Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red Review

By Mary Charie / 16/02/2017

Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red Review


Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red


I’ve always wanted to have one of the product from Craghoppers. I’ve heard about them when I bumped to a traveller I met in Southeast Asia. Therefore I’m up to the clouds when I received my  250 Jacket in the best time possible!


I did a small research about the climate in Israel, the result of not paying enough attention after I read it’s always warm in Israel, made me panic. Where would I get winter clothes when the temperature in Jerusalem started dropping day by day?!


The Features of Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red


The number one I love about my Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red is the weight – lightweight! Surely it will take up some space but the weight wouldn’t bother you, both whilst wearing and when I pack it in my bag. I also love that it has 7 pockets, included the hot pocket to keep my hands warm and the inside pockets that can keep my valuables like passport, mobile phones, & wallet. Even I sometimes had a hard time to access, which I personally find a great feature as a traveller who always wanders with a huge crowd of people.


The fact that I can easily take off the hood and zip it back with the additional feature of adjusters is just perfect. I can also zip off the sleeves which are great especially when the wind blows really hard just like in Jerusalem. Craghoppers 250 Jacket keeps me dry as well, as it is a waterproof jacket, I didn’t have to worry going out when it was raining for a whole week in Israel.


Did I also mention how I much I love the colour and its design?! As you see, it’s smart urban style make it wearable on a high street of Tel Aviv or the trekking up in the Golan Heights.




Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja RedI cannot think of anything that I didn’t like about this jacket, I honestly loved it! It fits me so well like it was tailored just for me and the design just perfect for any destination or place I will go next. The fact that its unique style made me outstand from the crowd, it feels good not to bump into someone who has the same jacket as mine!


If you are asking if I have I really get to the point that I challenged this jacket to keep me properly warm? The answer is YES! I landed in the snowy Sofia, Bulgaria in my shorts! I was a little bit pissed as I hate wearing jeans and I can’t be bothered to pull one out of my well-packed backpack. I ended up deciding not to wear jeans and just keep my shorts before going out of the aeroplane. I put on my jacket and get out of the aircraft.


Everyone was looking at me like I’m an idiot, but YES! My Craghoppers 250 Jacket kept me warm even I didn’t wear long trousers! I highly recommend this jacket that I now love to call my all-in jacket (for hiking & strolling in high streets).




Get you own Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red or find something else in Craghoppers‘ website! If you have any questions regarding Craghoppers’ quality or simply anything about their product, feel free to email me at amaryroad(at)gmail(dot)com.



Craghoppers 250 Jacket Dark Rioja Red

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