Best Travelling Tricks Even If You're Broke AF

Best Travelling Tricks Even If You're Broke

Best Travelling Tricks Even If You're Broke AF 1
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Bali, Indonesia 2019

I am this, I'm travelling even if I'm broke af. Don't even ask how and why, but hey, I'll just say travelling when broke is not glamorous, but it keeps me human.  I have been travelling for a year now, trying to survive every single day.

Don't get me wrong, I wish I have more money to travel and not limit myself of what to see, but that makes my journey fun and oh boy challenging. I hope this article about my personal choice of best travelling tricks even if you are broke will you help you in any way.

To give you heads up, I'm sure we are on the same page about getting nitty and gritty here, right? If you haven't closed this article yet, I'm taking that as a yes.

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Here are some travelling tricks that you can give a shot if you are broke but still want to give this lifestyle a try. I've tried almost all of them and apart from it saves me so much money, I've had one of the best experiences of life through these hacks.


hitchhiker's guide to myanmar
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Hitchhiking in Myanmar with my friend, Morgan

Oh yes, even it's 2017, hitchhiking is still possible and safe. Perhaps, I should not say safe, it's not handy in all countries. There are some areas that common sense will come into use. For example, hitchhiking in North Korea? I'm not sure.

Hitchhiking alone in Georgia? I've done it, I wouldn't say that it's safe since I hide to get off in the middle of the highway to get away from the driver. I then was picked up by a lovely Ukrainian family. Who am I to say Georgia is not safe? Trust your guts and leave when you feel uncomfortable and usafe.

Hitchhiking is getting a ride for free, stick up your thumb, stand on the side of the road where you want to go, and wait until a driver picks you up.  If you haven't done it before, try with someone, or perhaps in your home country first.

A few kilometres isn't a bad idea. Hitchwiki is a great source of tips about hitchhiking, you can also open an account to log your own hitchhiking experience in.

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thai animal sanctuary - adopt a dog
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Volunteering in an animal shelter in Thailand

I will cross out the expensive volunteering (to be honest, I'm not a fan of a volunteering where you have to pay a crazy amount of money. But that's just me). In this case, we will kick it out of the sight because, again, you have a limited budget. Go volunteer in a hostel, English centre, sailing boats, churches, campsite, orphanage, etc.

You can get free accommodation and food in exchange for some work. Talk to other travellers you come across, I'm pretty sure one or two know a place to volunteer. Even walking around the city and ask each hostel if they have a volunteering program is a good idea!

I've volunteered in an English centre and a couple of hostels, which both let me travel and live for free during my stay. It's one of the best ways to get a good catch of local life and enjoy a conversation with a local.

While I also volunteered in an animal shelter in Thailand. I had to pay for my bed ($3/night) but we often get free meal.


Best Travelling Tricks Even You're Broke AF
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This is one of the best ways to travel cheaply, not only you get free accommodation, couchsurfing lets you get a different angle of the new country you will about to explore. I've done couchsurfing a couple of times, what I enjoyed most is when I get to ask the local about travelling tips from their point of view, hidden gems, and my favourite, we cook together.

However, same goes for this one like hitchhiking, it is not always smart to do this everywhere. A couchsurfing in, let's say, North Korea again might not be that clever perhaps not possible.  Couchsurfing also helps you get to meet new people who are travelling in the same way as you are.

I've couchsurfed in Myanmar, Turkey, Georgia, and Israel, so far, it's one of the best things I've done in my travel journey. It's definitely one of the best travelling tricks you could try when you travel with a limited budget.


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WWOFFing is another form of volunteering, the difference of using WWOOF is you get to be sent to farms and help out and this website will give you the relevant list of farms.

You get to learn how to work on the organic farms everywhere in the world. WWOFFing gets you free accommodation and food as well. If you are into cultural and education tourism, this is indeed perfect for you.

However, keep in mind that some regions or organisations ask for a fee when you want to do WWOFFing, there are some that are free.


I was an au pair in Denmark for two years, although my host family doesn't travel that much in the country, I was still able to see its beauty during my free time.

Au Pairing lets you live with a local family for free accommodation and food in exchange for your help with their kids and a little housework. You also get a small monthly pocket money.

If you are lucky enough, some families take their au pair on their holidays too with all expenses paid by the host family. Au pairing ranges from a minimum of 3 months up to 24 months depending on the country's rules.

Young filipina started traveling
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I went to Italy while I was Au Pairing in Denmark - 2015


House sitting is where you will look after the house whilst the owner is away for a vacation or other personal reasons. You get to have a free lodge, sometimes free food as well. Signing up on most house sitting website cost some money, which is still a good investment for your future travels to different countries.

Cook for yourself

Wherever you are staying, it's always best to cook for yourself, you can easily save more than half of the price you pay in a restaurant. Another good thing is, you get to cook anything you want, you can make it healthy and you can easily cook a large meal that will last you for a day or two.

When I was cooking for myself in Georgia and Vietnam, I easily turned into a vegetarian as meat is always expensive wherever you go. This is the best travelling tricks that you can use where ever in the world you go.


Best Travelling Tricks Even If You're Broke AF 2
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Juan Soria, he cycled from the UK to Spain

Not necessary cheap as you have to invest in a good bicycle and tent and/or sleeping bags before your departure. However, as you get these investments all set, you don't have to think about accommodation and transportation.

You can also combine cycling and volunteering/WWOFFING/House Sitting together to minimise the baggage on your cycling trip. When I was in Georgia, I amazingly bumped and hang out with two travellers. One who was motorbiking from Germany to Central Asia and back, the other one was cycling from the UK to Central Asia and back.

However, be prepared for some mechanical maintenance of your bicycle and consider the season you are planning to do this. This is a perfect way to travel if you love cycling and you have enough time to bicycle on your own pace.

I hope these best travelling tricks could help you survive the travel life of a broke traveller. Remember, you got this! There are so many ways to travel as long as you consider travelling as a priority. Try these travel hacking as well.



Best Travelling Tricks Even You're Broke AF
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Mary is the founder of amaryroad and one of the experts when it comes to travelling in Southeast Asia. Mary has been travelling around the world since 2013, she have extensively travelled and lived in Southeast Asian countries. She also has been featured in popular publications in the Philippines such as GMA Network, When in Manila, and Tripzilla. Today, Mary continues her round-the-world trip with no final destination. She travels in her own terms and tries to build her own world whilst pushing herself into every corner of life, breaking limit beyond her capabilities.

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