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best songs for travelling

Is it not beautiful when you listen to your favourite travel songs, it that takes you back to the fun, sad, crazy, wild, and amazing trips you have been to! Who doesn't pack their headphones and make sure that their music players are fully charged for the upcoming trip?

I play ukulele although not very well! But plugging my headset on and listen to the music is one of my favourite things to do, who doesn't? It let me stop whatever's happening around me, block the cat callers in a dodgy alley, shuts up the loud snore of my dorm mate, bring comforts when I'm homesick or miss my friends, or even help me write so I can express myself better. The guy sitting across me in the metro must have thought I'm crazy for banging my head, mumbling words, tapping my fingers, putting my hands up in the air or dance like crazy (okay, maybe that's beyond acceptable).

In this list, you will find not only new songs to add to your travel playlist, surely you will find some new inspiring travel quotes too  or this top solo travel quotes. What I did is asked other travellers to share their favourite music to listen to when travelling or road tripping, enjoy!

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

I personally love this song by Paper Lions not just because it's literally about travelling but also for the reason that it sings the interaction between a traveller and a local. It also reminds me of my time when I was living with a local family in Vietnam where I was welcomed like part of the family. - Mary of A Mary Road

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

Have you HEARD this song? I mean, who couldn't listen to 500 Miles without loving it? The tune is so upbeat and the words super catchy, making it an easy and awesome song to rock out to.  But I guess the main reason it's my favorite traveling song is due to all the amazing memories I have when listening to it. - Mri Grout of Life Long Vagabonds

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

My favourite travel song is Porcelain by Mobi. It's a really beautiful song. I always listen to it when I'm en route somewhere and when I'm travel writing because it's relaxing and takes me back in my mind to where I was. I love the song because it has a really calming, spiritual feel to it and every time I listen to it, it reminds me of the sense of freedom that travel gives us. The feel of the wind on your face and an open road.  - Melissa of Foot Steps On The Globe

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

Great travel song was written by one of the best modern day songwriters, Ryan Tedder of One Republic. Captures the feeling of a young traveler and struck a chord with me personally as it mentions many cities in the song in which my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) met up while maintaining a massive long distance relationship.

We are now living the good life as a married couple traveling the world as we share our experiences. - Mike & Meg Jerrard of Mapping Megan and Waking Up Wild

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

This is my favourite travel song because I think any traveller can relate to the lyrics of this song. Every time the chorus hits you, it feels as fresh as it did the first time you heard it. 'How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rollin stone'. - Jamie by Lady And The Trumper

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

I love this song as it completely defines all my feelings and devotion towards a life of travel. When I'm feeling down or uncertain about my next travel move I turn this song on loud and play it on repeat to remind me why I chose to backpack solo in the first place. - Leah of Love From Leah

best songs for travelling

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

I love love this song! I would listen to it on repeat when I walked the Camino de Santiago. It has a nice beat to it, so it would distract me from the miles of miles of walking I had in front of me. And now, it always makes me want to move- travel. I guess it's my to-go nomad tune. - Veronica of The Modern Pilgrim

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

 Aussie classic Down Under by 80's Aussie rock band Men at Work might not be a traditional travel anthem, but its true-blue Aussie lyrics, sentiments and catchy riffs make it the go-to song for homesick travellers from downunder - maybe because Australians are the only ones who understand it!  It's a celebration of the good AND bad in Aussie culture and playing it in an Aussie pub will almost always guarantee a sing-a-long. - Marion of Red Nomad

Why is this one of your favourite travel songs?

Love deeply and live in the moment. This is the big message that this song wants to say. It never failed to bring a smile to my face and helped to cease the day. With its upbeat tune and fantastic lyrics, this is definitely a hit on my list. Makes me more inspired to make new friends and discover new things on the road when I travel. - Ryazan of Everything Zany

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

Written and sung by my friend Wim Keesmaat, Song of a Traveler summons up exactly what long-term travel is about. How people ridicule you for giving up your house and securities. To instead choose the world as your home. “A ship is safer in the harbor, but it isn’t made for that. It has to sail to be free”. - Karin of Land Cruising Adventure

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

This song from 2013 may just sound like another club electronica mix, but when you listen to the lyrics they seem to go a bit deeper. It tells a great story about the passing of life and doing all that you can within that lifetime. One of the lines is "I hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don't have any plans." Which pushes me to travel more and to never delay plans. - Natasha of The World Pursuit

best songs for travelling

Why is this one of  the best songs for travelling?

Beirut perfectly captures a great memory in the song Postcards from Italy. Cherished moments with someone dear, perhaps in a holiday - this is what I envision when I listen to this song. It brings to life colourful memories of past travels and invokes feelings of joy. If you are looking to reminisce on some of the wonderful places you have visited, "Postcards from Italy" is a fitting song to listen to. - Gia of Mismatched Passports

The boys who brought you MMMBop are back, but they’ve grown up and grown into their music. Their 2017 single is perfect for when you’re on your way to the airport for a way too early flight. It is a classic upbeat pop song, and it's the type of jam that can get you dancing even before you’ve had any coffee. Even more than that though, the lyrics speak to me as a traveler. I’ve never quite felt at home with the masses who can accept living and dying and seeing only a few other places during their lifetime.

