RVShare – Cheapest RV Rental Online

By Mary Charie / 25/02/2017

RVShare – RV Rental Online

RVShare – Cheapest RV Rental Online

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Nowadays, people travel in different ways. I personally go on a full backpacking trip, the others hop on either their bicycle or motorbikes to stroll for thousands and thousands of kilometres for a few months. Whilst the others find RVing is a great way to discover the world. RV rental is getting more and more popular across the US.

Do you own an RV yourself but use it for a few time a year only? How about make money instead of letting your RV sit around for the rest of the year? Don’t waste your money paying for your RV whilst you could actually earn money from it.

Rent An RV

What is RVShare?

RVShare is the RV rental version of Airbnb – easy, secure, affordable! The most affordable RV rental you could find online, for as low as $9.47/day, you can have your own RV that could take you everywhere you want.

Why rent an RV with RVShare

With RVShare, you have the widest options and deals for both private owners and RV dealerships. There is also a great selection for the different class of RVs; Luxury Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B Camper Vans, Class C Motorhome, and Travel Trailers. The filter option will give the full control of finding the RV of your choice depending on your plans. You can also compare the rental prices, features, and reviews.

RVShare secures your payment and backed it by $10,000 peace of mind guarantee. There is 24/7 agent and roadside assistance available. You don’t have to feel alone when you are out on the road, you can always reach out to someone for an assistance wherever and whenever you need them!

RVShare – Cheapest RV Rental Online

Rent Out Your RV

Benefits of using RVShare

  • Listing your RV is absolutely for free, you can put your RV on the list to start getting people rent your RV without spending any money.
  • If you rent your RV through RVShare, you can easily earn between $100 a day to $300 a day or more! A quick extra money is not bad for an idle RV.
  • RVShare is very much aware how much you care for your RV, they conduct the screening tools and insurance that both make sure that the owner of the RV and the renter are in safe and secure hands.
  • You meet more people. As an owner, you will get to meet the person who will rent out your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Rental


For RV Owners:

What if the renter damages my RV?

Because RVShare makes the relationship between the owner of the RV and the renter on the personal level, renters are very respectful and treat the RV like it is their own compared to the RVs from private companies. In case there are any damages, the repair will be covered by the security deposit paid by the renter together with the insurance coverage. The owner of the RV will pay nothing to restore the RV in its best condition.

How do I get paid?

RVShare will do all the hard and complicated work in collecting payment. They handle and make sure that all payment transactions are secured. RVShare will send your funds directly to your bank account a business day before the start of the rental.

Can I decide to accept or decline a rental request?

Definite yes! You are in the full control of who can rent your RV. You can set your own standards and make sure you only let your RV rented by renters you are comfortable with.

Can I still use my RV?

Of course, you can, easily adjust the availability of your RV on your calendar.

RVShare – Cheapest RV Rental Online


For RV Renters:

How can I communicate with the RV owner?

Once the owner of the RV accepts your request, you and the owner can exchange messages through the inbox of RVShare. Over-the-phone calls are also possible.

What if I had emergency/breakdown whilst on the road?

As long as you rent your RV through RVShare, there will be a 24/7 emergency assistance included. If you need your RV to be towed or change of tire, RVShare will take care of you.


RVShare – Cheapest RV Rental Online


DISCLAIMER: I received a compensation in return for writing this sponsored article.

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