Waves And Mountains – Story Of A Traveller (Dane Faurschou)

By Mary Charie / 11/01/2017

Waves And Mountains – Story Of A Traveller (Dane Faurschou)

Waves And Mountains


I am travelling for only a year now, every now and then, the terrifying feeling of waking up knowing that I am 24, homeless, no permanent source of income, lives in hostels, with no solid plan for my life in the next few years is scaring the shit out of me.

Dane Faurschou, 31, from Bayron Bay Australia reminded me why I am here, on the road, enjoying the feeling of being lost. Dane has been travelling for 12 years now and still doesn’t have clue when he will stop.


Waves And Mountain – Dane Faurschou


What made you decided to go travelling?

Surfing. It was always surfing at the start. I was travelling to so many amazing tropical islands, the kinds of places you see in travel brochures but I never really saw anything except the surf. After a few years of doing this, I realised I had missed so many amazing things and decided it was time to try and travel differently. This started a two-year journey where I split my time between the ocean, mountains and cities. It expanded my mind and the way I travelled.


What do you love most about travelling?

The growth and personal development that comes from experiencing new and unique cultures and countries. Also new waves! They make me really happy.


In your opinion, what is the worst part of travelling?

Maybe waiting for flights and buses and whatever else is possible to be delayed. At the same time, I get a lot of extra reading done at these times. New food in developing countries can also cause stomach problems haha.


Waves And Mountains


Have you ever felt it’s time to stop travelling and put down some roots?

Constantly haha. Being 31 with no real main source of income I always question if I am doing the right thing but then nothing makes me feel alive like travelling does. I also think about working, surfing and hiking and I feel it will be far easier to sit in an office at age 60 than surfing or hiking will be at the same age. Our society is kind of geared to work towards an early retirement. We are told to work hard and retire as early as possible and make your later years easier. This sounds backwards to me. Physically I would never be able to do the things I am doing now in my 60s or 70s.


What makes your travelling style unique?

I am not a fan of hotels and hostels so much and would much rather find somewhere to sleep outside. A quiet park or outskirts of a town or city. It is also a constant battle between time surfing and time in the mountains. I am not sure it is that unique but it is not the normal style of travel.


If you have a message to someone who hasn’t travelled yet, what would it be?

I know it sounds cliché but the feeling of standing somewhere completely unknown, not knowing anyone or even knowing what way north and south are is daunting at first but gives you a feeling of complete freedom. It is one of the few times where every choice you make is completely your own. I almost never pre-book anything so left or right up or down make a huge difference to where you end up and your overall experience. It is freedom, unlike anything you can feel when you are living inside your comfort zone.

Waves And Mountains


What is your message to someone who would love to travel but full of doubts?

Pick somewhere a little cliché. See what all the hype is about in these places people are talking about. Somewhere like South East Asia or one of the main travel destinations in your own country. I try and avoid these places now but they are normally that hyped for a reason and when I do visit they are always amazing! You will probably find the same sense of happiness that others have found there and it will hopefully fuel a desire to travel further.


What is your main goal of travelling?

Either finding good waves or standing on top of the highest mountains in the area. These two things make everything worthwhile for me. Camping and standing on the tops of mountains or sitting in the ocean looking at landscapes I have never seen before if for me my ultimate happy place.

Do you have any tips to your co-travellers or people who are about to travel?

Don’t have expectations. If you think you went the wrong way but it seems like it is leading somewhere good anyway just follow that path. I have had some of my most amazing travel experiences during the times where I have been completely lost. Pack light as well. Pack a bag and then half it. I still almost always pack more than I need.


One Of My Favourite Travel Stories

Hmm, I got detained by the military in Ecuador after I snuck through an airforce base to surf this wave that was behind it. They called me out of the water holding AK-47s in the air. When I got out and was getting my stuff to go with them completely randomly the president of Ecuador was walking along the beach with his wife. He stopped to say hello and ask me how my day was and then he continued on his way before I was escorted back to a small building by the armed guards.

Waves And Mountains


My Story To Inspire

I have been traveling almost constantly for the last twelve years and I still see things that I could not even imagine. When you travel so much you start to think that there are not that many new things out there but that is so far from the truth. Last year, I went to a lot of different countries but some of these included Iran, Iceland and Puerto Rico. All three are so completely different from one another but they all blew me away. Iran had a culture like nothing I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. The nature in Iceland was unparalleled to anything I have ever seen before. And Puerto Rico despite the fact I have been to so many other places like this had me amazed constantly. No matter where you go there is always something new and exciting, mind blowing and incredible and I think this is what fuels me to continue.


Follow Dane on his adventure through his Website. He also has an amazing Instagram feed, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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Emmgee - 13/01/2017

Inspiring story.. He has the best experiences that a homeless could have. My fave part is when he surf in Ecuador.

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