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Top Au Pair Websites - Find Your Ideal Host Family

Living in Denmark as an au pair

As all of you know, I was an Au Pair in Denmark for two years. I was able to understand the Scandinavian culture, learn the language, try great Danish food, and made local friends! After I published my experience as an Au Pair in Denmark, I received tonnes of question about how to find or get in contact with a host family. I personally don’t believe that an Au Pair should spend money on agencies to find a host family, thus, I will be listing down the top Au Pair websites to find your ideal host family.

Criteria I used to decide which ones are the Top Au Pair Websites:

  • Free Sign Up
  • Friendly To Use
  • Free Perks Even You Use A Free Subscriptions
  • Messaging System
  • Popularity Amongst Au Pairs & Host Families

 Filipinos cannot be an au pair in countries such as the US, the UK, and Ireland. So far, these are the country that I’m only aware of. If you have knowledge about other countries that should be added here, I would appreciate if you could let me know. Thank you!


Top Au Pair Websites

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

AuPairNet24 lets you sign up for free and easily browse the host family based on the location you want to be an Au Pair and other important preferences such as big or small city and the number of kids you will look after. I also love their messaging system where I can easily send the host family a message and they can reply to me with no problem. I was able to get in contact with a few hosts easily and smoothly. UPDATE: Looks like AuPairNet24 has been rebranded and is not focusing on au pair only.

My Family Au Pair

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

Even though My Family Au Pair focuses sending au pairs to Germany and Austria only at the moment, the fact that the people two ladies behind it are mothers and have au pair themselves, it makes me feel comfortable to recommend them. They personally conduct a video chat interview and meticulously find the best match for every au pairs and every host families.

To know more about their work, read the article I wrote.

Top Au Pair Websites

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

With a fast and easy way to send a message to your ideal host family, also lets Au Pairs sign up for free! The host families need to subscribe as a premium member to be able to get connected with the Au Pairs faster. Whilst Au Pairs can easily browse around the website to find their preferred location and customise the other preference options. covers almost the whole Europe, this is perfect for an au pair who wish to move to Europe, learn a new language, get familiarised to a new culture, or simply travel around Europe.

Top Au Pair Websites

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

Even though AuPairCare is specifically dedicated for Au Pairs who wanted to find a host family in the USA, their process, and system flow is neat. A local agency from your home country will contact you for an in-person interview after you finished signing up online. You will also be asked to take a personality quiz before you can move on to submitting your application. The process could be long, but once you get past that, you will get to enjoy an easy and smooth way to find your ideal host family.

Top Au Pair Websites

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

Also known as operates mainly in the Scandinavian countries; Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Scandinavian Au-Pair Center also offers assistance to Canada for Au Pairs (Caregivers) who wish to work there. Registration is also free for au pairs. Their system works differently, once you filled up the information of your preference and your personal details, Scandinavian Au-Pair Center will email you the host families’ profiles. From there you can decide if you are interested or not. If you show your interest in the specific family, the website will forward your contact information to your possible host.

Top Au Pair Websites

Why It’s One Of The Top Au Pair Websites?

AuPairWorld is one of the most popular Au Pair websites across the internet. The flow from signing up, finding you host family, and getting in contact with them is terrific. You can also sign up for free and still enjoy their services. The only thing that made me think twice if I should add AuPairWorld here is when they stopped accepting Filipino who wants to be an Au Pair and find a host family through them. Without any explanation, they simply turn the other aspiring Au Pairs and my application down. I remember opening an account through them in 2014 (without problem) which is the reason why I was able to try their website.

I truly believed that doing an Au Pair program is a great deal! You get to live in a new country, understand a new culture and traditions, even get the chance to travel around! I even speak Danish now and able to understand some Swedish and Norwegian. I personally funded my first six months of travel through my Au Pair job.


Top Au Pair Websites
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Lowen - 30/08/2017

Your article is great!
I’m a Male looking for a families to work in as Au Pair. Is there any chances that I can find families to work with? I’m 25 and a college graduate and presently working here at cebu airport. enlighten me some requirements as I am dreaming for this job. take care and God Bless! More power!

    Mary Charie - 30/08/2017

    Hi Lowen,

    Thanks for reading! If I will be honest, a lot of families are looking for female au pairs. Although I’ve met a few who are au pairs and they are males. So I think you can find a host, just have to look harder, Try join Facebook groups 🙂

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