WHERE TO STAY IN AGUAS CALIENTES: Luxury Hotels, Mid-range Hotels, And Affordable Hostels

WHERE TO STAY IN AGUAS CALIENTES - Luxury Hotels, Mid-range Hotels, And Affordable Hostels
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Aguas Calientes, a small town of rich culture, housing one of the ancient sites is, no doubt, a journey you can take that lasts forever. The popularity of the country's Inca trail hikes, southern Colca Canyon, and cities built in coasts and beautiful landscapes continuously transpires to be a leading destination for all kinds of travelers.

The town provides a broad spectrum of fun for travelers wishing to have their getaway trip or celebrate the most exclusive events such as weddings or honeymoons.


You'll be wanting to stay in Aguas Calientes if you're visiting the once called ceremonial centers of the Incas-Machu Picchu. Famous for its diversity, Cuzco is one of the cities you can land nearing Machu Picchu with tons of tourist sites and natural or reserved parks.

However, it is rather convenient for travelers to seek accommodation in Aguas Calientes. Not just it is perfect for all kinds of travelers. Still, it also has tons of nearby attractions worthy of consideration.

This article nevertheless will not talk about all kinds of things and stuff you'll see in town but will cover the best places to stay in Aguas Calientes. You can learn more about the cost, cons and pros, and best features of luxury hotels, mid-range hotels to party hostels and relax vibe hostels - wide option of Machu Picchu accommodations.

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High paying guests no questions book luxurious hotels in Aguas Calientes. There's nothing better in staying at a four- or five-star hotel cherished with top-class cuisine and advance services and amenities. Keep reading, ill show you the classiest hotels you can choose depending on your preferences.

This five-star hotel comes with a colonial-style architecture decorated with Andean weavings. Rooms are private and spacious, together with the amenities are buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Best features

  • It has an overlooking view of the Vilcanota River
  • The vibrancy in the hotels is made congruently in the wilderness of Aguas Calientes, which gives you a very authentic experience
  • Suites also offer views of the vast jungles of Aguas where wild birds are roaming and humming in the morning
  • The hotel also has a private garden with a soothing hot tub and chaise lounge, which is a lovely addition for relaxing


  • Prices in the hotel are not ideal for budget travelers
  • Pets are not allowed in the hotel, and there's limited space for parking 

Sumaq gained the world's best awards in 2018. The hotel has the quality of just a 20-minute walk away to Machu Picchu archeological sites, and it attracts high paying guests the most.

The place is also located precisely at the Urubamba River, which even makes the area more unique. Alongside the hotel's perfect spot for relaxing and honeymoon are a very accommodating staff and a high standard for food.

Best features

  • The hotel has spacious rooms and heating equipment
  • Guests can visit Aqlla Spa and can be served beverages in Suquy Café and Bar
  • Staff are highly trained and very welcoming
  • Lots of complimentary treats upon arrival


  • It is a bit pricey when traversing Machu Picchu on a limited budget
  • No extra bed or mattress in rooms, and pets are not allowed.

If you want to chill out in a place and cradle by the open views of the mountaintops of Aguas and river that sings almost a melody, Tierra Viva is for you.

This hotel offers a wide angle of scenery because of its panoramic sun terraces. The location is also perfect for first-timers, it is nearing to restaurants, souvenir shops, and bus and train stations.

Best features

  • A stunning view over the endless greenery of mountain tops
  • Has easy access to transportation, and you can be picked up in the train stations by a bell boy in which he/she can accompany you along the way to Tierra Viva
  • Guest room has minibars


  • There’s no room with better noise isolation from the sound of the Urubamba river and cars passing by the road.

  • There are days where little flies are common in the area and make way inside Tierra Viva

Jaya Suite edge is closest to Machu Picchu Hot Spring and a 2.5km trail to Machu Picchu's historic Sanctuary. The location is accessible; hence, it's a five-star hotel very near Craft Market and Stadium.

Accommodation can also organize a tour for guests wanting to worry less about perfect destinations. Bus stop, Winaywayna Park, and Manuel Chavez Balloon Museum are also some of the top destinations very close to Jaya.

Best features

  • Include breakfast served in a buffet style of a la carte
  • All rooms have patio, T.V and a jacuzzi
  • The gastronomy of the menu is one step higher than any five-star hotels
  • You can also be overlooking the natural beauty of Aguas Calientes and Putucusi Mountain


  • Pets are also not allowed inside guest rooms.


There be nothing more efficient in budget-cutting while having the best accommodation in Aguas Calientes. Mid-range budgeted hotels can also give you a luxurious experience.

Perfect for travelers who are very picky in choosing where to stay at a reasonable price. There are a lot of midrange hotels in Aguas Calientes, and I've listed some of the favorites of fellow travelers.

Luna Muna is a perfect pick in a mid-range option. If you're after the Hot Spring or Craft Market, this hotel is best for you. Staff can also arrange a trip for their guests.

