Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah

By Mary Charie / 16/02/2017

Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah

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Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah is the one and only five-star hotel in the West Bank. Located only 20-minute walk to the city centre. Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah did its job to provide a comfortable experience during my stay for three days and two nights.

Mövenpick is a luxury five-star hotel from Switzerland. Forty-three years ago, the owner only wanted a restaurant. With such great success, the owner then get into different businesses until he made a decision to build his own hotel brand.

Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah

Located in 10 Emile Habibi Street – 1771 West Bank, Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah is nestled in a perfect location, close to the city centre and religious and historical site makes it more attractive. As you enter the hotel, the high ceiling of the lobby will give you the sophisticated welcoming atmosphere matched with the smiling and friendly staffs at the reception.

Consisted of 171 rooms and suites, Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah caters both holiday makers, business events, and special occasions.

I have stayed in Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul where I was totally taken by one of the best services I ever experienced resulting to my curiosity of visiting Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah as well.


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Spending two nights in this spacious junior suite room was all I needed after an intense travelling throughout Israel and Palestine. With its king-sized bed and soft and comfortable pillows, I had the best sleep and woke up feeling fresh and energised. With the view of Ramallah suburbs, it was nice to wake up and look out of the window realising in the stunning city enjoying a luxurious holiday.



Recommended Luxury Hotel – Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul

The Bath Tub section plays a big role in my reviews about luxury hotels. I am one of those people who can stay in the bath tub all day with a glass of wine on my hand whilst listening to my favourite songs. The bath tub in Ramallah is one of my favourite feature of the room. Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah provides a well-sized bath tub matched with soothing smell of their bathroom amenities.



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The breakfast in Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah is something I will never forget. The hotel served a luxurious Middle-East buffet with a touch of Western and European cuisine as well. Offering a healthy breakfast to its guests, Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah can definitely accommodate vegans and vegetarians too.



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The staff of Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah has provided a great service throughout my stay. From the reception, housekeeping, waiter, the bartender, and security personnel have provided an impeccable service as I expected them to be. They help me out to find my way around Ramallah and made sure that I had an amazing stay. Even though I only had a few moments to chat with them, I could send the sincerity of them providing a great service to their guests.



The whole experience I had with Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah was fantastic. However. there is one tiny bit I could recommend them to put some actions into. The room I stayed was massive, which was great. Which lead to some massive empty walls, it would be great if they could place some paintings or frames up the wall.  Another thing is, the presentation of the bed wasn’t that attractive, as you can see in the photos in the beginning of the article, this is is a small issue and very easy to fix.


Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah (2)-01


I stayed in Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah with a friend of mine, after battling our ass off on seeing amazing attractions and trekking in the desert of the Middle East, we both needed a great relaxing time. We literally spent our time in the room admiring the view from our window, watching American Series on their telly and lying down in their cosy bed. Plus – enjoying the fruit plate and Middle Eastern delicacies! How glorious?!


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Mövenpick Hoetl Ramallah Review

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary stay in Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah in exchange of reviewing of their establishment.


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