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Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Europe is a continent famous for its rich history, and various tourist spots. But many of us may only confine to Italy, or France (or maybe Austria, Switzerland, and Germany) if, for example, we are planning our trip. Europe has 44 independent countries, and there are a lot more places that need to be discovered. One of them is the country, Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe, that, similar to its neighbours, have been under a lot of history. Known as a part of the previous country called Czechoslovakia, they have split (with the other half being Slovakia) in 1993. And upon undergoing various economic and political reforms, currently, they are recognized as a developed country with a rank of “very high human development”. Check out these articles about the Czech Republic, thoroughly written guides which cover great travel destinations in the country.

Either you are looking for an adventure, relaxation or simply to get to know Czech on a deeper level, we will discuss and show you the places and attractions you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here are some of the places in the Czech Republic that are worth visiting even if it is not as famous as the other cities or tourist spots:




Ferdinand Brewery

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Location: Táborská 306, 256 01 Benešov, Czechia

Distance from Prague: Ferdinand Brewery is only 52 kilometres or an hour (more or less) from Prague. Public transportation is possible although a little tricky, whilst renting your own car and drive yourself is much more comfortable and faster.

First known as the Benešov brewery in 1595, it was bought by Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este in 1897 and built a new malthouse and brewery of with a quality that has never been seen before. Up until this day, the brewery’s appearance and technology have not been changed, and the beer quality still remains to be top notch and highly recognized in beer competitions, and they remain to be an independent brewery.

They brew the following brands: Rytíř (3.5% alc), Ferdinand (3.8% alc), Ferdinand Tmavý Ležák (4.5% alc), Ferdinand Světlý Ležák (4.8% alc), and Sedm kulí (5.5% alc).

If you only have a few days in Prague, you may want to check this 2-day Prague itinerary. If you haven’t found accommodation in Prague, I highly suggest you book at the best hostels in Prague for better deals and great location. Check out this deeper article about Prague as being the city of astronomical clocks.

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Restaurant White Horse (Cafe Bily Konicek)

Location: Staroměstské nám. 20, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Distance from Prague: Right at the heart of Prague, Restaurant White Horse is located very close to the Sex Machine Museum in the Old Town. From your accommodation, you can either walk, take the city train or grab a taxi or Uber.

Dubbed as a hidden gem even if it is located at the old town square, this restaurant looks like an ordinary cafe but has an underground restaurant that looks posh and fancy, as it was a 12th-century vaulted Romanesque cellar. They serve a variety of gourmet pasta, salads, main courses, and desserts which will satisfy your craving for local and international dishes. Restaurant White Horse is perfect for foodie travellers who are hunting for something satisfying and interesting for their taste buds.

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Jested Ski Resort (Sportovní Areál Jested)

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Having a century-long history of winter sports, it has been a suitable ski resort for families especially having its transportation modernized in 2009 for the Nordic World Ski Championships. It also has a snowpark, and the cableway going up the slopes gives you a magnificent view of the Jizerské Mountains – What’s most famous about Jested is the iconic hotel on top of Jested Mountain. It looks like a spaceship and it won several world architectonical awards for contemporary architecture.


The Czech Republic is known for its mineral springs that are in 30 spa towns (hence, the country is also known as a luxury destination). The natural mineral water has been used by the people throughout the years for healing and/or for relaxation. So if you want to just relax after the adventure.

Františkovy Lázně

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Františkovy Lázně is a spa town located in the Cheb District of Karlovy Vary. The mineral water contains high levels of dissolved carbon dioxide (carbonic bath), which is believed to improve a person’s cardiovascular system by decreasing blood pressure and improved blood circulation.

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Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Luhačovice, located at Zlín Region in Moravia, is also a spa town known their water to be a seawater that is naturally effervescent and with a high content of minerals, which is believed to treat diseases of the throat, liver, pancreas, and the stomach.


You certainly not leaving the Czech Republic without visiting any medieval castles, are you? Here are some that you should definitely step foot into!

Konopiste Castle

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Related to the Ferdinand Brewery in terms of location and history, the Konopiste Castle is the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, whose death started the World War 1.

According to history, the castle was first established in the 1280s with a French style with an effective defence. Many have resided in the castle and there have been many repairs by whoever bought and lived in it.

Tourists can tour this castle between April and October and houses some hunting collections of the late Archduke.

Karlštejn Castle

Off-Beaten Paths to Discover in Czech Republic

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Located in the Central Bohemia of the country, the Karlštejn Castle is a Gothic castle built in 1348, as a place for safekeeping of royal artefacts, such as crown jewels, royal treasures, and holy relics.

These are just a few of the many places that you can visit in the Czech Republic, which is clearly a country which has a lot to offer. If you have more time and loves to hike, check this hiking trail at Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Head on to your friendly travel agent now and start booking flights to the Land of Stories and make your own story to share.


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Brandi - 05/01/2018

You make it look like such a beautiful travel destination. I want to visit the Czech Republic now.

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I’ve never been to Czech but it looks amazing! There are so many places to see in Europe, this one hasn’t made my list yet but after reading your post I’ll think I’ll add it.

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Even for Europeans it’s hard to discover the entire continent. I was in Czech republic many years ago and I wonder if it changed a lot. So, time to revisit.

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I am so excited to go to the Czech Republic next year, I can’t wait to eat all the yummy food, and I definitely need to go to a castle!

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    Thanks Yulia! xx

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I liked Czech Republic when I visited it. But I definitely missed some of the good places! I’d love to see the castles you mentioned – so… I put them on my list! Great recommendations!

    Mary Charie - 19/12/2017

    That’s another reason to come back to Czech Republic then, Lori! 😉

Emily - 19/12/2017

I really want to visit the Czech Republic and tourist traps are my nightmare, so thanks for some off the beaten path suggestions!

    Mary Charie - 19/12/2017

    I feel you, Emily! I’ve read a couple of unfortunate stories where travellers complaint how touristy Czech Republic is! Glad you found this helpful! x

Alice Teacake - 17/12/2017

A ski resort that looks like a spaceship?! Hell yeah I’d love to be there 🙂 I first visited this country over 18 years ago now. Would love to go back and see what else I can unearth <3

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    High-five for a ski-resort look like a spaceship! 😀

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This is so perfect timing! Heading for Czech for this winter holiday! Thank you!

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