7 tips for Hassle-Free Travel While You are on Your Period

Whenever you plan a trip, I am sure you get excited. The moment you add that to your calendar, you begin to count the days and wish that these would pass by quickly so that you can finally be at your chosen destination. Everything is set from your itinerary to your OOTD. You have this picture in your head of a perfect vacation. That’s why nothing is more frustrating than not being able to fully enjoy it just because your “lady business” timing is off. 

7 tips for Hassle-Free Travel While You are on Your Period 1
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And yes, sometimes it makes a surprise visit. Last month it comes early before your actual date, and then the next month it gets delayed. That’s one of the facts about the menstrual cycle. So when it happens to visit you on the day of your travel, the first thing that you would want to do is to cancel it and just lay down on your bed. That’s totally understandable because the monthly period in itself is indeed inconvenient and stressful. 

But girls, hold on. Calm yourself for a second and push your worries away. Don’t click the cancel button yet. You just need a few tips and tricks to make your well-planned travel come true. Keep reading because we are giving you seven tips for hassle-free travel even if it is “that time of the month” again. 

Bring Heating Pad

Monthly period comes with unexplainable pain in your stomach called dysmenorrhea (also known as menstrual cramps). And the thing is, it comes every single month! Lucky you if you do not experience this during your “red day”. However, if you happen to be one of those girls who suffer from this every time you are on your period, you better be prepared because it might get a little worse than your last. 

One trick to deal with pain is when you apply a heating pad on your lower abdomen for 15 to 30 minutes. The heat that comes from it can help you relieve the pain. Heat therapy is the best way to relax the contraction of muscles of your uterus that is pressing against nearby blood vessels. So, it is always good to bring a heating pad with you every time you travel. 

Include Medicine for Dysmenorrhea in Your First Aid Kit

Sometimes that aching pain in your belly can really get annoying and won’t just leave you alone. If this happens, another tip to deal with your menstrual cramps is to take some medicine to help you ease the pain. Don’t worry because you can choose from many brands available in the drugstore nowadays. Good news also because these are usually over-the-counter medicines so you do not have to present a prescription from your doctor every time you buy (but if you want to consult your doctor for a prescription, you may do so). 

7 tips for Hassle-Free Travel While You are on Your Period 2
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When the pain becomes intolerable even after putting a heating pad on your lower belly, immediately take it because too much pain might worsen your condition. That is why you should always bring some medicine with you whenever you travel especially if your destination is far away from the city. Never forget it because it can surely save you from that painful menstruation. Make it a habit to always include this in your first aid kit. 

Pack Dark Colored Lower Garments

As mentioned above, “Aunt Flo” does sometimes come unannounced like a boss. And you never can stop it from coming. You would only know that it’s finally arrived when you feel that warm fluid coming out from inside you. 

So if your monthly period hasn’t visited you yet (or even when you have it already), the trick is to pack dark-colored lower garments for your OOTD. When you are wearing these on your trip, you do not need to worry if that “unwelcome guest” arrives even if you are totally unprepared. As a woman, one dot of blood can definitely ruin your mood and lose your confidence. You do not want that to happen, right? Therefore, pack only those dark colored jeans, skirts, and shorts in your luggage. Anyway, you can easily mix and match it with pastel or light-colored tops. 

Use Menstrual Cup Instead of Pads

You know that during heavy-flow days, you can’t really rely on your sanitary pads. No matter how careful you are, it would leak even if it is not that wet. That’s why, if you are not using a menstrual cup yet, you are surely missing the full protection this little “shield” can provide up to 12 HOURS!

7 tips for Hassle-Free Travel While You are on Your Period 3
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So, it is better to use a menstrual cup when you are traveling because you do not need to change it every 3-4 hours. Since it does not leak, you can confidently walk around while you enjoy the scenery. You can stay fresh down there throughout the day because it does not smell too!

Wear Disposable Menstrual Underwear

Disposable underwears are indeed a great thing to bring with you especially if you have a long travel plan. These are lightweight undergarments that can really save up space in your luggage. And during menstruation, it is better to wear disposable menstrual panties to save your usual underwear from bloodstains. As you may know, washing your underwear with blood stains is annoying and stressful because the stains do not come off easily. You may need to use laundry bleach to remove it especially if you are not able to wash your underwear as soon as possible. In order to avoid the hassle, wear disposable menstrual underwear because you can just throw it away after using it. 

Have a “Period” Towel

What is a “period” towel? Basically this is your usual towel that you use  to avoid messing up the bed sheet. Sometimes, even if you are careful enough leaks may still happen overnight. And if you are staying in the hotel or pension house, isn’t it too embarrassing if you wake up seeing the blood stain in their freshly-laundered sheet? Not to mention, some of the hotels would charge you if that happens. Unexpected charges sound bad, right? Then, pack an extra towel for an added protection. 

Make Sure You Have Wet Wipes

With or without your period, you must have wet wives with you when you travel. Wet wipes are your trusted friend in cleaning yourself up especially when clean water is not available or limited only in your place of destination. Should you need to clean up your private area, just simply pull out a sheet or two and then, you are good to go. Since these moist towelettes are closely and neatly packed together, one pack of it would not take too much space in your toiletry bag. 

Final Thought

Going on a trip is really good for your mind, body, and soul. No one and nothing can ever heal you than being in a new environment and seeing beautiful places. That is why your monthly period should never be an excuse for you not to do your plans. It should never stop you from enjoying it. And if that “monthly visitor” arrives at the wrong time, don’t let this control you because you are now “equipped” with tricks and tips. Just make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips because those really come in handy. 

7 tips for Hassle-Free Travel While You are on Your Period
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Joice is a teacher, a movement specialist, a baker wannabe, a frustrated makeup artist, a writer by heart, a passionate lover, and a striving but hopeful mother. She is fascinated by human anatomy, the depth of the ocean, and the sunset, among many other things. She is married to her best friend and together they venture into this trial-and-error thing called parenthood. She finds solace in writing practically about anything, from her travels to parenting dilemmas, from food to relationship advice. She loves Japanese curry and her favorite city is Tokyo.

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