10 Cheap Travel Destinations for Students

Traveling is a fun activity that a lot of people like to embark on. Unfortunately, only a select few either get the chance amidst their busy schedule or enough resources to travel. As a student on a budget, it might seem quite impossible to travel to your chosen location on a budget, but the good news is, it doesn’t always have to be so. With your little budget, you can select any of the following cheap travel destinations to enjoy your vacation. The following list was offered by an affordable team of essay writers from AffordablePapers.com, a professional writing company.

1. New York

Talk about the city that never sleeps, and you’d be talking about New York. Filled with numerous shopping malls, shows, and lovely terraces, the city is sure to serve as a wonderful travel destination for you with its glitz and glamor. So, as a student on a budget who is out to spoil himself without having to bother about his pocket size, then New York is the place to visit.

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2. Albania

If there is one European country that’s filled with beautiful sand beaches bordering the clear waters, surrounded by wonderful coves and small villages with happy villagers trading their wares and services at fair prices, then that is definitely Albania. Fit for all lovers of quiet beach life who are on a fun spree while looking to keep their wallets reasonably loaded, Albania seems to be the perfect travel destination for you. What’s more? The serenity of the environment, the coziness of their low-cost hotels, and the friendliness of their villagers would make you want to extend your vacation time.

3. Madrid

Charles Ross, a successful writing expert opines that life begins ‘late’ in Madrid. Madrid, the Spanish capital is one place with lots of wild bars, pubs, and clubs which are quite perfect for students who are out to party all night after spending an entire semester seriously working on their academic pursuits. As a lover of good music, good dance, the nightlife and eating late, the place to be in Madrid as the city is filled with great musicians with terrific skills. What’s more? You get to munch at your favorite churros at nice cafés while enjoying their free Wi-Fi, all within the limits of your budget. How nice!

4. San Diego

If you like to sit all morning or evening by the beach, sipping at your favorite cocktail or cold beer while allowing your eyes to feed on the beautiful landscape, the vegetation, and other tourists, then San Diego is the place for you. Think about a city where you can think of all the American dreams and actually toast to them, and you’d be thinking of San Diego. What’s more? Their fresh fish tacos will surely massage your taste buds, compelling you to elongate your holiday. So, if you’d like to spend your mornings bathing in the warm sun, your afternoons walking from one point of the beach to the other on a paddleboard and your evenings eating your favorite fresh fish tacos in the coolest restaurant and bars, then you might want to book your flight ticket to San Diego immediately.

5. Tokyo

When I hear of Tokyo, I think of creativity, bright lights, and of ancient civilization contrasting its unique technology. I also think of beautiful cherry blossoms surrounding the Shinto shrines as well as large televisions bordering the well-lit streets. If you’re awed by the cutting-edge technology of Tokyo, their ancient culture as well as their great-tasting sushi enough to want to have a taste of them, then you should seriously consider booking your flight ticket to Tokyo. 

6. Sydney

If you’re looking for an Australian holiday destination where you could relax on well-tanned surfers and forget about the stress of the semester, then Sydney is the place for you. The lively city of Sydney offers students the opportunity of relaxing on their beautiful beaches, sunbathing, sipping away at their favorite cocktails, and reminiscing on the days passed while savoring the beauty of life, all at very affordable costs.

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7. Croatia

Two parts of Croatia thrill me- the archipelago island and the beautiful Hvar Island. The former is filled with very quiet coastal routes and beaches where you could get to engage in fun activities like cycling and beach partying while the latter has an ample number of clubs and bars. Croatia is surely one city where you can get to have a feel of lovely fishing villages surrounded by budding vineyards.

8. Hawaii

If there is one city that offers you multiple vacation destinations to choose from, then it is Hawaii. Filled with eight lovely islands and some islets where you could relax, bathe in the sun, dive into gentle waterfalls, go surfing and kayaking, etc., you’re sure to never get bored in the city.

9. Vancouver

One word comes to mind when I think of Vancouver and that’s an adventure-pure, beautiful, and sizzling adventure! As a student with an adventurous mind who is wary of all the academic workload and truly wants to explore life outside the confines of the library, then Vancouver is the place to be. From climbing and skiing down snowy mountains to kayaking, visiting the sand beaches, and exploring the forests, there are lots of adventurous activities that you can embark on in Vancouver. All you have to do is book your flight ticket, get on the next available flight to Vancouver, and voilà, you’re in Vancouver! 

10. London

If you’re a student in search of entertainment and probably some lovely places to intern, then you might want to consider planning a trip to London. London is one city with lots of beautiful streets and tall buildings which serve as business premises for people with entrepreneurial minds. The city is brought to life daily by the strings of shows and entertainment activities which in my opinion are perfect distractions from the stress of making a living. So, if you’re in search of a place to relax while building some strong networks with influential people, then plan to visit London.

Going on vacation is a great way to unwind after a hectic semester and for a student on a budget, it doesn’t always have to be such an expensive activity, given the list of cheap travel destinations listed above.

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