampons interfere with the vaginal environment. Since it absorbs both blood and moisture, it messes up the pH levels of your vagina.
  • Tampons leave fabrics on your vagina walls.
  • Both tampons and pads are not always available when you are travelling to a new country.


Betula cup

Benefits of a Menstrual Cup For a Female Traveller

  • Menstrual cup last for at least 8 years, this saves you tons of money from buying pads and tampons.
  • It holds up to 12 hours a day, no more awkward excuses to run to the bathroom.
  • Don’t bother asking your hotel receptionist what is tampon or pads in the local language.
  • Takes a lot less space in your luggage.
  • You can sleep on it during long bus rides, thank God.
  • Bye bye, bad odour.
  • Go swim, do crazy activities, the menstrual cup is all cool for that.
  • Definitely more ecological than pads and tampons.




Why I love Betulacup 

  • It comes in three types, for women who had given birth (Classic), women who haven’t given birth (Young), and the cup that fits all types of women (Folder).
  • Betulacup Folder comes with a plastic case where you can store you’re ready to use (after boiling) cup. The case is very small that it could fit in your purse or pocket.



I personally would say that menstrual cup is a real deal. Although it will surely give you a I-have-to-shove-this-up-there face, don’t we say the same thing when tampon came around? Let your travel life a bit less hassle, help to save the environment, save your bank accounts, and stop putting your life at risk!



Want to order your own Betulacup? You can shop HERE, use AMARYROAD15 to get 15% discount. Like Betulacup on Facebook and Follow them on Instagram.


*NOTE: Webshop is in Danish, simply right click and choose “translate in English”. Feel free to send me a message for any assistance.







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Sreeram - 30/10/2016

Certainly a helpful content for female travelers.

Ami - 30/10/2016

Have been hearing about this for a while and a lot of people recommend it for travelers and people who play sports. I should definitely look it up.

    Mary Charie - 30/10/2016

    Hi Ami, I have a giveaway for this product running at the moment. The company ships worldwide, so if you want to join! No purchase needed 🙂

Mansi K. - 29/10/2016

Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Vyjay - 28/10/2016

Convenience and comfort are the name of the game and this is the way forward in every sphere.

Vanessa - 27/10/2016

Arg! Spell check messed up my comment ? Should say “menstrual cups” NOT “men’s trail cups” ?

Vanessa - 27/10/2016

Yup, men’s trail cups are definitely the way to go.

Mar Pages - 27/10/2016

So nice that the Betulacup folds up so conveniently and comes with a case too! I’ve been using mooncup from the uk but will definitely consider this.

    Mar Pages - 27/10/2016

    the link to shop is not working though

    Mary Charie - 27/10/2016

    Thanks Mar! I just checked the webshop, it works fine on my side. Where are you located?

Heather - 24/10/2016

The cups are getting more well known and popular.

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