This song was the first one that made me feel like maybe there was someone else out there who desperately needed to chase new experiences. Maybe there was someone else out there like me. It’s all about going somewhere no one has ever gone, doing something no one has ever done, or being someone that no one has ever been. And I think traveling opens up those opportunities for people. Additionally every kid in the video is the offspring of the band members, how cute is that?! - Ashley of Dash In Ash

On many of our trips there comes a point when we are reminded just how good we have it.  The time we realized we had a hotel patio with views of the Eiffel Tower, when we checked into our rainforest cabin in Costa Rica or when we checked off bucket list items in New York City.  When those types of things happen, we always turn on "So Good" by B.o.B and enjoy his lyrics about traveling the world.  - Dan of Honeymoon Always

I first heard 'Life Is A Highway' when it appeared on the soundtrack for the Disney Pixar movie 'Cars'.  A few years later, my family and I drove Route 66 (Chicago to LA), which was a huge inspiration for the 'Cars' movie so of course 'Life Is A Highway' was on our driving playlist for the trip!  The song just screams out 'American road trip' and you can't help but sing along at the top of your voice!  Even when I'm not travelling it's one of those songs that constantly remind me of being on the road! - Kylie of Between England And Iowa

Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places in the world. Owl City's "Montana" is all about how the singer's grandfather moved to Glacier when he was boy because he fell in love with it, so I relate to the song on a personal level. But I think everyone has a place in the world where they feel most alive, and sometimes it takes traveling all over the world to find that place. And the song really speaks to that as well! - Maggie of Pink Caddy Travelogue

The first time I heard Renegades by X Ambassadors, I knew this was going to be my theme song for every road trip from that moment on.  No matter what I am doing, as soon as I hear this song it almost instantly starts me imaging climbing mountains, driving across prairies, and camping under the stars.  There’s a sense of freedom that I always feel when I hear the first few notes and I usually start thinking of where my next road trip will be. - Kristal of Adventure Dawgs

Travelling soon or going on a road trip? check these best songs for travelling to add on your playlist. #bestsongsfortravelling #songsforroadtrip

This song reminds me of summer vacation growing up in the 1980’s - long sunny days spent at the beach and the pool. Wayfarers from Ray-Ban were super-cool thanks to Tom Cruise in Risky Business. It’s a quintessential American summer with convertible cars, cut-off shirts and sun-bleached hair (with a little help from lemon juice). You went to evening baseball games, and ate hot dogs. With any luck, an older friend would get you beer or at least a wine cooler. You had the feeling that summer would never end, school was a far away blip in the horizon and life was full of possibilities.  - Shoba of Martha's Vineyard Tourist

I have loved this song since I was a kid and it's always inspired me to want to explore Africa, preferably on safari in the Serengeti.

Last year, we finally visited Africa and we did play it in the car as we headed to park. It was just a shame that it wasn’t raining! The best part is that now when I hear it, I remember our great trip and can picture the highlights of our safari. - Sharon of Melbourne Family

A song that has inspired me for years to travel before it's too late.The Ballad of Lucy Jordan is about a woman who dreams of "riding through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair". The quiet intensity that Faithfull brings to this sad song has always said to me - travel now before it's too late, go while you can.

This is a song about not burying your dreams and sacrificing yourself for others. It says to believe in yourself and make your own dreams come true and I believe that speaks to all travelers. - Faith of XYU And Beyond

Go Your Own Way is THE anthem for my time spent driving in an old car from the UK, all the way to Mongolia (and back!). I blasted out this song across crazy mountain ranges, endless days of nothing in the desert; through the awesome times and the soul-crushing ones. The Mongol Rally road trip is taken on by only the most adventurous. There’s no support, no set route – just the goal to make it to Mongolia alive. Not many people make it, but with my team of 4 amazing women, we made it and live to tell the tale! - Alice of Teacake Travels

I'd like to nominate "This Time Tomorrow" by the Kinks as one of the best travel songs of all time. I mean it doesn't get more appropriate than a song which begins with the sound of a plane taking off and repeats such important questions as "This time tomorrow, where will we be? what will we see? what will we know?"  The lyrics also perfectly captures the thoughts that you might have while peering out the window of the plane, which lines like "I'll watch the clouds as they sadly pass me by." Lastly, the song inspired one of the greatest scenes in a Wes Anderson movie where the main characters chase the namesake train in The Darjeeling Limited while shedding their literal and proverbial baggage. This time tomorrow for the win! - Thea of Zen Travellers

"Soaking up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow always takes me back to the time I left the concrete jungle of New York for the sunny shores of Northern California. It was right after graduating college, and I had fallen in love with the rugged coastline. For the first time in my life, I felt free as I cruised down Highway 1 with the windows down in my used Toyota Tercel blasting the song and stopping at any beach that called to me. Whenever I listen to it now, it takes me back to those glorious days of carefree living on the left coast in the summer of 2002. - Lavanya of Nature Traveler

This song is our family travel anthem because to us it sums up everything that's great about traveling the world in our little family unit. Our interpretation of the lyrics is that it's all about getting out of your comfort zone, taking a chance and doing it, and it doesn't matter where you are long as you're all experiencing it together. Plus it's a bonus that the video is shot in Tokyo, one of our favourite cities we've traveled to! - Kylie of Our Overseas Adventures

Massive thank you to all travel bloggers who shared their favourite songs when travelling. If you have anything to add, let me know in the comment section below.


Travelling soon or going on a road trip? check these best songs for travelling to add on your playlist. #bestsongsfortravelling #songsforroadtrip
Travelling soon or going on a road trip? check these best songs for travelling to add on your playlist. #bestsongsfortravelling #songsforroadtrip
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