Travelling is confusing. You’ll get lost, countless times. You’ll constantly hear the language you can’t decode at all. Walking through unfamiliar roads will be your everyday routine. Yet, heaps of people still enjoy these. Nevertheless, a little help from co-travellers wouldn’t hurt, right? So I piled up some tools that can ease up your life in travelling.




These websites can help you get the best place to stay during your travelling. If you are either looking for luxurious hotels or cheap hostels, you can easily find them here!



is well-known reliable booking site in Asia. I have used this platform, I can’t recommend this amazing portal highly enough.




 is a perfect alternative way of finding accommodation, especially in Europe. I personally used this and I loved it. It gave me the chance to feel home away from home.



is useful for finding cheap deals across the world. What I enjoy most is the long-range option of their reviews ratings. You can easily which hotel is good for meeting people or which one have great locations.




HostelWorld is the young traveller’s best buddy. They have large compilations of affordable hostels around the globe.



Recommended Backpackers hostels






Blogging is a fun idea but a hell of a work to do. To ease your troubles here are some website that you could use if you want to start a new blog. Feel free to message me for questions.



siteground Siteground is easy to use, affordable and has good support. I had a lot of trouble when I was starting my blog, I also tried plenty of hosting companies, but only SiteGround meet my needs.





Planning to travel for a long-term? Make sure you are geared with these epic tools to sustain your travels longer and more fun!


Are you planning to teach English whilst travelling? Do you plan to volunteer as an English teacher? Perhaps sustain your travels through teaching English? I highly recommend you to get your TEFL certificate through MyTEFL! I obtain mine with them and had an amazing time teaching kids in Southeast Asia. If you use the code MARYROAD on the checkout, you will get 35% off!




Mobile phones are somehow part of our body now so are apps in it. Download these apps to make sure you will have a fab time on the road!


TravelloApp lets you connect to other travellers around you or travellers of your next destination. You can easily post any questions or share any ideas you have in mind. Looking for a travel buddy? Wondering about the safeness on your next destination? Ask Travello travellers! – Available for both Android & iPhone!




From bags, actions cameras, backpacks, shoes, travelling computer, or any gadgets, you can find them here. I personally use them as well. For reviews of some products, follow the link on each brand.
 I personally use betulacup and loving it! I always find it hard to find my sanitary needs whilst travelling when it’s time of the month, some rural areas don’t even sell anything for this lady’s business. Since I started using betulacup, I never have to worry about risking my health and my bank accounts too!



For me, there is one and only trusted travel clothing and it is Craghoppers. I have a jacket from them which I love and enjoy very much. I love their style and the fact that they can bring fashion and quality in one product.


Grayl is the company that sent me the ultralight purifier bottle that I never let go since the day I received it. It has save me so much money and made me minimise the use of plastic bottle during my trip. And of course, it made sure I drink clean and purified water wherever I go!




Visas are always a headache, we all know that! But it should not hinder you from seeing the world and discover your own self through travelling. I hope these visa assistance tools will be helpful you as they have been helpful for me!


E-VISUMS will assist you to get your E-VISA hassle free! All you need to do is ready your documents and E-VISUMS will do the rest! They also offer free advice for what you will be needing to process your visa smooth and fast.



1Cover is in-charge when the unforeseeable happens and cancelling becomes the only option, having trip cancellation insurance gives you the peace of mind that you need to deal with an unexpected situation.