You can expect a neat freak infrastructure and a quiet night where guests will surely love their privacy accompanied by good food and a view of the town.

Best features

  • The hotel is a minute walk away from the entrance of the hot spring, and the distance to Craft Market is very short
  • Friendly staff always have the gesture of smiling and are willing to help anytime


  • Rooms are always fully booked, book early as much as possible

Mantu Boutique boasts its restaurant for its never-ending quality for foods. They also pride themselves with 24/7 competent, friendly, and efficient staff. The inn also has family rooms and interconnected rooms perfect for travelers in groups.

Best features

  • The hotel rooms have a good view of the mountain and town of Aguas CalientesYou can also ask for staff to buy groceries, which can save some time, but of course, with effort charges


  • Most of the rooms are internally built, and there are no windows directly overlooking outside
  • Some guests say there’s no natural light inside their bedroom

Inti Awki lets you experience a whole lot of new ambiance inside a city of creativity. Rooms are painted and designed with a cosy atmosphere. The infrastructure blend with colors of sunlight but with the image colors of pinkish-red, and fabrics custom-made to fit with the classy atmosphere of the room.

Best features

  • They serve a full continental breakfast with coffee and local products every day
  • Located at central part of the town, which means there are tons of restaurants, cafes, bars, and souvenir/good shops you can visit around Inti Awki
  • Guests are also offered to wrap themselves with a offers traditional massage which you can get for a fair price.


  • Can be noisy since the location is at the center near restaurants and bars, train tracks are also just outside Inti Awki


Hostels are an excellent choice for affordable places to stay in Aguas Calientes. Together, I've put some of the finest and fun-filled hostels you can find in Aguas Calientes. It goes as party hostels and relax-vibed hostels.

Party Hostels

This hostel features a funky type accommodation with murals on walls, which gives you a sense of just being near with the locals. It offers low-key dorm rooms, which can be appreciated by its simplicity. This hostel is a great pick when you're looking for where to stay in Aguas Calientes.

  • Price: $40 for a night's stay
  • Best features: It has a fantastic staff who can speak your language. Its best features include a unique barbeque grill and terraces with the best spot of the blowing wind. Each guest also has its lockers. Also, there's a curtain for each bed and a reading light
  • Cons: There is no heating in rooms and can get cold at any time, especially at dawn. The location of Supertram Hostels is a bit far from the town

Ecopackers is a great place to greet likeminded-backpackers. It has a lounge at the rooftop perfect for planning a great night. They also offer liquor, and you can chill with an overview of the nature of Aguas Calientes or join a group of friends and make the night more memorable. 

  • Price: $50 for a night's stay
  • Best features: It's located at the central part of Aguas Calientes. Staff are also well informed about the place, and you can ask any questions about directions or any other area queries to them
  • Cons: It is close to train tracks, which can make the surrounding noise irritating. Hostel had a rooftop bar with loud music that can disturb guests who are tired and more likely already having their rest at 9 pm

Relax-vibe Hostels

There's nothing much better than relaxing nights in Rumiqolqa, the location itself provides the soothing sound of the running waters of Vilcanota River. Most of the rooms have an amazing natural view over the river and the mountain. It's a new establishment, so expect to be pampered well in your visit. 

  • Price: $44 for a night's stay
  • Best features: It includes a 5th-floor balcony wherein you can enjoy the luxury of natural view and it's located near the river, which can give you a sleeping siren throughout the night
  • Cons: It's an entirely new hostel, so other services are at work in progress

H.Falcon is built way back in 2017 and continuously bringing a very affordable and worthy stay in Aguas Calientes. The property is 7km far from Machu Picchu and very near to Manuel Chavez Balloon Museum.

You are also near to bus stops, Winaywayna Park, and the Craft Market. Backpackers rated this relax-vibe hotel with a 9.2. An excellent rating for hostels near Machu Picchu.

  • Price: $30 for a night's stay
  • Best features: Each guest has its wardrobes, and it also has rooms for a family. WiFi is available, and hot water is nice and tidy
  • Cons: The hostel doesn't have a kitchen and its utilities. The place is also very humid, and backpackers suggest not to do your laundry because it won't get dried

Remember, Machu Picchu is one of the busiest and most popular destinations in the world while Aguas Calientes is the only accessible town to reach Machu Picchu. Hence, it is important to know where to stay in Aguas Calientes and book a hotel before you arrive to avoid any unnecessary hassles.


Our recommended Machu Picchu accommodations if you don't know yet where to stay in Aguas Calientes; luxury hotel, mid-range hotel, cheap hostels #machupicchutravel #machupicchuaccommodations #aguascalientes #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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Our recommended Machu Picchu accommodations if you don't know yet where to stay in Aguas Calientes; luxury hotel, mid-range hotel, cheap hostels #machupicchutravel #machupicchuaccommodations #aguascalientes #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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