Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Everything and Try Solo Camping

Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Everything and Try Solo Camping 1
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Camping is always a great adventure. It is a common choice for spending one’s vacation, so it’s no wonder that it’s usually considered as a group activity. Mostly due to the wilder nature of this type of trip, not many people would easily decide to do it alone. Those inexperienced may be rightfully concerned – what if something happens and I’m alone? What if I’m not self-reliant enough?

This is probably why, according to outdoor enthusiasts from, family tents are still among bestsellers – people buy them for trips with their kids or friends. Everything seems easier when you’re with others – and certainly less scary.

However, we are here to convince you that camping alone can bring you considerable benefits. As long as you follow some solo camping tips to stay safe and self-sufficient, you will be perfectly alright.

But why should you even consider this option? And what should you know when you prepare yourself for the first solo camping trip? Keep reading to find your answers below!

You Will Be Forced to Learn

Once you’re on your own, you will have no choice but to rely on yourself. While it may be difficult at times, you will find the whole camping solo experience highly educative, both in terms of gaining new skills as well as getting to know yourself. So, if you have always been an outdoor person, it will be an excellent opportunity to hone the skills you already have, as well as convince yourself that you’re quite good on your own. This can be truly empowering.

When you camp with other people, whether your family or friends, you always share responsibilities for the day. Everyone has their favorites, so everyone is mostly happy. When you’re alone, you need to get everything done yourself, or it won’t be done at all – set up a camp, cook a meal, chop wood, etc. This can be a great exercise for motivation and determination. Of course, you need to get some idea of all the things you will have to do while camping solo, but you can easily keep practicing them while you’re there.

You Will Connect with Yourself and Nature

As we have already mentioned, solo camping will allow you to spend some time on your own and get to know yourself. Even if not everything goes according to the plan, you will definitely be incredibly proud when you make it back home. The whole experience may provide you with a lot of confidence. When you think you have survived several nights on your own in the wilderness, probably nothing will seem scary anymore, not even a confrontation with a colleague you don’t like or asking your boss for a raise.

There’s no better place for self-exploration than going camping alone and connecting with nature. You will be able to look at the world around you in a whole new way – the grass will seem greener, the birds will sing more beautifully, you will go deeper into that book you are reading right now. Leave your problems at home, be mindful, allow yourself to truly feel, and simply enjoy.

You Will Be the One and Only Master

Whenever you decide to go on a trip alone, you don’t have to listen to anyone else. Of course, other people may introduce you to concepts and places that you would never have discovered on your own, but there are times when we only want to be with ourselves, hike at our own pace, or finish reading a good book we have started a month ago but had not time to finish.

It’s nice to bond with family or have fun with someone else, but it’s equally pleasant (and important) to spend some time alone, calm down and relax. Without other people around, you will be able to focus on what you really feel like doing at the moment. And only you will decide about the food. Doesn’t it sound great?

How to Prepare for a Solo Camping Trip?

When you are going to camp alone, you are the one who needs to remember everything. And if it’s your first time, you may not want to go big and wild – it’s better for beginners to start small in order to avoid danger as well as disappointment.

To help you prepare better, we are providing you with a checklist for you to go through so that you can be sure you are up for the challenge:

  • practice the basics of navigation,
  • learn how to set up a camp,
  • get a high-quality tent and practice pitching it up,
  • learn how to build a fire,
  • pack a first aid kit,
  • know how to deal with some common injuries,
  • pack some food, ideally products that won’t spoil too soon,
  • make sure your gear (a sleeping bag, some tools, backpack, etc.) is reliable and of high quality – and that you know how to use it.

If you’re going alone for the first time, don’t decide on a distant location, somewhere deep in the wilderness. With time, you can increase your experiences’ difficulty, but during your first solo camping trip, you may want to avoid encounters with predators or a situation with no access to clean water. Beginners get discouraged easily, and that’s not the point.

You can then gradually expand your skill set by learning, for example, how to clean water (e.g., from the creek) or how to handle predators, in case you would like to spend some time in the true wild.

Plan for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Solo camping is a big deal; there’s no point in telling you otherwise. However, as much as it might seem scary, it can also be equally beneficial for both your body and mind.

You certainly shouldn’t go solo camping right away if you have little or no experience with this kind of life. But don’t get discouraged just yet. Everyone needs to start somewhere – you might try spending a couple of nights in your garden and go on to camping on a secured campsite with running water and help available at hand.

Although there surely will be obstacles, you won’t regret it. Get the proper gear, make a list of the necessary things, follow some basic tips, pack a book, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! You will soon fall in love with camping alone.

Reasons to try solo camping
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