Travel Guide: Vacation Tips for Egypt in 2021

Travel Guide: Vacation Tips for Egypt in 2021 1
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Egypt is an ancient place as we see in its history. This is still an attraction for many travelers, but there are many things that even travelers don’t know about, let alone the first-timers. If you are one of them and want to explore more and pack up your bags, then below is your guide to getting started. You can start your journey at any time throughout the year and may choose any airline like Egyptair Airlines to land there and start your exploration. Below we have collected some information regarding the places and things that you may not have known.

The Pyramids of Giza

Traveling to Egypt definitely means visiting the pyramids. The pyramids are no doubt one of the world’s wonders and are a huge attraction that people around the globe want to visit. These are located near the Giza plateau, which is right on the west bank of the Nile. It has three majestic pyramids. They are called Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

According to historians, these Giza pyramids were built 4,500 years ago in the 17th century by the army of Pharaoh the King. Not only the one king, but each of them in his reign built the pyramid and named it after their own names. Among them is the tallest one which was built by Khufu.

Not many travelers make it to Egypt without visiting the Giza Pyramids. All you need to know before traveling to the pyramids is the day and temperature. Do not travel in the extreme summers, but in the spring or maybe fall. This way you can travel and explore without getting dehydrated.

Visit The Egyptian Museum

This museum in Egypt has many ancient and historical masterpieces displayed here. People are amazed just by getting a glimpse of this historic landmark in downtown Cairo. The museum is organized by different time periods and dynasties. You can see thousands of years of history all under one roof. Not only people with an interest in history visit the museum, other travelers love to experience the museum too. It is one of the largest museums in the area, but there are other museums to visit as well, so you can visit others each day.


Egypt is one of the countries that has to survive on its Nile water and some take full advantage of its tourism industry. So keep that in mind as things there are not going to be cheap or affordable, especially for the tourists. Instead the extra bucks are charged on each service and product for travelers. They make a lot of money through tourism each year.

With that in mind, use public transportation to save some money when it comes to traveling inside the city, which is huge (Cairo). You cannot visit it in one trip and spending money on a cab will be risky. So use buses or trams to visit around the city.

Safe Traveling Tips

Always try to use safety alerts or apps that continuously locate you when you are on hike or explore the city. Also, do not use cash or maybe don’t bring much cash with you. Instead of using cash, use cards. This way you can avoid pocket picking or theft. 

Try to use one luggage bag or a small backpack. This way you don’t have to worry about your stuff and you can easily carry it all along. For this you need to pack your luggage more strategically, not leaving behind anything necessary, but still having precise, easy to carry luggage.

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