Best time to travel to the Philippines
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Baler, Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines. That’s the Department of Tourism’s slogan to promote the country’s world-class tourist destinations. There’s the now super clean Boracay for beach and party lovers.

The City of Baguio for people who appreciates a bit of cold weather and pine trees. And then there’s a wide variety of local delicacies that you should try, such as sisig and sinigang.

But before you start packing your things to a backpack, it is essential first to know when is the best time to travel the Philippines to make your vacation as smooth as it can be.

Of course, the “best time” is somewhat subjective because different people prefer different things, so we’ll certainly take that into consideration.



The best time to visit the Philippines depends on your preferred weather. Because the Philippines is a tropical country, there are only two seasons here: the dry and the wet season. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the hot and cold seasons in the Philippines below.

When is summer in the Philippines

The period when it is the hottest in the Philippines is what’s considered as the country’s “summer” season. It is also the most touristy period in the country, thanks to its stunning beaches.

However, the peak season is also the season when the prices are high, and the crowd of people is overwhelming, which isn’t the best time to visit the Philippines, in my opinion. But if you want to experience the Philippines at its hottest and its busiest, then, I recommend you visit the country during summer.

  • Months: March-May
  • Average temperature: 38 °C (100.4 °F)
Best time to travel to the Philippines
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Port Barton, Philippines

When is the rainy season/typhoon season in the Philippines

The rainy season in the Philippines is less popular with tourists because not so many people enjoy rain showers. This is also the “Typhoon season” for this country.

Of course, the rainy season has its own appeal, so if you are a pluviophile and you want to enjoy lower prices in general, then this may be the best time to travel to the Philippines.

But then it isn’t advisable to hike the Philippine mountains during this season as the trails can be muddy and slippery, therefore, messy at the very least, and very dangerous. While flights, bus schedules, and ferries can be cancelled at the peak of the typhoon season for safety issues.

  • Months: June – October
  • Average temperature: 27.7°C (82°F)


Different places in the Philippines have their own peak and low season. For example, Baguio’s peak season is between the months of December to February, and Baler’s peak season is between March and June.

Generally speaking, when thinking of when to travel to the Philippines, the peak season is to be avoided. But then again, the important festivals are usually happening during the peak season, so the decision is up to you; do you want to experience the festive and extroverted side of the Philippines or its slower and introverted side?

Best time to travel to the Philippines
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Starfish Island, Philippines

December is generally the busiest month in the Philippines. Because the majority of Filipino people’s most celebrated holiday is the Christmas season, expect the volume of traffic to be heavier, and the crowd to be denser.

The accommodation prices and flights are also higher at this time of the year. The good thing about this season is that the temperature is much colder, the locals are in much happier spirit, and you get to enjoy the Christmas lights almost everywhere in the country!


It is best to go to the Philippines when it isn’t too hot. And when the airfare and the cost of living, in general, are not that high.

That being said, I personally think that the best time to go to the Philippines is between the end of May until early of August then again from the end of October until mid of December.

When there aren’t that many tourists, and the weather is a bit more accommodating (however, can be unpredictable), which makes a tourist’s stay as comfortable as it can be.

But, then again, there are many exciting events between December until April that make braving through the country’s slight inconveniences worth it, such as the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City and the world-famous Penitence event during the Holy Week.

If you want to visit the islands

Best time to travel to the Philippines
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Port Barton, Philippines

If you are after sunbathing, surfing, water activities, island hopping, and other trips that require a sunny day, you would want to come between December until the end of May.

During these months, there is a very little chance for any rain or typhoon while the temperature is at its best and the locals are also on their holiday spirit.

If you want to surf, make sure to read about the surfing spots before coming. Not all surfing places in the Philippines have the best waves at the same time.

Best time for hiking

For hikers, you want to come between November to March and then again from May until July. These times offer better temperature and drier weather. From April to May, it can be boiling and uncomfortable to hike while August until October is the high season for the typhoon.

Mountains are most likely to be closed for safety reasons. Many amazing mountains to hike are located in the north of the Philippines.

To visit during the Christmas holidays and New Years

If you ask any Filipino, Christmas is the best time to be in the Philippines. The temperature is more refreshing, and everyone is remarkably happier.

Filipinos celebrate Christmas and the New Year’s even like no one else in the world. The traditions come out, the streets are full of bright lights, while parties are non-stop wherever you go.

Just remember that during these times, the prices are higher and places to stay are often fully-booked a few months in advance.

Best time to travel to the Philippines
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Port Barton, Philippines

Travel during the Holy Week

While Holy Week or Easter is another massive holiday in the Philippines. The students are on break from school while many offices and business are shut down. The locals go home to their provinces to visit their families.

The celebration takes four days, however, as a tourist, you will experience that the entire week is the busiest time for islands and provinces in the Philippines. At the same time, Metro Manila will be almost empty during this time.

Again this is a high season, meaning accommodations and transportation will be fully booked and the prices are higher.

Participate with the local festivals

A lot of local festivals in the Philippines which are really amazing to join and experiences are happening between December until May. 


At the end of the day, your personal preference matters most and the activities you want to do when deciding which season is the best for you to visit the country.

This article is more of a guide than an absolute answer. So, whether you’re the type of person who enjoys mingling with the crowd or you appreciate a less crowded place better, the Philippines and its citizens will welcome you with warmth!

I hope that this article will be of help should you decide when is the best time to travel to the Philippines. What are your thoughts about the Philippine seasons, and which season would you prefer to visit the country? Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below!


Planning your trip to the Philippines? Understand and find out the best time to travel to the Philippines depending on the activities you want to do #philippinestravel #besttimetogo #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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Planning your trip to the Philippines? Understand and find out the best time to travel to the Philippines depending on the activities you want to do #philippinestravel #besttimetogo #traveltips #bucketlisttravel #travelideas #travelguide #amazingdestinations #traveltheworld via @amaryroad
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