GRAYL Purifier Bottle Review

By Mary Charie / 04/02/2017

GRAYL Purifier Bottle Review


 Grayl ultralight - Purifying Bottle Review


When I decided to travel for a long time I never thought how much risk I am putting my health into. Especially when I set my mind that my travel style will be budget friendly and will practice a frugal lifestyle. Luckily, I have never been sick throughout my journey, but this is something I cannot just overlook and let the luck draw the cards. In this lifestyle, it’s hard to put my health into priority, however, I do my best to make sure that I get to practice every little thing to make sure I still able to look after myself even through my own little way.

In addition, I am also a fan of not consuming a lot of plastic products. Crossing path with Grayl Ultralight is one of the best things that ever happened to my travel life. A purifying bottle that basically solves my obsession of not purchasing of a plastic bottle and the fact that I am able to make sure that I am only drinking clean and purified water.


GRAYL Ultralight – Purifying Bottle Review


Grayl ultralight - Purifying Bottle Review

GRAYL Ultralight

An ultra light-weight purifying bottle that can turn any kind of water into a purified and drinkable water in just 15 seconds. Unlike standard mechanical filtration, the Quest Purifier Bottle is powered by a patented electro-absorptive media capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants. With [ONE PRESS], electro-adhesion and ion exchange create a powerful submicron trap for pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts).



  • Super lightweight
  • Quick time to purify water
  • Purifying PLUS filtration process



  • It doesn’t hold much volume which could be an issue for longer trips
  • Sometimes, it’s hard to press the bottle itself when purifying



GRAYL Ultralight- Purifying Bottle Review


What I love most about this Grayl Ultralight is the fact it kills most viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts, heavy metals and chemical up to 99.9999%. It also improves the water flavour, odour, and clarity. The material is made of food-grade plastic and food-grade silicon whilst the lifespan of each cartridge lasts up to 300 uses (40 gal/150L).



Grayl ultralight - Purifying Bottle Review

Grayl Ultralight with me in the Philippines whilst enjoying a street food!


Despite the fact that Grayl Ultralight purifying bottle doesn’t hold much volume, I still highly suggest it. I love going on adventure and travel to the unusual places where it’s hard to predict if I will be able to access clean water. I’m currently travelling in the Philippines where most areas, you cannot drink the water from the tap. Carrying a Grayl Ultralight bottle with me saved me in a lot of situations. I also able to save a lot of money from buying bottles of water.

For example, as a local here in the Philippines and being away for almost three years, I couldn’t help but try the famous local food around Manila which I miss the most!

I once stopped by on a lady’s small stall full of street food, I quick bought some pugo (fried duck’s egg) and pritong lumpiang gulay (friend vegetable lumpia). These delicious foods made me thirsty since I don’t drink soda, I had to ask the lady if I can have some water; in the Philippines, you will never know which ones are clean and not, we buy distilled water from water companies. I filled my Grayl Ultralight, in just less than 20 seconds, I have clean and drinkable water!

For a traveller like me, it’s comforting to travel with a gear that will turn any kind of water into a drinkable one! I love the fact that Grayl Ultralight does not require batteries and any prolonged waiting. Just Fill. Press. Drink.


Get your own GRAYL Ultralight purifying bottle at their WEBSITE, connect with GRAYL through their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Grayl ultralight - Purifying Bottle Review

DISCLAIMER: I received a product compensation in return to write this non-biased review article for GRAYL.

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