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Recommended Luxury Hotel – Panviman Chiang Mai


Panviman Chiang Mai - Pool

Even it was the rainy season when I was in Panviman, I still took my time to enjoy this infinity pool with such view!


Thailand is undeniably one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia, from breathtaking beaches, rich culture, to mouthwatering local food, Thailand can easily find its way to every traveller’s heart.


Just a little over 30 minutes from the busy city of Chiang Mai, a paradise is nestled in the middle of the mountains. Panviman is a boutique spa resort in Thailand, with two other luxurious paradise one located in Chiang Mai and the other is in Koh Phangan. Panviman aims to satisfy its guest through delivering a true Thai atmosphere through the comfort of the rooms, world-class Thai cuisine, well-known Thai spa, and the hospitality from its locals.

I was here during the rainy season which was July to October the advantage of going in this time of the year is that everything is green and lively. I also managed to visit Chiang in late January(2016), it was warm with high humidity, however, the sky was shining blue all day. 

I invited my friend Christopher to join me in Panviman Chiang Mai, we are both stunned by the beauty of this resort and with such hospitality of the whole team have shown us.


panviman chiang mai - Sky Mountain

Walking into the room, an en-suite luxurious bathroom is located on my left, whilst on my left was a fully equipped closet where a safety box is also located. Walking further into the room, there’s a spacious living area. My heart jumped as I eye the comfortable looking king-sized bed overlooking a balcony with such a view! The entire room and the balcony is spacious enough (72 sqm), with all the amenities we need.

The balcony has a great space too, couches and a table were also in sight. I could admire the valleys of Mae Rim covered in rich green trees and a foggy sky. A flat-screen TV is also hooked up just below the bed with a set of music appliances.


In my past reviews of luxury hotels, I always provide a section for the bathtub, I personally enjoy baths especially one in a five-star hotel. Panviman Chiang Mai did not disappoint me with this feature, a well-sized bathtub is located on the right side of the bathroom, where I can easily open the slide and viola, I can have a great view of the balcony.

As usual, Panviman has the special sent right from their bathroom amenities that gives me a soothing and relaxing feeling whilst I soak myself in the tub reading a book and drinking wine.


One of the reasons why I was so excited to stay with Panviman was because of their impeccable service, which Panviman Chiang Mai made me realise that it was not a myth! Mr Charles and his whole team did a great job in keeping us relaxed and well pampered during our entire stay.

Since the spa resort is located in the middle of the valley, the reception desk mentioned to us that we are able to rent a scooter bike so we can get around the area pretty easily. Mr Charles provided a map filled with information we need about what to see in Mae Rim.

panviman chiang mai - view


On my first visit to Thailand, which was last year (2016), I was not very impressed with it. This resulted in my travel friends thinking I have such bad taste in food. I knew I had to give it another try, perhaps I have to eat at the right place. Panviman Chiang Mai definitely changed my mind about Thai food. We dine with Mr Charles for a dinner in the panorama restaurant where not only great food was served but with also a stunning view and a local band who played using traditional Thai music instruments.

The breakfast was also top notched. Panviman Chiang Mai offers a wide variety of food selection for breakfast, from authentic Thai food, Chinese food, and Western food, the resort made sure there was food for every type of guests.


Just right after I enjoyed a classic Thai massage, what a view!

If we talk about spa resort, I’m pretty sure we will both agree that the place should be relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a great pool and spa areas. However, Panviman Chiang Mai doesn’t think those facilities are good enough, I was so thrilled to find out that they also have a fitness area, children play area, outdoor activities area consists of golf, pingpong table, shooting arrows, punching bag, and a life-sized chess board. The two storey swimming has the best view I’ve ever seen!

If this doesn’t amaze you yet, go visit the meditation cave in the spa area or have a coffee by the open balcony in recreation area overlooking the town of Mae Rim and the organic farm of Panviman hotel. you will find a couple of animals freely wandering around the resort.


It took me days to go around my notepad and see if there will be something I could say as a downside during my stay in Panviman Chiang Mai. After giving it so much thought whilst browsing the photos during my stay with a cold beer on my hand, I have to say that there is nothing I could say about the whole team and the entire resort.

Everything was great, we were very relaxed throughout our stay. The resort gives us what we needed during our visit, which was to relax, be pampered, and to explore the area.

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Panviman Chiang Mai


Without the amazing help of Panviman’s PR team, I wouldn’t have been able to have visited their Chiang Mai location. Despite that, all review and opinions are my own.

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