Recommended Hotel – Artemis Cave Suites

Recommended Hotel - Artemis Cave Suites

Have you ever wonder if you could put sophistication, magical, and cave life in one experience? Neither do I. I planned to head to Cappadocia, Turkey to see their world-famous caves and rock formation of curvy cliffs and fairy chimneys, but to my surprise, there were actual caves that have been turned into a hotel in the area of Goreme.

Goreme is the nearest town to Cappadocia, this is the area where tourists are allowed to stay. Artemis Cave Suites is a boutique hotel located right in the heart of Goreme. You can easily visit the valleys and see the surreal formations right in front of you.

Artemis Cave is one of the newest cave suites in Goreme. Located in the hilly area of the town, it gives a perfect panoramic view of Cappadocia. Offers great relaxing stay whilst showing the beauty of the valleys and curvy cliffs fairy chimneys, your experience will be unforgettable.

The Room

Right at the moment, I entered the Junior Suite Room, I already lost in words of how surreal the room was. I literally feel like I'm in a cave. The room was curved up to make enough space for people and the furniture. The queen-sized bed was spacious enough for two people.

The Food

The room came with complimentary buffet breakfast, where guests have the sky as the limit of what they feel like eating. From freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, cereals, huge selection of cheese, and meat.

Luxury Tip: Get a spot on the balcony where you can overlook the stunning Cappadocia Valleys.

The Bathroom

Although I would have been extra happy to have a bathtub in this very cave room, my room in Artemis Cave Suites doesn't have one, you all know how much I love bathtubs! However, this doesn't affect my satisfaction with how cosy the bathroom is. Decorated with locally designed toilet furniture, the whole setup gave a good sophistication effect of the room.

One of my favourite amenities in the bathroom was the body scrub. Since one of the main ways to see the valleys is by riding a dusty drive of ATV, this scrub definitely helped me after my tour.

The Staffs

Turkish are generally hospitable, I wasn't disappointed with the service of the staffs in Artemis Cave Suites. Mr Reza Sahebjamei in the reception area was great. He was very good and easy to communicate with, he gave great suggestions of what to do and where to go. He constantly checking on me if everything was fine. Even on the day of my check out, he was absolutely helpful.

The Terrace

Make sure to charge up your cameras because Artemis Cave Suites has an amazing terrace, from here you could watch the hot air balloon flight during the sunrise. It was a magical way to start your day, matching the beauty of the Cappadocia's Valley.

Critique Comments

I almost had the perfect experience with Artemis Cave Suites, however, there are some small things that could have made it better.

In the room, there are not enough lights to brighten up the room when needed, especially when you want to read. The nightstand needed a lamp or a reading light. Whilst on the bathroom, the size of the shower area itself was a little bit smaller, the bathroom was spacious, they could have used a little more space for the shower.

These are just small issues that can be fixed easily, I'd still recommend you to stay in Artemis Cave Suites especially for their location.

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