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Most Instagrammable Holiday Destinations

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It's no secret how social media is a huge part of society nowadays, not to mention how it makes things convenient and are within arm's reach. Just recently, statistic came out with the result that two-fifths of young travellers and holidaymakers are deciding where to spend their next trip through listing down the most in the Instagrammable holiday destinations.

“Instagrammable”, yes it's an urban word at the present time. The social media mobile application Instagram has is not only a photo-sharing app, apparently, it is also the place-to-go when deciding where to go next. Instagram is such a hip trend right now at the time when I signed up, I didn't know what my bio should say, check out this collection of the most inspirational Instagram bio.

Travel bloggers and social media influencers promote destinations by sharing top-notch shots of the place together with a very likeable caption that captures the young people's eyes and heart. I decided to jump on this bandwagon and list up where is the most Instagrammable holiday destinations? If you are into photography and travelling perhaps you should invest in a good travel camera, to help you, check this camera comparison for travel photography.

Since I have not been everywhere, I asked other travel bloggers to help me complete the list all based on their first-hand experiences. You can also check this article about best Instagram places in North Island, New Zealand.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Whilst it may not share the high-end luxe reputation of some of the other islands in the Indian Ocean (I’m looking at you, Maldives), Zanzibar is nevertheless a stunning destination. There is plenty to do and see during a visit to the island. Stone Town is the historic centre of activity and a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can wander around the narrow streets, snapping pictures of ornate Middle-Eastern doors, exploring the enormous market, visiting the haunting cellars that once housed slaves or drop by the house where Freddie Mercury was born.

Zanzibar has a rich history in the spice trade. There are a number of spice farms where you can see how cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices are grown and processed.

Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!

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If nature is your thing, then you can visit Jozani Forest to spot the native Columbus monkeys. Or, take a boat out in the early morning for an opportunity to swim with dolphins in their native habitat.

Zanzibar is also home to one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the world - The Rock. The restaurant building is perched on a giant rock in the ocean, serving up fresh seafood every evening.

However, if Insta-perfect shots are what you are after, the number-one reason to visit Zanzibar is for some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Just lie back on the beach and wait for nature to do its thing.

Sarah of Trip Gourmets

Bagan, Myanmar

Personally, I think Bagan is a great spot for an Instagram not only for its stunning view but also because of the lack of tourists compared to other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Must See in Myanmar

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Bagan is famous for its massive archaeological site which composes of over 2,000 temples. The temples of Bagan is the best to visit during either sunrise or sunset, make sure to go to the temples where tourists are allowed to climb. When I visited in 2016, climbing to any temples are still allowed. A few months after that, the government started to place restrictions due to the reason of preserving the temples. These temples were built in the 11th century. A lot of temples have been knocked off because of earthquakes which makes some temples unsafe and sensitive.

Depending on the time of the year, make sure to leave your accommodation an hour before the sunrise. If you are not going with a tour group, remember to rent an e-bike, walking to Bagan from the city centre is impossible as it will be very dark and Bagan is not that close.

Mary of A Mary Road


Few places can be as good as the Maldives as a holiday destination. These islands are the ultimate place to relax and pamper yourself, and to do so in what is the most beautiful setting you could ever hope for. Picture islands that are so small you can walk around them in 20 minutes. However, make sure you packed everything you need, check this Maldives packing list.

Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!

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Add to this palm trees galore, sand as white as it gets, and the incredibly clear, turquoise waters. The coral reef can be accessed on a short swim from the shore, and in certain islands dives start right on the shore too. The marine life is thriving. Complete this already idyllic picture with some incredible accommodation options.

The overwater villas are a dream come true: they are typically set to offer either sunrise or, even better, sunset views. Many of them have a small plunge pool and all of them have direct access to the water. Photo opportunities are endless: whether it is underwater photography you enjoy, or you prefer a beautiful landscape of the perfect atoll, you will be able to get the Instagram-perfect photo.

Claudia of Adventures Across the World

Santorini, Greece

Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!

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Santorini in Greece is without a doubt one of the most Instagrammable holiday destinations in the world. It won't take long before you see someone posing for a photo in the beautiful town of Oia. And rightly so, Santorini is such a wonderful destination for photos. It has this magical view over the Caldera, and romantic feeling while watching the colorful sunsets.

Some of my favorite places for photos in Santorini are Pyrgos, Oia, Red Beach, Imerovigli, Skaros Rock, and Perissa (the black beach). In Oia, you can spend hours and hours just taking photos while wandering the picturesque alleys and streets.

One thing is certain, as long as you bring a camera or a good smartphone to Santorini, you'll end up with plenty of amazing holiday photos!"

Alex of Swedish Nomad

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country with diverse landscapes and fascinating culture. One region in particular; Cappadocia, is one of those places that you thought could only exist in your dreams. This historical region has exceptional natural wonders; they call them the “fairy chimneys”.

Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!

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This natural landscape was created when volcanic rocks eroded into hundreds of pillars and chimney-like forms. People then carved out houses, churches, and monasteries from those soft volcanic rocks.

Nowadays, one of the most spectacular scenes you can witness is when hundreds of hot air balloons slowly rise up from those cave-like dwellings. You’ll have to wake up early and get to a perfect location, usually balconies of cave hotels in Goreme.

As the morning sun rises, you’ll get to see colorful balloons up in the sky and together with the scenery that looks out of this world, you’ll definitely have one of the most memorable travel moments of your life. Finally, when the balloons are up and floating, that’s when you’ll get your perfect Instagram worthy shot.

Angeline of Travel Moments

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Anyone looking for an Instagrammable destination must consider Amsterdam. Between the calm canals, the picturesque houses, and the tulip fields outside of Amsterdam, you’ll be snapping photos every moment while visiting Amsterdam! One of my favorite neighborhoods to explore in Amsterdam is De Jordaan, which is full of canal houses dating back to the Dutch Golden Age and narrow canals that make it easy to get that perfect shot without the crowds you’ll find in the centre of Amsterdam.

Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!

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Similarly, you'll find many picturesque historic courtyards if you look carefully enough when walking around Amsterdam, including the Begijnhof. However, finding the most beautiful spots simply can mean strolling along the canals and bridges as you'll be able to capture Amsterdam's many bikes.

For anyone looking for a classic spot, you cannot miss the iAmsterdam sign, a must for any Instagrammer. You'll find signs all over the city, notably in Museumplein (the best in my opinion). Lovers of night photography will also love the Amsterdam Light Festival, a yearly festival involving light sculptures, which is the perfect excuse to stroll down the canals with your camera in hand! The sculptures change each year, however, the best angle is often from nearby canal boats.

Karen of WanderlustingK

In this list, I've only been to two and I can't wait to go to the others and get create breathtaking photos. If you are heading to Australia, check out these Instagrammable places in Sydney. or if you love chasing the sunset, check out these most beautiful sunsets in the world.

A huge thank you to my co-travel bloggers who took their time to contribute to this list. We all hope that you find it useful and don't forget to tag us on your photos from these destinations. Please check out other Instagrammable destinations.


Here are the most #Instagrammable #holidaydestinations. Sort out your summer for the #topholidaydestinations based on #Instagram. From #destinations in #Asia, #Europe, and #Africa. If you are looking for #cheapholidaydestinations or a luxurious one, here is the list for you!
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