My Family Au Pair – Helping You Find Your Next Host Family

By Mary Charie / 23/01/2017

My Family Au Pair – Helping You Find Your Next Host Family

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If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you are probably aware that I was an au pair in Denmark before. This is how I funded my first backpacking trip. Since I’ve published an article about being an au pair, the number of emails and messages I receive grow every single day! Unfortunately, I have limited reach on helping my readers to find their ideal host family. Finally, with the help of My Family Au Pair, I could assist more young people to get to experience what an au pair life is like!

My Family Au Pair is an agency based in Germany who gives hand to help out au pairs find their ideal host family in Germany and Austria, they are also expanding their coverage to the UK and France. Keep reading and find out why I think My Family Au Pair is a great place to find your first or next host family!

How To Find Your Ideal Host Family with My Family Au Pair

What you need

  • Your Passport Number
  • Skype ID


I’ve come across some websites that ask au pair to pay a membership fee. But with My Family Au Pair, an au pair can easily sign up on their website free of charge! I personally don’t believe in asking an au pair to pay to sign-up on an online agency’s website.


After signing up, My Family Au Pair will contact you for an interview over Skype. There’s nothing to be nervous about, they will be asking for your personal details and preferences to find the best family match for you. This is also to test your communication skills.

Tip: Learn basic German, this is a must when applying to be an au pair in Germany and Austria. But don’t feel discouraged, I have great tips for you for this one, send me a message on my Facebook page or email me at: amaryroad (at) gmail(dot)com.


My Family Au Pair will send you an email to let you know if they think you meet the standard requirements of being an au pair in Germany or Austria. Even though My Family Au Pair focuses on sending au pairs to Germany and Austria, they still keep your records and will get in touch with you if they found a good match for you.


Once you are approved, My Family Au Pair will send you the details of the host family that they think you are a good match with. You can either say yes or say no, it’s definitely up to you. My Family Au Pair will never force you to go to the family you are not comfortable with.


If everything went well, you will be asked to do a Skype call with your host family at least twice. Normally, au pairs and families get nervous and shy on the first talk, therefore, a second video chat is encouraged to make sure that both parties are comfortable with each other.

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When things are all settled and looking good, My Family Au Pair will work on processing your documents and help you apply for an au pair visa at your local German embassy. As an au pair, you are expected to keep in contact with My Family Au Pair to make sure that the processing is going smooth and well handled.

My Family Au Pair


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay anything to be an au pair?

When I was processing my au pair, I basically didn’t pay anything. Mostly because my host family was personally referred to me and I was lucky enough that they are generous. The rules depend on each country.

When should I start my application with My Family Au Pair?

It is suggested to sign up as early as SIX MONTHS before your ideal date. This is to give enough time for the agency to find the best fit for you. Most families start looking for a new au pair six months before their desired date. Another reason is the visa processing takes up to five months.

I want to be an au pair somewhere else and not in Germany neither in Austria.

As for now, My Family Au Pair is focusing on Germany and Austria, although they are working on expanding to France and the UK, this still depends on the demand. Once you already have an au pair in experience and in Europe, you can easily find your next host family in your neighbouring countries.

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What if I don’t get along well with my host family?

My Family Au Pair keeps a very close contact once you arrive at your host family to make sure that everything is working well. In case it’s not, they will try to see the reason why, if the problem is simply the host family and the au pair is not a good match, they will help both parties to find a new au pair or a host family. If ever the problem is either with the family or the au pair, My Family Au Pair has the right to not place the au pair or the host family through their agency again.

My Family Au Pair – Helping You Find Your Next Host Family

Au Pairs enjoying baking at Julia’s house (L-R) Lucia and Lucia from Colombia and Ronelza from Venezuela

Why I personally suggest My Family Au Pair

My Family Au Pair is managed by two mums (Svenja & Julia) in Germany, the fact that they have au pair themselves makes me feel comfortable recommending them to my readers. They make sure to keep in contact with au pairs to check how things are going or network au pairs with other au pairs to beat the homesickness. They even give suggestions and host activities so the au pairs can have an extra hand on doing their assigned tasks. Svenja and Julia take some au pairs in their home for a day or two when au pairs are in the middle of changing host families.

I love the fact that they deeply explain to au pairs that au pairing is not just “babysitting” because honestly, it comes with great responsibility. An au pair stands as a sister or brother to the kids, this is something an au pair need to fully understand. My Family Au Pair is not just an agency but also a family, they feel responsible on the au pairs on a personal level.

Get in contact with My Family Au Pair through their  FACEBOOK or send them an EMAIL.


My Family Au Pair

DISCLAIMER: This article is solely dedicated to My Family Au pair and sponsored by them, however, I personally suggest them to my readers and my personal comments are unbiased and transparent.

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