Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

By Mary Charie / 15/09/2016

 Recommended Luxury Hotel –  Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul




Elegance and remarkable service are the words I would use to describe my personal experience with Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul. I have been to the other luxury hotels from Asia to Europe, however, so far, Mövenpick topped my list.


Mövenpick is a luxury five-star hotel from Switzerland. Forty-three years ago, the owner only wanted a restaurant. With such great success, the owner then get into different products until he made a decision to build his own hotel brand.


Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

The whole building for starters was built fourteen years ago. It is the first ever high building that has been built in the Levent area. It’s the same span of time that Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul has been in the business of delivering the luxurious experience to its guests. Right after you enter the vicinity, the presence of modern and a little touch of Ottoman architecture will welcome you.


Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul has 24 floors, included a floor that is dedicated to business events, another floor for the wellness centre, a floor for the reception and restaurant area. With the total of 249 rooms including  45 Executive Rooms, 21 Suites, and the Skyline Deluxe suite.





I spent my relaxing two nights in their executive room. The room has a king-sized bed with attached cushion on the headboard which I enjoy when I sit whilst reading a book, just a perfect headrest. The executive room also has a working table in the corner which I used a lot since I work from my computer, is designed with great power plugs for my electric gadgets, a kettle and a tea/coffee set on the side. I found it very smart as it lets me make a quick tea without walking to the other side of the room.


My room was located on the 17th floor, right side after you exit the lift. I was able to overlook the Levent business area. If you wake up early, you will get the chance to see the sunrise, whilst in the evening, you will be greeted by the vibrant skyscrapers of the city.


A spacious closet has enough space for your luggage, suits, shoes, and anything else. A safety box is also available to keep your valuable secure.




Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul


The bathroom is something I always give extra attention when it comes to a luxury hotel. I love bathtubs more than the bed itself. The first thing I check before I decide to work with Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul was if they have a bath tub in their executive rooms, which they have.


As I walked in my room, I already had a great view of the bathroom. The bathtub has a perfect size, there is enough comfortable space where I can relax my head. There is a window glass on the right side of the bathtub which lets me overlook the room. I love how they able to place a long strip on the side, where I can place my drink and my phone without getting wet.


The shower runs great hot water, the lavatory is spacious for my makeup set and/or other toiletries. There is a huge mirror which I enjoyed as well every time I need to dress up for the night.


Luxurious Tip: Plunge into their bath tub and try their bathroom amenities, the smell was very soothing and relaxing. Remember to play music, get yourself a drink, whilst enjoying your hot tub.



Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul 5


The buffet breakfast was all you need when you are on your holiday. Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul offers a wide array of options, such as bread, cereals, omelette, fruits, meat, and a huge selection of cheese. There are also smoothies, milk, juice, and coffee, basically, all you need for breakfast whether you are vegetarian or travelling with your kids.


Luxurious Tip: Try the smoked salmon and chicken wrap, they tasted so good! I also recommend their Mojito, their bartender did a great job.



The Sky Lounge on the 20th floor was closed for renovation during my stay. They also have a lounge on the ground floor (BarAdox), it is open all day til 02.00 AM to serve you.


In the lounge area, you can order lunch, snack, and dinner. The service was quick and surprisingly impressive as well.



Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul


One of my favourite facilities in Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul is their wellness centre. Here, you will get to access their 24-hour gym, indoor swimming pool, sauna bath, steam bath, Jacuzzi, and massage area (upon reservation). The wellness centre is equipped with secured lockers where you can place your valuables whilst you are pampering yourself.

After a long day of sightseeing, I always run down to the wellness centre to unwind. I especially loved the steam bath and sauna, I felt that my skin was well detoxed from it.

Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul



You might think I’m out of my mind for including an ice cream section here. As I mentioned above, the owner of Mövenpick brought himself to various business, one of those was an ice cream brand. The ice cream had a great success which leads to the point that every guest must it try when they visit the hotel.


I don’t normally enjoy sweets, but when it comes with ice cream, I’d give an arm to try the best one! Mövenpick didn’t disappoint me at all! To complete your luxurious Movenpick experience, never leave without trying this. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo of it!



Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul


As a graduate of Hospitality Management, I was trained to have a detailed eye when it comes to the service. A hotel can easily place a comfortable huge bed, expensive amenities, sophisticated interior design, and so on, but a great service is something you cannot easily find.


The moment I walked in the Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, I was greeted by the polite security personnel and the friendly receptionist. They made sure to do their job as quickly and professional as possible so they can send you right away to your room to relax.


Whilst I was enjoying the view of my room, I was surprised by the knock on my door. The room service gave me a fruit plate and a tasty bottle of red wine, sweet!


Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul 5


I was away on the early evening of my first night, when I came back, I found two cute desserts on my bedside and a good night note from the hotel.  Turkey is famous for their sweet delis, don’t forget to try these!


When I walked down to Azzur Restaurant for my breakfast, I was offered the famous Turkish tea. They are also popular for tea and coffee, thus don’t forget to try it too!


Throughout my stay, I constantly meet friendly staff of the hotel. I was never forced to try any food, drinks, or service unless I asked for it. The staffs suggested different food for me to try in a very polite and not irritating way.


I once called for the night manager to fix an issue, he rushed up to my room and made sure that everything was alright. From their reception area, room service, housekeeping, restaurant, and the managers are all professional and genuinely enjoying their job.


I highly recommend Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, I will definitely stay here again when I visit Istanbul in the future. I can honestly say that it’s all well worth.


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DISCLAIMER: Huge thank you to Ms Buket Aguz and Mr Gursel Kosedagi for looking after me and making sure that I had a safe and comfortable stay. Without the accommodating PR team of Movenpick Istanbul, this amazing collaboration wouldn’t have been possible.

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