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Monique Lindner – Story of A Traveller 

Monique Lindner

It’s not every day I get to interview someone who has been through a lot of difficulties in life especially someone who have died before and came back to life. Monique Lindner, 30 years old, and is originally from Germany is not letting her suffering from chronic nervous system disease to stop her from seeing the world.

How long have you been travelling for?

I am now traveling and living in foreign countries for 2.5 years non-stop. Before that, I traveled already for 11 years about twice a year.

How long will you be travelling?

I can’t see an end right now, to be honest 😉

What made you decided to go travelling?

I was 19 when I died of a heart arrest and was clinically dead for 25 seconds. I have a chronic nervous system disease (called Migraine) that people only refer to bad headaches. In fact, it is a disorder of your central nervous system. In my teenage years, I suffered from epileptic attacks during my Migraines, too. One of these caused my body to cramp up way too much and therefore my heart stopped beating. It took me quite a while to understand what that means to me, but once I worked through this experience I understood I had to live life to the fullest – right now.

What do you love most about travelling?

The freedom to be me. I was fighting my whole life about who I am and needed to hide my diseases in order to get work, keep (false) friends, pretend to be someone in the society that I anyways didn’t want to be. So after many years I finally decided to give up on this fake personality and just be me. I lost jobs, those false friends and also a lot of self-confidence in the beginning. But I worked myself back to the top and here I am Free. Free to be myself and that’s what I love the most. Because people don’t know me so I can travel, get to know people, learn about their culture and traditions, all without having to hide. I love it so much because I am able to experience all of those beautiful things in this world.

Monique Lindner

In your opinion, what is the worst part of travelling?

I think it is very subject to every person. I can deal with probably every kind of illness quite well, have been to hospitals and had already a motorbike accident in Thailand. I am good at organizing and even when everything goes wrong it takes me about 7 minutes of a high-explosive rant then I am good to go. But the worst for me is being not treated well. Is it racist comments, being sent away from local restaurants, discrimination, catcalling or all these kinds of misbehavior. some people have in every country in the world (there are good and bad people everywhere in the world). It’s because it makes me feel so unwanted, not welcomed. And who wants to feel like this when traveling

Have you ever felt it’s time to stop travelling and put down some roots?

Haha, I tried that just to prove it doesn’t work. I made it stay 5 years in Berlin (before I moved every 4 months). But the wanderlust is way bigger than anything else so far.

What makes your travelling style unique?

Well, I guess my story behind the “why I am traveling” is quite unique in itself. Besides that, I am indeed traveling alone, solo and with my diseases all the time I’ve been on the road. Yep, I do meet people and spend days here or there with them – but I have always made my way alone through all those beautiful countries I visited.

If you have a message to someone who hasn’t travelled yet, what would it be?

At least once in your lifetime, leave your country and travel as far away from it as you can. It will change you for the positive. And change is mandatory in order to progress. Take the leap!

Monique Lindner

What is your message to someone who would love to travel but full of doubts?

Just go! You never know when it will be too late to say ‘tomorrow’.

What is your main goal of travelling?

To educate myself, to see how the world really is (besides what the media tells us), and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Do you have any tips for your co-travellers or people who are about to travel?

Pack light! Holy, I wish my life in my bag was a little lighter 😉

My story to inspire

I am happy to help anyone out who has any doubts or doesn’t know how to start out traveling. Follow me on social media & shoot me a message. Also if you have a chronic disease, whatever it is, and you think it holds you back: You can do it! I know you can. Don’t listen to anyone else but your gut feeling. Let it tell you how far you can go, then pack your bag and leave! You will not regret it, I promise.

Don’t forget to check out Monique’s Blog and follow her on her Facebook, 2nd Facebook, and Instagram.


Monique Lindner

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