When I started travelling, I didn't know what to do or even how long I will be travelling for. I wanted to be a backpacker, but I didn't even have the usual "backpack" like everyone is carrying. Instead, I have a wheelie and a sports bag! I didn't have a lot of budget so I tried to make everything as cheap as possible. I even miss a lot of great places to see only because I didn't know about it or a I couldn't afford it. What pissed me madly was when I found out that I could actually do it even on a tight budget.

I was bad at choosing hostels or deciding where to go next. Plan B was not in my system that time which resulted in waste of money. Travelling with my passport (Philippines) was never easy, I get harassed every airport I cross, I will get question longer than the other only because I might work illegally in their country. I had to show a return ticket, bank statement, hotel and tour bookings and other documents just to prove my purpose of visiting their country.

Eventually, I learnt all the tricks and I remembered all the hacks I picked up as I travel. Crossing passprot controls in airports gets easier, I get more confident. Travelling in general is more fun and memorable, and I want you to experience the same!

So, I've decided to finally offer my services in travel coaching and planning. I can help you with your itinerary, I can give you the best tips if you are travelling to the places I have been.  Travelling isn't perfect, but it should be the moment of your life the you won't forget!

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