How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

By Mary Charie / 01/10/2017

How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

how to book the cheapest flight from everywhere in the world

Flying across the other parts of the world is now right at your fingertips, the flight ticket prices will not leave you broke for the rest of the month anymore. I flew from Denmark to Vietnam and paid $350 for one way, whilst my direct flight from Georgia to Israel was only $100 even it was a last minute booking.  I once flew from Denmark to Turkey for only $80, it was awesome how much money I saved from all these flights!

I have travelled in Southeast Asia with $2000 for six months, whilst I wander around Turkey, Georgia, and Israel with $1500 for four months. Although, I must admit that my blog supported me mostly, the cheap flight tickets I booked saved my ass for sure.

In this post, I will walk you through finding the cheapest flights on the web without exhausting yourself from comparing dozens of booking platforms. If you are not ready to book a flight yet, I will show you how to set a price alert to make sure that you don’t miss any flash deals. Keep scrolling and I’ll show you my trick.


The last thing you want to do is book directly from the airline’s website, I understand that there are some travellers who are loyal to a certain airline, which is no issue. However, you don’t have to pay double to do that, since most flight booking platforms cover most major airlines; both budget and luxury ones.

I personally use Skyscanner, I love this website so much that you can even find it on my resources page where I post all my suggested tools for my readers. I have used Skyscanner throughout my travels, the only time I didn’t was when I needed to fly on a specific time that I cannot find on this website. I also once booked through another website only because I had a voucher that is about to expire.

Skyscanner is the most flexible flight search engine application I have used so far. It lets you check the cheapest destination from your current country by choosing “Everywhere” and set the date for “whole month”. This is perfect for travellers who plan their trip in advance or travellers who are flexible on their travel plans. I find it really amusing that I can now basically play the game “Hmm, where to go next”, whilst sipping my wine!

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World


How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

Head to Skyscanner’s homepage. From the home page, make sure to set the following details to easily find the most affordable flights you want:

  • Your location or preferred airport – you can also set it for the whole country to find where is the best airport to fly from
  • Your destination – I highly suggest you to set the destination to EVERYWHERE, this will display the cheapest flight sorted by country destination
  • Preferred date – one trick you need to keep in mind is to set the date for the WHOLE MONTH or CHEAPEST MONTH and let Skyscanner do the magic

When everything is set, you are ready to hit that SEARCH FLIGHT button!


How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

The next page will take you to the search result, here you can click the drop-down menus to see which city of every country has the cheapest flight tickets. Using the drop-down menus, you don’t need to leave the result page. This gives you the freedom to compare flight prices.

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

After choosing your destination, the page will take you to the next one where you can choose your desired date. On this one, you can see the prices for any date of the month. Another awesome tip is to remember the colour guidance below. Green for the cheapest, orange for the middle price range flights, whilst red is for the most expensive flights. Feel free to play around to find the best match, on the bottom right corner you will see the total price of the tickets for the dates you chose.

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

On the next step, it will take you to see more details about your chosen flight/s; time, airline, etc. You will also see the total price of your flight which you can compare to the other flights on this page. Remember that after you click SELECT, the page will take you to the booking website, this is where you can make your payment and add your personal details. Keep in mind that flight tickets are time sensitive, the prices change almost in every second, don’t be disappointed if the prices suddenly went up.

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How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

Skyscanner has the feature called price alerts if you find the best flight that suits your needs but you are not happy with the prices, setting up a price alert will help you track down the cheapest price for your flight. Skyscanner will simply send you an alert through your email to let you know about awesome deals related to your chosen flight. You can find this option at the top left corner.

How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Everywhere in the World

I really hope you find this article about booking the cheapest flight useful. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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