Happy Birthday, By The Way, I Made It To Jerusalem

By Mary Charie / 27/10/2016

Exactly two hours since I arrived in Jerusalem. I’m sitting in the common area of the hostel I’m staying. I was busy working on my computer where I was fully focused. Until this traveller started hitting the keys on the piano and played a beautiful song (I want to say emotional, but, the heck I know about piano).

I started to feel my eyes are getting moist, so I decided to write this article, whilst listening to him playing.

Happy Birthday to you. I made it to Jerusalem.

made it to jerusalem


It was a lazy afternoon during the Holy Week in the Philippines, the telly never gets tired of displaying shows and films about Jesus. Although sometimes they flash some news once in a while, it was such a boring afternoon for a kid. I can remember you mumbled about your desire to go to Jerusalem, and oh in Vatican too.

Since that day, I always find myself daydreaming of seeing you in those two places you wanted to go. Until I moved abroad and I found myself standing in front of the Vatican Church. I honestly cannot remember how it felt, but I can clearly remember that I wish you were there.

Now, what am I doing in Israel? In Jerusalem in particular. I’m sure whoever is reading this right now have already figured out why. I’m here, but again, you are not. The guy who was playing the piano didn’t help to stop the tears roll down my face.

Maybe, just maybe. I could still fulfill your dream of going and exploring the places you wanted to see. I’m not sure why, I don’t even know if you find the things I’m doing on your behalf as heroic as I want it to be. I think, I’m just trying to cling to the last thing I feel connected with you and my life at the moment.

Happy Birthday, I made it to Jerusalem.

It’s been two years since the last time I saw you, hugged you, heard your voice telling me to have lunch. Every time people I meet asked me if I miss home, I always say, no not really, I miss my mum’s cooking, though.

Let me confess something. To be honest, I wish I didn’t come home that time. I wish I didn’t see you in that state. Sounds selfish right? If I wouldn’t have come home, I wouldn’t have that memory of you in my head. I would have just let myself lived with you being so lively as usual in my mind.

On the other hand, I am glad I went home to see you. The chance to hear your voice again, look at your face, smell you, sleep next to you, and told you that I love you. I would give the world to have that moment again. I want that moment again.

You were such a strong woman. I wish you could see me right now, you wouldn’t be so happy for sure. You would be so worried. taking the different path compare to everyone else. But I’m sure that you would be so proud. I wish you were here, you will love it here. You would be excited to go to Bethlehem for sure.


Happy, happy, happy birthday. I love you and I miss you every single day. I wish you were here in Jerusalem with me.

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